Silly Topic: Who’s Your Favourite Hollywood Chris?

Just for fun, this is the topic that we have been wanting to do for ages. It’s why we took precaution to name this as a silly topic in case some of you get in here thinking it’s a big story we have. There’s no big story.

So, if you are familiar with Hollywood movies, you know that over the last few years, we have had the pleasure of looking at some of the best-looking guys in Hollywood and their first names, unfortunately, are CHRIS.

Let’s have a poll right here and you get to pick your favourite Chris. If you want to add something more, please do so in the comments below. FYI, our favourite Chris is Chris Evans. We have known him the longest, onscreen of course, and he just seems to be the coolest. Going by the type of girls he likes to date, let’s just say, “We all have a chance.”

To make it slightly more fun, we are going to get into some of the things that have been written about these guys; rumours, news and whatnot.


Who’s Your Favourite Hollywood Chris?

Who's Your Favourite Hollywood Chris



Chris Hemsworth

Who's Your Favourite Hollywood Chris


Chris Hemsworth became famous after he became ‘Thor’. He was a really hyped actor, who saw many successes and then failures. As of now, his career in Hollywood is stable, but people aren’t really talking about him as much as they did before. So, it’s fair to say the hype has pretty much died down.

Who's Your Favourite Hollywood Chris


He’s 7 years younger than his Spanish wife, Elsa Pataky, whom he married in 2010. Together, they have twin boys and a daughter. Chris decided to move his family down to him native country, Australia, in 2015.

Who's Your Favourite Hollywood Chris

Rumour has it, he’s rarely home because of his work and as a result, ends up hitting up every PYT at every shooting location he’s at. So yes, perhaps moving the family down under gave him more freedom and space to do what he wants.


Chris Pratt

Who's Your Favourite Hollywood Chris


Chris Pratt is probably the most miracle Chris Hollywood has ever seen. The man almost didn’t have a career in Hollywood and he had to resort to playing as part of a cast anytime he was in a film.

Who's Your Favourite Hollywood Chris


His big huge break came after he lost a lot of weight and put on the right muscles. But still that didn’t mean that he had to stick to the same woman, who has been with since he was nobody and heavyweight; Chris filed for divorce in 2017 from his wife, Anna Faris. He is also 3 years younger than his wife and they have been together since she was the most happening star. Now, the tables have turned and she’s just a TV actress from being a movie star.

Who's Your Favourite Hollywood Chris


Anna and Chris have been married since 2009 and they have a son together. Unfortunately, they couldn’t have more kids and the birth of their first son itself was quite a traumatising experience for both.

Who's Your Favourite Hollywood Chris

Chris, from all the Chrises, is the one who tries to be funny and wants you to lauhg at him. He might be leading man material, but he still acts like if he’s the funny guy in the room. Both are not known to work well together. You are either hot or funny.


Chris Pine

Who's Your Favourite Hollywood Chris


The least famous of all the Hollywood Chrises has to be Chris Pine. Though he was supposed to be happening some years back, nothing really happened with him as soon as the other Chrises made an appearance. But, he did get his moment again as soon as ‘Wonder Woman’ was released and declared a hit.

Who's Your Favourite Hollywood Chris


He has been around the block and by that, we mean he has been with lots of ladies. Most famous of all would have to be Olivia Munn, who has also been around the block and is still going around the block. Their relationship was only revealed when leaked emails from her to him were released and let us tell you, they were quite explicit. It gives you an idea of what he really likes to do (wink-wink).


Chris Evans

Who's Your Favourite Hollywood Chris


According to us, he’s the most good-looking Chris among all the Chrises and among all the young actors in Hollywood. He has been around for so long and it seems that only when he did ‘Captain America’ that he became popular and out there.

Who's Your Favourite Hollywood Chris

He has dated several famous ladies and his last relationship was reportedly with Jenny Slate, who used to be a castmember on SNL. According to her, she just couldn’t take it that girls will flock to him and treat her as if she didn’t exist.

He’s quite active on social media and has voiced his opinions about everything, including politic stuffs.


So, the question is now:

Who is your favourite Chris?


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1 Response

  1. Shivanisd says:

    Definitely chris pine followed by pratt. Pime was great in hell or high water! I cant stand the iron man/avengers series/captain America/ chris evans!! Helmsworth is the best looking i think. The fact that pratt is, both hot and funny can, make him number one in the future. No wonder he left his tv actor wife.

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