Solved: Bollywood Blind Item – May 2020 – 3

This blind item came out last month, we didn’t share it then but now doing so since it has been confirmed. Coincidentally, the same source aka website released the blind item and today released the news as an exclusive.

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So, there you have it. In case some of you who are not aware of this lady, she was quite in the news back in the day. She was the love interest of this underworld don. Her story is shown in this light biopic they made of him and Kangana Ranaut played her role in the film.

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She is not really that famous as an actress but more famous because of who she was linked to at that time. But it seems she is no more connected to the underworld and is now with this retired cricketer who never seems to get enough of women.

No, he’s not a playboy of some sort…He just always have a lady on his arm since he divorced his wife. Many guessed that this blind item was talking about him, but we all knew he had a white French girlfriend so don’t know when these two ended their relationship and when and where he met his new lady.

At his son’s wedding, he had his exes and this new lady all there by his side. By the way, they did a biopic on his story as well and Emraan Hashmi played him in the film. The film didn’t work because critics called it too boring and also because it covered some of the things he did in real life.

We saw bits of it on TV and in the film, he has an arrange marriage with a young pretty girl played by Prachi Desai. They seemed really happy and in love together and apparently, it was her who told him to keep his collar up while playing. His wife takes him to see a movie where he sees this pretty actress getting jiggy on the big screen and gets mesmerized by her.

Then he gets to meet this actress and they fall in love with him forgetting he has a wife and two kids at home. Every time, the team would be out of India, he would see the actress. While the media back home kept saying there was something going on between these two, he lied to his wife and said there was nothing going on.

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So much of, “I trust my husband!”. We don’t really remember what happened next because the film was quite slow, but the man got married to the actress the same year he divorced his wife. Felt quite bad for the wife!

Anyways, that’s the life of playas! Check out the blind item and the story from SpotBoye.


Bollywood Blind Item


India’s Ex-Cricketer Clean Bowled By A Controversial Maiden

An actress who has often been in the news for wrong reasons is spending quality time with an ex-cricketer of our country

A controversial actress, who barely acted in one or two films, is having a passionate affair with a cricketer whose batting style charmed millions. The ex-sportsman in question, who has been single for a while, is totally smitten by her beauty and the actress is enjoying every bit of the attention showered on her. Who said that Cricket and Bollywood had ceased to go hand-in-hand?

OSOP Guesses

Cricketer: Mohammad Azharuddin

Actress: Monica Bedi


The latest BFFs in town are cricketer Mohammad Azharuddin and actress Monica Bedi. Monica and Azharuddin have been hanging out with each other, of late. In fact, we did a bit of snooping around and found out that the two are really close friends now. We heard that the two have developed a great bonding and spend a lot of time in each other’s company.

So far, they have only maintained the β€˜close friends’ stance within their inner circle. A source close to Monica Bedi told us that she met Azharuddin via common friend Sanjay Nirupam. And now, the duo shares a common friend-circle as well.

A source reveals that Monica Bedi was a special guest from Azhar’s side who attended Azharuddin and Naureen’s son, Asaduddin’s marriage in Hyderabad.

While Azharuddin’s newfound friendship with actress Monica Bedi is blossoming, let’s see where this relationship further heads.

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