Shahid Kapoor says he’s happy to see Kareena Kapoor pregnant

Maybe because he knows that she won’t be out and about talking non-stop about her husband and her. But being pregnant hasn’t stopped Kareena Kapoor from giving all these interviews to the media about her pregnancy and what Saif Ali Khan thinks about it. Shahid Kapoor met Kareena at an award function some time back and like adults, they both stood and talked to each other for a few minutes. Trust Shahid to come out with all the details, maybe he didn’t want to hide anything from his wife, Mira. Here’s what Shahid had to say on meeting a very pregnant Kareena. Apparently, he had the experience of having a baby. We never realised how much Kareena and Shahid are alike until now!


Shahid Kapoor Interview

Shahid Kapoor says he's happy to see Kareena Kapoor pregnant


Shahid Kapoor on what happened when he bumped into Kareena Kapoor

Yes, I did bump into her and it was heartwarming to see her fully pregnant, because I’ve just been through (that experience of) having a baby. I felt happy for her. I asked her when she was due, and she told me it is sometime next month. She also asked about Misha. So it was very nice

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