Shahid Kapoor on Kangana Ranaut Statements About Rangoon

Shahid Kapoor is working with Kangana Ranaut and Saif Ali Khan in ‘Rangoon’. As you all know and have heard by now, Kangana enjoys giving WTF statements here and there and in the past, she gave one about her role in ‘Rangoon’. There were also reports that she got paid the same amount of money as Saif and Shahid in ‘Rangoon’. Shahid is busy promoting ‘Udta Punjab’ when he was asked on his thoughts what Kangana said to him. Shahid had a lot to say about what Kangana has said and he sounded a little pissed about everything. We are just wondering how he will be promoting ‘Rangoon’ with her then. Maybe he will be all praise, but who really knows!

Shahid Kapoor on Kangana Ranaut

Shahid Kapoor on Kangana Ranaut Statements About Rangoon


Shahid Kapoor on Kangana Ranaut’s Statement that she’s the third hero of ‘Rangoon’

Why doesn’t she say there are three HEROINES in the film? Is there anything less in being a heroine? There are three protagonists in the film and for me, being a HERO or a HEROINE makes no difference. So, if by saying that you being a hero makes you a bigger person, I don’t agree with that thought process.

Shahid Kapoor on Kangana Ranaut asking for the same fees as him and Saif Ali Khan

Pay parity depends on the saleability of a particular person. I can also sit and cry that I am getting less money than other male actors. I can’t complain about my pay and I know that. That’s because my films sell for a certain amount of money whereas other actors sell for a different amount. Obviously that should not be the case and the audience should view a film for its content, regardless of whether it is a female driven or male driven. Unless that happens, you are paid for your viability. But if somebody is getting paid less than what they deserve, based on their commercial viability, that can be a problem!

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