Subhash Ghai accused of rape

Subhash Ghai, another known creep, has finally been outed by an anonymous woman, who used to work for him. Actually, this is not the first time he has been outed. There was this foreign writer, who came to Mumbai to interview Bollywood personalities some years back. That old creep tried to take advantage of her. She spoke out at that time, but very few media channels took notice of her words. This reminds us of the story that went around that while making ‘Saudagar’, he tried to take advantage of Manisha Koirala. She threatened to walk off the sets and afterwards, this old creep spread rumours that Manisha was a difficult actress to work with. Here’s a flashback:

Subhash Ghai accused of rape

Manisha never came in public and admitted to what all was reported. Apparently, Manisha’s mother was hopping all around and telling people about the filmmaker’s attitude. Some reports went on to claim that her mother did all this keep her daughter in limelight. Going by what all pieces of information we have, Ghai used to make sure that she met only a few people that he approved of.

Some reports even suggested that Manisha’s mother was asked to wait outside the vanity van when Ghai used to have some meetings with Manisha. Strange thing is that Manisha never opened up on the whole controversy, however, she also chose to never work again under the production banner.


Subhash Ghai accused of rape


The story below is by a credible media/literature personality, who has a verified Twitter account.

This story was told to Mahima Kukreja, a writer who then shared it for the rest of the world to see and shame Subhash Ghai.

“This happened when I was working with Subhash Ghai on a film. He said he would be my mentor and would guide me in the film industry. I listened cos I had no Godfather in the film industry and no friends. I was new to Mumbai. But I was hungry to learn and to prove to my parents that being a director was my true calling.”

“In the beginning he would take me to music recordings and I’d have to sit there till very late at night with other male members. No one did anything in front of him. When recordings finished I took an auto home or he would drop me. He slowly started putting his hand on my thigh, giving me a big hug saying I did good that day. Then he’d call me to script sessions at his small apartment In Lokhandwala. This was where he said he’d do script sessions with other actresses.”

“When I went there though there was no one and he was alone In his two bedroom place. This was not the house he stayed with his wife. This was he said his thinking pad. Instead of script session he started talking about how he was so misunderstood in the industry and only I was the one who loved him. He pretended to weep, and put his head on my lap. Then when he was getting up he kissed me forcefully. I was shocked and left that day.”

“The next day in office he said lovers have tiffs. And I should just get on with work. I had no other job, no financial security, no family. I let it go cos I was scared and I told only the first AD and my two other girl friends who I don’t want to name bcos they have their own cross to bear with him as he tried things with them as well.”

““One evening after a music session it became late again and he decided to have a drink. He used to love whiskey. His driver Babu used to have a ready stash in the car. No one used to check. He gave me a drink as well it was spiked. After that I remember getting into his car and I thought he was dropping me home. But he made Babu drive to Lonavala. I was in and out of consciousness but I remember clearly and I swear on my child that I asked him where are we going and please take me home.”

“He took me to Fariyas hotel. He said he went there regularly to write. They always had a suite available for him. I was wobbly but he held me n took me to the suite. He took off my jeans and he mounted me. I was trying to scream but he put his hand over my mouth. I was also not very lucid bcos of the drug in my drink. So I cried and passed out. Next morning remember he had ordered some toast and was having breakfast when I woke up. The sofas were red and musty. The sunlight streamed in from the windows to my right. I vomited.”

“He dropped me home. I took a few days off and a person from his team called to say I wouldn’t be paid for the month if I quit now. So I went back to work and gave my resignation a week later.”

“I’ve never seen him or spoken to him” but “once he was shooting somewhere n I was traveling with some friends along that route n we briefly spurred on the sets. The entire crew knew me. But I was so uncomfortable that I left immediately. These things never go away. But hey it happened to me too.”


Subhash Ghai responds to these rape allegations:

Sad that it’s becoming a fashion to malign anyone known, bringing stories from past without truth or half truth.I deny firmly all false allegations like these. I’ve always respected every woman in my life and at work place. We lived with dignity and always respected others dignity. If she claims this way, she should go to court of law & prove it. Justice will be done or I will go for defamation certainly.

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18 Responses

  1. Nefarious says:

    @Admin, i saw on tv that 3 bollywood superstars are on the verge of being exposed in the me too movement. Srk, salman and akshay
    Not sure who they hinted would expose them. But do share if you have any deets on this pls

  2. SS says:

    See this link; another actress had accused Sajid Khan & Amitabh B :

  3. Monalisa says:

    For all the people asking why top A-list actresses would not come out, Saloni Chopra who outed Sajid gave an insight as to why A-list actress would not come out with their story. They would be judged, slut-shamed instead of the predators in power who exploited them. They would say it is just casting couch. But if the only way one can get the job is to sleep with the person in power it is an abuse of power and exploitatoin. Period.

    Saloni has articulated this beautifully and I quote what Saloni Chopra wrote down below.

    “There’s so many people out here that aren’t named or shamed because everyone is so scared of talking about it. Women are afraid they’ll never get casted if they speak up. The ‘I really like you, you’re so talented. Lets create some amazing things’ and ‘i’m going to make you a star’ eventually turns into ‘I have feelings for you’ which really means ‘I want to fuck you’ and when you deny them or say that you don’t feel the same way or you aren’t ready for it right now, you never hear from them again. THAT is an abuse of power. Fucking my director should not be part of the audition process. Neither should having feelings for him be. So many actresses have done it, and have had to do it to get where they are today and it saddens me that we look at the new girl on screen and say ‘she would’ve fucked her way up’ but you never look at the same male actors and directors and say ‘he must’ve abused his power for sex with so many women’.

    Even today, we’re judging the women for doing something when they’re not actually given a choice. If she had to sleep with someone despite her talent, if that was the only way she was given the role she had — the person casting and the person hiring is abusing their power.

    I wish more women who have had to do it would speak up and say they had to do it, and it wasn’t okay for that to be a necessity to become successful. But India obviously isn’t ready for that yet. We’ll judge her and slut shame her and tell her she wanted success so she slept around and now she’s whining. We say ‘oh she got famous by fucking and now wants to speak’ — I don’t understand. Shouldn’t we be glad she wants to finally speak?! We don’t give the women that have done it enough credibility to turn around and say ‘yes I did and I shouldn’t have had to’ because we’ve already judged them for doing it instead of seeing what is really wrong with the society we live in. We love them and admire them, as long as they shut up and act like nothing happened.

    Unfortunately, we still victim blame instead of addressing the power abuse.

    But to everyone that judges the women who have chosen to speak up about their stories and says they’re doing it for ‘publicity’ — you’re clearly forgetting that the only publicity the girl is getting is negative publicity. There is no overnight fame or a successful career from speaking up about abuse. No girl signs a movie or gets awarded. People troll her, question her story, call her names, and more often than not, no one wants to work with her.”

    Here is the link to her whole write up. She outed Sajid, Zain Durrani (her ex bf who used to beat her) and misogyny of Vikas Bahl.

  4. Venus says:

    He’s the biggest perv of bollywood,I seriously shudder thinking of what he might have done to the female students of his acting school

  5. Nur says:

    They should expose those scumbags. Pretty sure some A-list actors are part of it but pretended to be shocked when questioned. Such good actors, that too off screen. Rakesh Roshan, Bhushan Kumar may just be next to be outted.

  6. NewGirl says:

    About time…

    Who next? Rakesh Roshan?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes. I think so too. YouTube was suggesting a video on how Rakesh Roshan is a family man and pictures of his kids from 20-35 years bsck. I was like why is YouTube serving this up. I think this is to manipulate us into buying an image so when shit about him comes up we don’t believe it. Go watch Tisca Chopras video on him.

    • Lucy says:

      M sure if not anyone,kangana sure would at least try to bring it up in some way.i am waiting for it,this way she can get two birds with one stone.she gets her closure with all the intimidation she had to endure at his hands,plus also get justice for someone else.

  7. kiran101 says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I see a lot of comments why Big heroines never come up with Names ? Because #meetoo movement is a shithole . A system that allowed all these women to be subjected to such violation of their body , mind and soul (mind you its not just one time sex so that the actress can shut her eyes and be done with…they are imprisoned and made to do things that kill them from inside , perform acts which they wud never ask their wives to do) . Such system will protect them and give them justice if they come out ? For media/people its another piece of news to go on for months.

    Top heroines did not put up with this shit in the past to go down in the annals of Bollywood and minds of audience as someone who was exploited , a victim , sexually and physically violated and subjugated.

    They did all this to be known as top actress of their time, box office reigning queens, highest paid and most talented of heriones ever in film industry.

    They are not going to come out and be known as that poor woman who had to trade her body for stardom.

    Expect only non successful stars to come with their stories because no one will trade glory with pity and shame.

    • LondonThumakda says:

      @kiran101, I agree with you but the thing is with all the harrowing stories coming out sajid khan, subhash ghai, karim morani, people are anyway now going to wonder how so-and-so actress got to work with them in multiple films, what they had to do.

      its becoming clearer that this is rampant. i dont know how the mainstream media is reporting it in the newspapers in india (maybe someone can enlighten me) but hopefully it is on the front pages in both english and regional papers.

      i sincerely hope the next time a film promotion comes up the media asks hard hitting questions rather than insipid crap they do all the time.

      personally i feel sickened now.

      @lucy i saw a picture of deepika and srk with their arms around karim morani in pinkvilla and it made my stomach churn.

      i genuinely hope someone like manisha has the courage to come forward. if she didnt work with ghai again, that says something. this will not take away from her illustrious career and body of work. and i have to say, we better give tanushree dutta a goddam padma shri for starting this.

    • Tina says:

      Why are we emphasizing the exposure of victims more than exposure of the perverts and creeps? Especially if they will be subjected to pity and shame like you said?

      Can you imagine how emotionally hard it must be to have to recount such horrific ordeals? Some of them were abused while they were still in their teens! Most of them have already gone through depression and horrible mental and physical pain. The men who do this are well connected to mafia and political goons who can not only abuse their families but hurt them too.

      Why is it so important to us, knowing the culture we live in that victims out themselves, no matter how successful they are? And no, #Metoo is not a fail or a shithole – everything counts to improving the situation for women on the whole. I have more respect today for the actresses of Bollywood than for the actors for their strength, and won’t hold it against them if they don’t come out.

      But that’s not to say they cannot join the fight in other ways. Form a Union of Women who work in the movies. Negotiate and fight like a union. I am not a communist, but he11, there is more power in numbers. Create a financial scheme so young aspirants don’t end up having to do casting couch for economic reasons. Refuse to let perverts work in the industry. Make videotaped auditions mandatory, and regulate work outside of business hours and make it illegal to ask women to come to non-business locations. Ensure businesses/hotels are told their premises will be raided if it’s used to perpetuate such activities. Educate women on safe practices, (never stay alone with the creeps, get safe help if you are drunk, always carry pepper spray and cellphones) – and if you are raped, molested or abused, give them the moral and legal support to fight the perpetrators. Make sure you have rape kits and and accredited medical professionals on call. Be your own network of informants. Get proof. And fight! Fight! Fight! Because the rest of us women are with you!

      It’s time we took the Ghais, the Roshans, and the Shanoos to task!

    • LondonThumakda says:

      @Tina, I would love for your suggestions to come true. but will they though? I watched the kwk promo for deepika and alia’s episode and it just seemed so surreal to me. are they that much in denial? Not just them vidya, anushka, priyanka…as much as i love some of these a-list actresses, their silence is deafening. just lip-service seems so inadequate now.

      before the subhash ghai and karim morani stories came out i used to think as you, why should these women bear the responsibility and risk everything they have earned and worked hard for?

      but this is different this suggests many of these men in power are serial rapists, drugging and raping women against their will. this is not “casting couch” but a systemically hostile and predatory environment for women. i desperately want my a-list fave actresses to do something now. say something, anything! at least acknowledge there is a problem. they can say yes we have been propositioned and harrassed without getting into specifics and demand change. concrete steps like the ones you mentioned.

      even better if they have the courage to unmask some of the worst a-list offenders. yes it might cost them but they are in a better position to pay the price than anyone else. lets face it these women are multi-millionaries, they can afford private security and the best lawyers. if they cant do it how do we expect some poor or middle-class victim to?

      or am I just blowing things out of proportion are alok nath, subhash and morani the worst and everyone else is just fine? or do they just not care if anything changes or not since they made it… honestly i’m getting more and more cynical about this….argh! i dont think i can ever enjoy a Bollywood movie or chat show or awards function again.

  8. D says:

    Admin you also need to write on Amitabh Bachchan. I read long time back south actress Soundarya accused him of sexual harassment. Telling her that she has to do all these if she want to succeed in Bollywood. Since then I never liked him. That story was in print so you need to do some digging.

    Unfortunately she died in helicopter crash while trying her luck in politics. It was very brave of her to say that at that time. If she was here I am sure she would have been the first one to point finger at someone like him, like you guys at A- ass lister.

    • Lucy says:

      The amitabh bacchan expose seems plausible now,with mj Akbar who is a minister made to be be put on the hot seat,I think this guys turn will come.i just hope he is not that politically powerful like he was in the 1980’s..and wouldn’t amar Singh be happy to spill all the beans given they don’t get along anymore.but it will require some very very brave woman to come up,because this time it will not just be threat to file defamation case,most probably be death threats.

  9. D says:

    Admin seems that you need to cancel your holidays till next year. You will be very busy with these me too movement stories.

  10. Tina says:

    How much of a psycho must you be to rape women and pretend everything is normal? To hurt another human being so badly and horrifically and live with it?

    So he wants investigations and court proceedings…we all know how that worked for Salman. But we can still hit him where it hurts. With what authority did the government give him free land for his Whistling Woods Acting studios? I refuse to let my tax money go to a rapist. Especially if ‘training’ is how he is finding his victims.

    These people know how easy it is to overcome the legal system in India. But if we want change, we can hit them where it really hurts. As paying audience stop watching their movies and TV programs. As tax paying, voting public demand that they get no benefits from government.

    • Sangi says:

      We should launch an online petition. Make a directory of these rapists /perverts/ twisted public figures.

  11. Lucy says:

    Just reading on the pinkvilla site,some comments mention he kept madhuri locked in a hotel room for three days,and threw a naked mahima out of hotel room into the corridor and crew members rescued her!,,what other crimes has he done admin,I had heard casting couch stories in madh bungalow but the stories coming out are insane.

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