Short Films: Devi & Four

On March 2, ‘Devi’ was made available on YouTube for everyone to watch. It’s a short film produced by LargeShortFilms and directed by Priyanka Banerjee. ‘Devi’ stars Kajol, Neha Dhupia, Neena Kulkarni, Shruti Haasan, Mukta Barve, Shivani Raghuvanshi, Sandhya Mhatre, Rama Joshi and Rashaswini Dayam.


It tells the tale of nine women and what they went through. You kind of understand it, but the end is heartbreaking and when you finally understand where these ladies are and what the setting is, it all makes sense.

‘Devi’ has a great story and amazing performances from familiar faces. But there’s just one problem, the same premise already exists and it was the idea of a student of Asian Academy of Film and Television, Abhishek Rai. His short film, made on obviously a small budget, was released in 2018.

On the same day that a reader here mentioned ‘Devi’, this post was shared by an industry friend on our timeline on FB:


It’s possible that the same topic was tackled by two different directors, but it is impossible to have the same premise and setting. So clearly, ‘Devi’ was inspired by ‘Four’. If that is the case, they should be credited accordingly.

Either way, both short films are hard-hitting and at this point with how things are going, you can only have empathy, pray for change and hope for a better tomorrow.

We don’t want to say more, there’s no need to spoil it for you in case you haven’t see it yet.

Here are both Devi and Four:

Just want to say this, Kajol is amazing! They all are but she stands out. There’s so much emotion in her expressions! It works amazingly to portray what’s she’s trying to.

Happy Women’s Day, Everyone!

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1 Response

  1. Adira says:

    I wish every cinema hall would show “Devi” before the films begin, instead of ads. Everyone should watch it. Shame on rapists and their supporters.

    And you are right about Kajol. She’s really good when it comes to portraying emotions. There’s the scene where she was saying they were better off being away from the rapists. The way she protectively held her sari broke my heart. Like she was recalling the ordeal and trying to protect herself.

    It’s a pity she doesn’t do more films. If I could advise her, it would be to pay more attention to films with good content instead of the nonsense that were Dilwale, VIP2 and Helicopter Eela. And to humble herself and widen out so she can have opportunities with other filmmakers.

    Restricting herself to YRF, Dharma, SRK and her husband isn’t favouring her anymore as her relationship with YRF has been soured, KJo is busy running his academy of star kids and currently successful top stars, SRK is scared and rethinking his career while husband dearest is cheating on her and producing a film where his alleged lover is the lead.

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