Sunny Deol Introduces Karan Deol in Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas

Sunny Deol has finally released the trailer of his son’s debut. This time around, it’s a family outing for Sunny as he not only produces the film but also directs it. His first son, Karan Deol is making his debut in ‘Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas’ alongside another newcomer, Sahher Bambba.

Also, earlier this week, it was announced that Karan has already signed his second film. This is the advantage that star kids get. Similarly, Abhishek Bachchan and Hrithik Roshan too signed a few films before their debut even hit the silver screen. But in today’s day and age, to sign a star kid right before you see his trailer is risky, which is what happened to Karan.

The trailer was released earlier this week, so check it out first:

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Why is he saying his line as if he is reading it from a piece of paper in front of his class? That’s a weak dialogue delivery right there. Even the girl is better and somehow she sounds like Sonakshi Sinha!

The first song from the film also released, it was released before the trailer was released probably to get some attention since Arjit Singh has such a huge fanbase.

When a star kid tells his daddy dearest that he wants to become an actor, does the star daddy ask him to take some acting classes first or join an acting workshop? Or does he straightaway find a script and get the money to make his star son’s first picture?

These days, there is no room for error. Like Karan himself said, if people don’t like him, he won’t get other films. But he signed his second film so…

He lacks expressions and emotions and because he got none, he seems too young to be in the movies. His dad Sunny is good at serious roles that require him to show his anger and yell at the top of his voice/lungs. Maybe this one too will go in that direction, macho manly guy who screams out justice! But he has to at least look grown first!

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On the YouTube comments, everyone is praising the trailer and songs. Either they are super-fans of Dharam paji and Sunny paji or they might be paid bots!

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If they are the latter, then seriously what is the world coming to? Honest opinions are no longer being aired, everything is fake! Fake news!

He does read lines as if he is reading from a piece of paper!

How is it that the girl is better than him? She will end up overshadowing him if he really has no emotions shown throughout the film!

Will you be watching ‘Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas’?

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5 Responses

  1. RuRi says:

    Poor guy, he looks good though.. he’ll sail through.. we have suffered years of poor acting by Abhishek Bachan before he did Guru, years of Katrina Kaif, years of Bobby Deol, Siddharth Malhotra.. I can continue..

  2. nefarious says:

    after this trailer, I got to give the devil his due. Kjo sure knows which nepo kids to promote

  3. Kit says:

    While star kids have the advantage of having films on a platter, the disadvantage is that the audience get to see them when they are just beginning, unlike outsiders who usually have the time to horn their skills before they get noticed by the audience. Of course outsiders may not even have the opportunity to horn their skills.

    My first impression: he’s new. I wouldn’t write him off just yet. He may impress us like his father and grandfather.

    I want the film to be a success because of Sunny’s sake. The once great man has been trying to make a comeback for years now. Of course it may be karma for cheating on his wife for so long with Dimple

  4. Pooja says:

    How 28 or 29yrs old is too young????when lead actress sahar bamab is just 20???

  5. NARS says:

    I wouldn’t lie but I’ve been a big fan of the Deols. I love all of them so much. I will support this Karan. Hehe

    That aside, I feel he is just too young, Tiger started with a gimmick – the acrobatic dancer & action hero. His dialogues delivery is same as Karan. So let’s see how audience receive him. The nepotism debate has put them in a hard place. Clearly Deols are not an exception.

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