Super 30 Trailer: Hrithik brings back Rohit, but with too much bronzer!

‘Super 30’ is one of the most anticipated movies of 2019! Yes, so much has gone wrong while making this film. They literally bought the rights from Anand Kumar to make a film on his life without actually fact-checking his story! As it turned out, they were in the middle of shooting the film when news came out that this man is not exactly who he says he is. So they decided to change the story from a biopic to an “inspired by a true story” movie.


If that wasn’t enough, the film’s director was suspended due to sexual harassment charges. This is Bollywood, so naturally most men didn’t care but they did a good job of pretending to care. Months later, Vikas Bahl has been cleared of any charges! Yes, someone, who was not there in the room when he did those pervert things, decided that this man is not guilty of what he did!


This despite more than one victim coming out with stories about how much of a creep he is! The timing of him being cleared of all charges come just in time for his name to be on the posters and trailer. How convenient!

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By the way, Tanushree Dutta called out this stupidity and asked Hrithik to man up and do something!

So, the trailer launched in the month of Ramadan without any special interaction with the media or any big trailer launch. It’s safe to say that they will be avoiding media interaction due to the numerous controversies.


Before we move on, here’s the trailer of ‘Super 30’ starring Hrithik Roshan:


What in the world is wrong with Bollywood people? How can you just randomly paint someone brown? Even if the movie is based on a character that is of this skin tone, it’s not right! How they do think it is OK to just paint Hrithik in brown and send him out to do this film? Whose bright idea was it?


To be fair, Hrithik has been putting on bronzer for years now. He did the same for ‘Mohenjo Daro’ and ‘Kites’. But this time, it’s too much. Plus, the person his character is based on is not even of this skin tone. So, what was the point?

Hrithik’s skin tone is fine, he could have just played Anand Kumar the way he is. Who told him he should wear a bronzer because he does put it on even when he is performing on stage. He’s already nice the way he looks!

He’s not the first Bollywood performer to have done this, but he is the first one to go this extreme.


There are many videos of Anand Kumar around that you can see for reference. In fact, there’s an Al-Jazeera documentary about Super 30. Why are we saying this? In these videos, you can see exactly the way he talks and behaves.

It’s nowhere near what Hrithik has portrayed. The accent is wrong and the way he talks also is not like Anand Kumar. How did he get the accent so wrong this time? Hrithik does sound a lot like Lalu Prasad Yadav!



Why, oh why, did Hrithik bring back his legendary ‘Koi Mil Gaya’ character, Rohit, for his character in ‘Super 30’? How did this happen? And, the director and producer didn’t see anything wrong with it? His body language, the way he speaks and how he acted is just like Rohit.

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It would have been amazing if this movie was a sequel of ‘Koi Mil Gaya’ where Rohit becomes a Maths genius and goes on to teach underprivileged kids! His powers from Jaddoo did make him super smart!

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Thankfully, Rohit’s bhoot was only there in the early parts of the trailer. The rest was alright, if you don’t mind the accent.

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With everything that has been going on in his life, there’s a huge chance Hrithik will refuse to do marketing for this film other than sharing his videos and clips online. His sister’s current revelations don’t help either. On top of that, he did charge more than 45 crore to do this film, so the budget is already high. To recover, it will have to work!

We can’t help but think how Hrithik is well-suited for action films! He was alright in ‘Guzaarish’ and ‘Kaabil’, but since then things have been rocky! Minus the skin tone, portrayal of character and bad accent, this movie could have been something else; something better!

Are you excited to see ‘Super 30’?

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7 Responses

  1. Universal says:

    Trailer looks promising just for the premise of underdogs beating the odds. Hrithik would do ok I guess. But a lil less bronze and a lil more weight would have helped his look.
    Without going into right or wrong, I hope this works for him. The guy has gone through a lot recently.

  2. Rekha rai says:

    Omg! What is wrong with these people? That looks awful forget even for a second that it’s awful from the perspective of brown facing or diversity inclusion or the fact it’s 2019, it’s bad just from the fact of how stupid and silly he looks!!!! It’s so distracting how is anyone supposed to take this story or character seriously? Hrithik is a joke at this point.

  3. whiskermole says:

    There’s a quiet underground rumbling going around that Pankaj Tripathi would have been a far better candidate to play the role.

    I would put my money on Vikrant Massey! He was the best thing about that godawful movie from a few years ago with two nepo non-actor stars – Arjun Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor – based on a novel by the worst best thing to happen to Indian literature. Massey played the rustic Bihari friend and he was robust and a treat to watch as usual.

    P.S. How great was he in his guest appearance in Made in Heaven? Icing on the damn cake. And his chemistry with Arjun (aka Karan) was sizzling!

    Will the actors who actually act please stand up? This is what passes for acting in this industry:

  4. Sheena says:

    Haha really apt! Other than the fact that I have decided to boycott all nepo-kids movies (he too sorry HR lovers) the trailer was really as bad as you described. Btw: Rangoli has also revealed that in fact his sis Sunaina was calling her and kangy to apologize for HR’s behavior (as the gals r or were friends)… @ admin would love to know your views

    • HateKjo says:

      You trust rangoli? She is a liar. NCW , Hrithik ,n many expose her lies. Hrithik didnt misbehaved but these sister did. I can too make such claim of kangana n rangoli calling me to apologise for their behaviour towards Hrithik. Btw this prove people right that fake blind was by kangana PR. Isn’t it?

      • Sheena says:

        The only thing Sunaina refuted is that she is unwell or sick. She hasn’t said that she wasn’t in touch with Kangy and her sis. So rather it proves that HR and his PR are trying to paint a picture that she is mentally unstable (just as they did with Kangana) so in case she blurts out the fam secrets evetyine would think she is crazy

  5. HateKjo says:

    Admin you are always biased towards Hrithik. Its a known fact.

    Super 30 trailer is okay but content looks good,

    Yes, I don’t get why have they painted him to dark because real Anand Kumar doesn’t seem to be that dark.Anand Kumar said he was that dark during his struggling days because his exposure to sun and heat

    Still Hrithik looks handsome and his acting as per trailer seems on point. Everyone is praising his acting and transformation.

    His accent is not that bad and according to many Bihari he nails it , though I do felt he is talking like Rohit at 2 places

    Don’t use his haters or his rival fans tweet to prove your point. They have issues with everything he says or does. If this movie becomes a hit and Hrithik will get adulation for his acting , still haters will scream its paid, fake and what not.

    BTW Admin , I told you that fake blind about his sister was by stalker and her PR . Today her tweets full of lies and attacks prove it right.

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