Shah Rukh Khan wants to make Don 3, but Farhan Akhtar does not want to

From time to time while promoting his films, Shah Rukh Khan gets asked on when ‘Don 3’ is happening. We don’t know why journalists bother asking him this question because we all know ‘Don 3’ is not going to happen. Priyanka Chopra plays a huge part of that “not going to happen” reason and Farhan Akhtar is one other part.

As for Farhan, he’s only interested in making fast money acting. Directing will take him ages. As for PC, well, where do we start? Like if Shah Rukh will work with her again. He might want to, but what about his wife? You might not know, but Farhan was the one, who brokered a deal for PC when she was not invited to Karan Johar’s big birthday party and everyone in the media made a big deal about it.

Supposedly, Farhan persuaded Karan to invite PC to the party and all this was done last minute. You know Karan only did it so as not to piss off SRK. Meanwhile at the party, it was reported how Shah Rukh jumped sofas to greet PC once she stepped in. Imagine that! Here’s Shah Rukh in his own words on why ‘Don 3’ is not happening anytime soon.


Shah Rukh Khan on making Don 3


SRK on why Don 3 is yet to happen

Don’ is the only one which perhaps can have a sequel because we leave it like that every time, but Farhan doesn’t have any story for ‘Don 3’ yet.

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