Sushant Singh Rajput on being a TV and Movie Actor, being single and being successful

Since his movie, ‘MS Dhoni: The Untold Story’, became a hit, Sushant Singh Rajput has been in the news for the wrong reasons. For someone, who has led a quiet life for years, it does seem strange to link all these gossips and blind items to him. The only difference now is that he’s single and based on reports, he seems to be taking advantage his single status at every party he attends. Still, when he talks about acting, he wants to come across as someone, who wants to be taken seriously as an actor. He’s ready to let the world know about the homework he does before every film. In this interview, he mentions several time how he doesn’t look or think that far ahead in life, he lives in the moment. It does explain how he lived so long with his girlfriend for many years, only to propose to her after a long time and then subsequently, dumping her soon after.


Sushant also talks about how he is recognised more because he’s a movie actor now, compared to the time he was a TV actor. Honestly, when he was a TV actor, we thought he didn’t fit into the looks of a TV actor. As in, there were so many good-looking TV actors on TV at the same time he was on and yet, we felt Sushant looked the most out-of-place. We don’t want to say like a village boy, but along the same lines. Then, we found out that the same boy was actually living in with his girlfriend/co-star, we realised he’s not a village boy at all. Speaking of his living-in relationship, Sushant has avoided talking about it. If he’s asked, like he has in this interview, he finds a way to divert the answer. He also said something when he was asked about his relationship with Kriti Sanon, his co-star in ‘Raabta’. There have been so many blind items about them and now since the shoot is over, it seems that whatever they had is over too. He seems to think that the reason Kriti was attracted to him was because of his success. Who knows! Does he know that she said he looks like a truck driver? That’s what we are interested to know! But to be honest, didn’t he do the same thing to his ex-girlfriend? He was with her when she was the most successful. She even supported him financially when he was struggling. Then, he made it big and whatever happened between them made him break it off. We hope he paid her back because she’s the one without a job since her TV show ended. Maybe he can help her get a launch or something in movies. He did talk about wanting to direct himself in a film that he’s directing. Anyways, check out the interesting parts of his interview courtesy of TOI.


Sushant Singh Rajput Interview

Sushanjt Singh Rajput on being a TV and Movie Actor, being single and being successful

Sushant on the difference of stardom being a TV actor and Movie actor

I used sit here in this hotel and read books for hours, but now, I know I am being watched. Also, because of technology, you can be bajaoed and scrutinised by everyone. So yes, my way of functioning has changed a bit, but the way I look at myself hasn’t. When I was on TV, I used to walk on the roads, go to malls and people would recognise me. They do that even now. I guess what has changed are the pay cheques.


Sushant on wanting to direct

Yes, I will probably direct a film sometime soon. I am also thinking about acting in it.


Sushant on being single after a long time

I have experienced that the more you take yourself seriously, the lonelier you feel. When I was in school, I was allowed to play my video game from 4-5.30 pm and every day I would wait for those few hours. I’ve lived the last 10 years like that… waiting for those few hours of my own time. Once I engage myself in work, nothing else bothers me.


Sushant on being the most eligible bachelor

You are among the most eligible bachelors in Bollywood. And you’re often linked to some of the lovely ladies from the industry. More recently Kriti Sanon, your co-star from ‘Raabta’…
When you are successful, you get talked about a lot. If you fail, people will stop talking about you. I’m aware that people get attracted to your success, not you.


Sushant on whether he’s single

Yes I am! Can’t you see the excitement?


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  1. Smitha says:

    He seems very happy to be single. Sad to see such people especially mostly of them entertainment people who dump their special ones after hitting jackpot in the industry.

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