Shahid Kapoor’s Two Smiles


I don’t know how many fans Shahid Kapoor still has left after the arrival of Ranbir Kapoor and Imran Khan. I am not counting the latest newcomers, just the ones who replaced Shahid in the chocolate boy image/look. I would never have noticed this, but after someone pointed out to me how funny Shahid’s smile is, I can’t help but look for a full smile whenever I see a picture of Shahid. Trust me, there are not too many. I’m guessing he knows, which is why he smiles with his mouth closed. It all started in ‘Jab We Met’ in the song ‘Tumse Hi’ where Kareena Kapoor invited Shahid to dance with her in the rain. His smile at that moment is quite funny! I didn’t notice it at all until someone pointed it out to me, but she said it was a cute smile. Now you be the judge.

Shahid Kappor’s First Smile

Shahid Kapoor's Two Smiles

Shahid Kappor’s Second Smile

Shahid Kapoor's Two Smiles


Which is your favourite Shahid Kapoor smile?

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