State Of Georgia, The Protector, Camelot, Free Agents, Love Bites, Prime Suspect & Many More TV Shows Cancelled

TV shows in the US are like the friends you make while on vacation. Meaning, you know that you enjoy being friends with them, but at the back of your mind you know that this will be a short relationship. The same thing goes for the TV shows being aired in recent times. Competitions have gotten so tight that TV shows are being cancelled barely three weeks after its debut on the small screen.

As much as this is sad, I bring you the latest TV shows that have been announced as ‘cancelled’ this week. If you follow my posts on TV shows, then you will know that some of the shows mentioned below have been on my must-watch TV shows list. Sadly, these time-pass-for-me shows didn’t make it. If you are reading this because your favourite show is on the list then my condolences to you; it’s the cycle of life!

I have been watching or have watched some of these shows; some were worth keeping while some weren’t. Shows like ‘The Playboy Club’ and ‘How To Be A Gentleman’ were downright boring. I watched some of these shows as they had familiar faces like Raven in ‘State Of Georgia’ and Mathew Perry in ‘Mr. Sunshine’. I can’t believe they cancelled ‘Camelot’ – show with great actors and two ex-Bond girls!

Here are the TV shows that didn’t get to bring in that many and much needed viewers. Sadly though not cancelled, ‘Cougar Town’ was asked to cut down its episodes for the coming season from 22 to 15. No reason was given, but it’s quite a disappointment to fans (me included) that the show didn’t air for this season. It will make an appearance next year in March, hopefully.


TV Shows Cancelled:



The Playboy Club 32014

The Playboy Club

Same Name

The World According To Paris

Roseanne’s Nuts


The Protector

Dan For Mayor

So You Think You Can Dance Canada

The Nine Lives Of Chloe King



State Of Georgia

Free Agents


How To Be A Gentleman

Memphis Beat



Charlie’s Angels

Prime Suspect

Love Bites


Friends with Benefits

Perfect Couples

Mad Love

Mr. Sunshine

Better with You

Traffic Light




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