Sushant Singh Rajput on not signing Befikre

A lot of rumours was going around for quite some time about ‘Befikre’. It was said that like Aditya Chopra promised to Vaani Kapoor that he will sign her up for this film as a favour, he also told the same to Sushant Singh Rajput to make up for the fact that the long awaited ‘Paani’ was shelved.

It was said that Sushant was sad and disappointed when Aditya went with Ranveer Singh instead. The thing is from when Adi choose Sushant to when the film actually was going to be made, Ranveer’s popularity skyrocketed.

Bear in mind that Sushant gave this interview after being highly praised for his hit film based on Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s life titled ‘MS Dhoni – The Untold Story’. Since ‘Befikre’ has been declared a flop, obviously it would seem like a bad choice and not a movie to fight about.

Here’s Sushant talking about a bunch of things related to ‘Befikre’. The question now is how pissed off Aditya Chopra is at him now! Let’s just wait and see.


Sushant Singh Rajput Interview on Befikre


Sushant on the war between him and Ranveer Singh

Probably, it’s because we are about the same age and because I opted out of the old management company (Aditya Chopra’s company) and he decided otherwise and so comparisons can be made.


Sushant on never being offered Befikre

Let me clear it once and for all, I was never offered Befikre. But had I been offered, I wouldn’t have done it. I know it’s easier to decide after the results are out but I have a reason. If the same production is offering me niche films like Byomkesh Bakshy, I would do it. And I would also do a Paani where Shekhar Kapur will be a raising a very important, immediate issue.


Sushant on Aditya making Befikre wrong

If Befikre was representing the new-age youth of India and romance as what it was claiming, it would have been great irrespective of the box-office numbers. But unfortunately, it didn’t do that and hence I would not be interested. I am not suggesting that films should only reflect reality (like Pink, Neerja or Dhoni biopic.) They could also be fanciful films like The Jungle Book (2016), which was also very popular. But it’s extremely important to know and then claim what you have made.

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3 Responses

  1. Gokila says:

    Wow. He’s a smart ass. But yeah, probably Aditya the perve only was interested in the sexy clothes and kissing in the movies hence he did a movie where creeps like him could enjoy watching!

  2. Curious says:

    I will call BS on this. Befikre is just another version of shuddh desi romance. This guy has already acted in his own Befikre, ironically with the same heroine.

    • Bollywood says:

      To be fair, SDR was somewhat what Sushant was doing in real life: he was living in with his girlfriend for many years and look where that got her!

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