Sridevi’s Husband and Family Releases Statement After Funeral

The Kapoors, notably Boney Kapoor and his daughters, have gone through a lot these past few days. Today, they say, was the hardest of all the days as it is the day they buried Sridevi and perform the last rites. After all the funeral procedures ended today, Sridevi‘s family released a statement that was shared through the Twitter and Instagram accounts of several members of the family, including Anil Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor and Mohit Marwah. They have probably realised how silly the media got while reporting about Sridevi‘s accidental death. They are requesting the media not to make things hard for Janhvi and Khushi. Read on below.

Sridevi's Husband and Family Releases Statement After Funeral

Sridevi's Husband and Family Releases Statement After Funeral

Sridevi's Family Releases Statement After Funeral


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53 Responses

  1. Anisha says:


    • Admin says:

      Inside source mentioned how the whole event was organised by Yash Raj, Dharma Productions and Anil Ambani’s help. KJo and Manish decorated the venue with flowers.

      • Veronica says:

        @admin i have been reading some comments on how Arjun Kapoor’s PR is trying to milk the situation. But I highly doubt it. Even if it’s the case, it is almost courageous to do something as this for the woman reason for your mother’s sorrow. Also, no matter how great she might be an actress she managed to distort one family. It didn’t do any good for the daughters also, they never visibly got love from the cousins. Everyone kept saying that no matter what she was unhappy in the end. My point being, is such kinda love worth in the end!?!

        • Admin says:

          It is true that his PR is milking it. We can already see KJo plan the number of articles to release before Janhvi’s film releases. Now he can forget about the fake link-up with her co-star. If someone commented on how Arjun did, it would be understandable but it’s always “a source”. Either way, he does need the publicity and it’s so ironic that he is getting it due to the woman he hates the most.

          • aishu says:

            jhanvi seems to be a innocent girl, Karan Johar should guide her in the right way,in the abscence of her mother she needs the right guidance, GOD bless her.

  2. naughtytrini says:

    Yesterday I read Boney’s statement and I got goosebumbs. These words seemed to come straight from his heart. After reading that I can believe that he really did love her a lot. Let her family grieve in peace. Please put yourself in their shoes for a change.

    • Admin says:

      It’s true he really did love her. After all, in his own words he said he chased her for years before she agreed. It was love for him since his first wedding was an arranged marriage. That’s why he acted so blindly in love when he was chasing her. The whole family is in shock because it’s something tragic and unexpected. Just imagine if her fans can’t believe it, then what about her family.

      • Nidu says:

        It is the spouse who suffers the most. With time the kids will get busy, and that is the way life is. I trust boney’s words to the T. He truly must be shattered.

        • Admin says:

          Yes, true. It’s all God’s work. But at least Boney did see her before she passed, they spent many years of their lives with each other so that counted as something.

      • Tina says:

        True…but here’s the thing. He is blatantly accepting that he cheated on his then wife Mona. Can you imagine Arjun and Anshula having to listen to this? It’s creepy and distasteful. As for the arranged marriage, he married Mona and her Mom Sattee Shourie helped him establish himself as a producer. He had two kids with her. He didn’t remember then, that there’s no love?

        • Admin says:

          Clearly, there was no love because he never spoke about Mona. Maybe it was also a diktat by Sri not to speak of the first wife. He always spoke about his love story without realising that the mother of his kids and his kids were going to read it. That was quite disrespectful of him, especially when he was married with two kids and talking about the events leading up to Sri being with him. It’s like he didn’t care for Mona at all and the shame that she must have felt. If he was that madly in love, he should have had the decency to end his marriage first.

          • nefarious says:

            @Admin: Agree with you totally. I saw Boney and Sri’s dus ka dum appearance, Boney made no bones about Sri pregnancy before marriage. I doubt Arjun realy cares for Boney, its just that he would need his dad’s support off and on given his lackluster run at the BO,
            I am not judging Arjun for not liking Sri and Boney. I am just saying he has vested interests

  3. Rashmi says:

    I’m shocked that Akshay and Twinkle did not even come to the funeral. Aamir and Kiran also are not present Hrithik, Suzanne also did not come (but Akshay? He all his life was a huge fan of Sridevi and did not come.) Juhi also was not, but Madhuri – a kind soul came

    • naughtytrini says:

      Did they even posted any condolences on social media? I know Twinkle likes writing…

      • Rahul says:

        None from the Kapoors’ came either.

      • Smita says:

        She mostly writes self absorbed posts. She was funny for a while. Now her virtue signaling wrspped up in smart alecky writing style is a yawn.

      • Rashmi says:

        Akshay Hrithik Aamir wrote the words of condolence to Twitter one hundred percent. but I’m sincerely surprised that they were not at the funeral and they did not come to honor Sridevi’s memory. even if they were engaged in filming, I think they should have visited the Kapoor family. Akshay Aamir Hrithik always said that they are great fans of Sridevi. I’m very surprised that they were not. There were even Katrina John Jacqueline (the other generation) but there were no heroes 80 -90, even Rishi or Ranbir I did not see at Anil’s house Govinda, Mithun KarΠ΅Π΅na Karishma also was not .. shock is a big shock

        • Admin says:

          Writing on social media is like a must for celebrities. Only Sallu and SRK didn’t write anything and AB senior as well. All three went to meet the family personally. But yes, very surprising that Rishi Kapoor didn’t go, Aamir also since he called Sri on his show and she came, Akshay who worked with her and Hrithik, who said he “loved” Sri. All words and no action!

          • Rashmi says:

            Admin but now Monalisa wrote that Akshay and Twinkle came to support the family and you confirmed it. this already means that Akshay at least had not only words, but it is strange to me that he was not at the funeral. like Saif, Aamir, Hrithik

          • Admin says:

            The funeral was a way to pay your respect to the deceased. When the others visited the home of Anil, it was to share their condolences with the family.

          • Rashmi says:

            he already shared his condolences and visited the house of Anil. is not it so? it may be painful for him to attend the funeral of Sridevi, since she was his idol from an early age. but you are silent about Aamir, Ranbir, Hrithik, although there were none at all. Of course, Akshay is always to blame, I’m already starting to get used to this

          • Monalisa says:

            @rashmi Ranbir (out of country) and Hrithik are on location shooting. I think even Aamir is out of country. I remember seeing his airport pics a couple of days ago. I think it will be very difficult for stars to get a leave to attend a funeral of a colleague or industry veteran (a family member is different). Movie production involves money and even if one day is missed it will be huge loss for producers so they will not usually allow unplanned leaves to be taken. Maybe that is why Akshay, Rs and Salman despite being in Mumbai could not attend the funeral but visited the family after pack up. They might have even told the family themselves that they will not be able to attend the funeral..

          • Admin says:

            Already mentioned in the earlier comments. More than Ranbir, it’s puzzling why Rishi was missing.

          • NIMI says:

            even kangana did not come… everyone have commitments ….some we know some we do not.

          • Anisha says:

            Kangana was in Jodhpur shooting for Manikarnika.

          • Anisha says:

            – Saif is shooting in a village about two hours’ drive from Udaipur. He’ll be there for two months, I think.
            – Hrithik is shooting in Jaipur for Super 30, but his father came and so did Suzanne’s old man. Fardeen Khan came too and I couldn’t recognise him! He now looks like one of Saul Goodman’s aliases β€” the Cinnabon Gene.
            – I don’t know if Aamir is shooting for Thugs of Hindostan in Rajasthan, but Kiran Rao did come to the funeral
            – Ranbir and Alia are shooting in Bulgaria for Brahmastra
            – Varun is shooting for Sui Dhaaga in Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh, but his parents + brother came to the funeral. Anushka is also at Chanderi.
            – Abhishek is shooting in Amritsar for Manmarziyan

        • Admin says:

          Karishma, her aunt Reema and her two actor sons did go to pay their respects.

    • Monalisa says:

      @rashmi I saw pap pictures of Akshay and Twinkle visiting Anil’s house to give condolence to the family on instagram. Some stars who did not attend the funeral did visit the family. (before Sri’s body was bought to India)..People like Salman, Ranveer, Kamal Hassan, Rajnikanth visited the family to offer condolences.Maybe they were out of town or busy with work on the day of funeral. Was surprised not to see Shilpa Shetty (we saw pics of them celebrating festivals together), Rishi Kapoor (her costar of many films) or any other Kapoor (only Karisma was there), Juhi, Raveena.

    • Kali says:

      Ok, now Sridevi was an immeasurable talent and the sudden loss of her was very shocking to one and all. Despite her personal choices in life, I think we can all agree that she will be sorely missed on screen.

      But 5 days on, I am sick of this mass hysteria. Yeh sab kuch zyaada ho raha hein. The woman has passed on to heavenly abode. Her cremation was conducted yesterday but everyone is still dissecting not only her life but also of those who attended/did not attend the funeral.

      Haiii!!! Jaqueline Fenandez is smiling outside the funeral.
      HAII!!!! Shilpa Shetty is sharing an insta-story of her breakfast.
      Omgg!! Kareena, Saif and Taimur are in Rajasthan enjoying a jeep ride.

      Listen at the end of the day, she was a celebrity, not everyone’s own chachi/mami whatever. Is it some kind of national law that you cannot enjoy a jeep ride with your family if a celeb dies? I was talking to a relative yesterday and he was asking

      ‘Sridevi ne aisa kya ukhad diya ki uske body pe Indian flag laga di? Aisa Rajesh Khanna ke time pe bhi nahin hua. Aisa respect humare jawano ko milna chahiye”.

      And its true, no disrespect to Sridevi, but a state funeral is accorded only to current and former Prime Ministers, current and former union and state ministers. Lekin in the time of social media, sab kuch chalta hai.

      This constant spate of Sridevi articles is quite depressing. Now, that speculations of her death are slowly dying out the media is dredging out old interviews of Boney declaring his love for her and a long back written letter by Janhvi. With the way things are going, its only a matter of time for someone to make a temple of Sridevi somewhere in the south now.

      Bas! Bahut ho gaya. Let her soul rest in peace. I am dreading the day Amitabh Bachchan kicks the bucket!

      • kiran101 says:

        Wait ! media is not done yet…They have to mint the last phase of any event that happens to celebrity. Thats is … ‘Analysing and blaming their competitor media channel for lack of journalistic ethics. Lecuring and carrying debates on how media should lay off or how they went overboard with speculations…while they carry gossip related to that person in their Entertainment section.
        This whole circle of ‘Breaking news ‘ – ‘ Celeb reactions on social media or in person – ‘ Speculations and conspiracy theories’ – ‘ Media attaining a soul and reprimanding common folks for being gossip hungry ‘ is common for every celebrity event (birth, wedding, death, divorce, scandal).

        I cringed when Barkha dutt after Abhi-Ash wedding started a debate on if and how media went overborad…alluding blame on news consumers. The fact is people were already fed up. Untill that point NDTV was trying to get a glimpse of what is happening behind the walls.

        Now everyone is keeping an eye on who tweeted, who attended…why no one else in this world should celebrate holi etc. All this while Sridevi herself never made an appearence when Mona died…. she could have sent Jhanvi-Khushi if she did not attend out of respect for his ex wife or even does not want to give rise to a scandal during her funeral.

        There is so much fakeness going around that just because they had the time to attend a funeral does not mean they care. I am pretty sure RGV cared…yet he did not attend…just saying.

        • Kali says:

          Kiran101 you have nailed it. The same media which was until this time building all kinds of speculations and hosting debates has suddenly developed a conscience and decided to be ‘ethical’. Watching the coverage of her funeral procession made me quite sad. Every single person had their mobile phone up and trying to record her body. The family requested that there be no cameras brought into the viewing at the celebration complex by the media. Yet, there was a video on Spotboye of someone with a secret bodycam who was clearly adjusting it while walking around the body. Such disrespect. Then spotboye has the gall to republish Boney’s statement and say “We will respect their need for privacy’. What hypocrites.

          While there undoubtedly might have been wellwishers wanting to pay their respects, I believe that a large number of this crowd were just ghoulish people or people who want to catch a glimpse of all the movie stars who were congregating at the sports complex. I don’t think these same people who were recklessly running after that truck and jumping barriers would do the same even if their own grandmother died.

          Right as I am typing this, I saw a news article. Apparently, Tez TV aired a video of a baby, coupled with the question: β€œKya Sridevi ka punar janam ho chuka hai? (Has Sridevi been reborn?)” It is a one year old video of a baby, but it seems like the news channel left their logic at home today.

          • Admin says:

            Actually, that camera on the body was someone who was part of the funeral because the same person went to the cremation as well. This was someone from within their circle of people who were allowed there and this person sold the footage to online websites, not just SpotBoye, ABP had it and was showing it on TV as well. ABP is also the one with the idiot reporters who have never seen a bathtub before. Can’t imagine what the family will go through when they will sit down and analyse everything.

          • Kali says:

            My goodness this is terrible. However, still Spotboye is a hypocrite for reposting Boney’s statement. One thing I noticed in the body cam was that it was a woman. She was quite short and she had short nails and was wearing red nail polish. Based on the fact that they were recording their own version of the events, I’m pretty certain that they must know who the perpetrator was and what time it was taken, based on the position of people standing there, etc.

          • Admin says:

            This woman went in front of Anil and Tisca Chopra and they both looked at her as if she was supposed to be there. Maybe one of these society ladies or an old actress. Either way, what else can the family do? Even Amar Singh was there with them in the lorry and everyone knows how he might just let out the family secrets when he feels like it.

      • Admin says:

        It is crazy…they are all taking advantage of how she died. Maybe that’s why the family claimed it was cardiac arrest so that the media does not go crazy speculating. And Arnab’s show is even crazier, don’t know if this question is funny or pathetic: If Sridevi lost consciousness, why did she lose consciousness? Arrey, how would anyone know when she was all alone in the bathroom! All that speculation, why not call Boney Kapoor and ask him directly? These shows have like dozens of sponsors sponsoring their programmes, so obviously they to create sensational news to make sure people are interested.

      • Lovelylibran says:

        She received the state honour coz she was a Padma Shri award recipient.. All Padma Shri/Bhushan award winners get state honours on their death.. Even Shashi Kapoor received it..

  4. Kiran101 says:

    So that’s it huh ? It’s a goodbye sridevi . I watched some of the scenes of β€˜ kshanam kshanam β€˜ (a movie every southie especially Telugu people saw no less than 100 times . One of RGV’s best works )one of ur best performances ever or even any actress in Indian cinema . I laugh when Bollywood says β€˜ chaalbaaz and Lamhe as one of ur best works .
    Your best work was in Telugu and Tamil , ur dialogue delivery on point without flaws . Bollywood never even gave you half as good roles as south films . You know nothing of Sridevi β€˜s performances if you never watched her Telugu:/Tamil movies .

    • Admin says:

      A reporter said that at the funeral, there were huge professional cameras filming the whole thing. This means that the family is planning on releasing a documentary on her soon since the cameras were from the family’s side.

      • Nar <3 Kangana says:


        Whose plan was that?

        • leap says:

          @nars PR idea it must be

        • Admin says:

          The family, who else. According to the photographer, that was what he thought. After all, since the tragic incident occurred to the day of her funeral happened, there was time to arrange everything. Her death has put the Kapoors in the limelight like no other member of this Kapoor family could do. That’s quite something! Even Sanjay Kapoor got attention!

          • Nars says:

            I feel they are just going to milk the situation. The PR that Reshma will do…i dont even want to think about it. Jhanvi is very young and her mother isnt here to protect anymore – I genuinely worry about them now.

            The Kapoors (except for Anil) never had anything decent to say about Sridevi but these few days everyone wants a bucket of attention.

      • Hmmm says:

        If true so tacky. Sridevi came across as a private person. The kapoors should also let the lady rest in peace. If a documentary needs to be made then maybe in 10 years time and why would you show her dead body?! Maybe the hysteria of the crowds (very princess diana like) but her dead body? It is too soon.

    • Steffi says:

      Have heard this a lot…would really like to visit some of her classics in Telugu/ Tamil….can you please recommend a few? Do we have any with subtitles?….I loved Sridevi she was really the queen of the Navrasa’s…reading stuff like Lamhe/ Chandni/ Mr India/ Chaalbaaz (Not including Sadma as that was a remake of her previous film) as not her best work makes me impatient to see some of her previous work…

      • kiran101 says:

        Read BARADWAJ RANGAN blog on “Devi…Sridevi “. He listed her best Tamil movies…in Telugu are :

        Kshanam Kshanam (This is actuallly Cult classic in its own way…. the number of multiple watches this movie received is amazing.Even foreign born telugu kids re watched this movie several times…I may not consider MR India ,DDLJ etc etc as timeless…but this movie is…its a thriller and comedy movie that run into each other. RGV was not exaggerating when he said its his love letter to Sridevi. Many non telugu speaking people loved this movie…but its just not the same. Sridevi charged whopping 1 crore for this movie in 1991 )

        Jagadeka veerufu atiloka sundari (with chiranjeevi ,a great performer himself yet sridevi stole the show…a super duper hit movie )

        Aakali Rajyam (Pride of telugu cinema dialog s by SRI SRI great andhra poet of Maha prasthanam , Kamal hassan and Sridevi if only performances could kill )

        16 yella vayasu
        Premabhishekam ( forget watching this one….nativity is important to understand this movie)
        vetagadu (same as above)
        Akhari Poratam etc… etc…

        Sridevi was a super star even before Bollywood …it really pisses us that BW is passing her off as their discovery and she made her mark in BW Heck, BW did not even present and give her roles that even RGV gave her. She was just a glam doll in Yash chopra movies. Look what Balachander and Balumahendra did with her in 80’s only. As an actress her lamest filmography is in Bollywood.

        • steffi says:

          Wow …thanks a ton for the above recommendations & yes I did read Baradwaj sir’s Blog….thanks again

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