Serious Question: Is it true about Alia’s Character in Kalank?

While searching for answers on the blind item shared before this. We came across this:

Is it true about Alia's Character in Kalank

You know when we last heard the word “millenial”? During an interview session last year. The person interviewing, was also the boss, and he straightaway, within 30 seconds of entering that room, said, “I hate how you all millenials are so lazy”. Like if it was written there on our resume that we are the leaders of all millenials so come and blame us! Then he went on an hour rant on how useless millenials are just taking up oxygen on earth and should just kill themselves! Dude was cuckoo, couple of screws missing.

Honestly, reading this…We went and Google what millenials meant, in case it’s not what we think it is. But here goes:

s it true about Alia's Character in Kalank

So, it is true what Alia said when she described her character in ‘Kalank’ or was it an honest mistake? Is there such a thing as a millenials living in the 40s?

Or could it be, that this film includes a time-machine scenario where she is from the present but goes back to the past?

Is it true about Alia's Character in Kalank

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9 Responses

  1. Two cents says:

    That was KJos brief to her during the narration. Blaming her for mouthing this is actually giving her credit for being capable of original thought! As Kangana rightly said…she is just a puppet!

  2. ShinyObject says:

    Boy this movie confuses me already and it hasn’t even released!! I blame the media for giving these mediocre actors/producer a platform to give sound bytes every day as if they are launching a mission-critical satellite into space. We dont need daily updates folks. Let the movie speak for itself coz clearly the lead actress seems confused about the movie and her approach.

  3. whiskermole says:

    Chill, Admin. She probably meant the character is woke but because she’s in the 1940s she doesn’t get to loosen up.

  4. Rami says:

    Zindagi gulshar characters were real,well written serial, the female characters had strength,to face harsh realities of their lives, very well acted play, not BW filmy, acting ,though! So, how Alia is comparing to KjO produced film,is confusing ! Kjo aunty, is out of control ,she needs to give better talking points to Aloo! perhaps ,Aloo’s mom should give her few books to read!

  5. guest says:

    ROFL so roop is millennial in 1940’s maybe that is why she said she took inspiration from zindagi gulzar hai character based in 2000’s. They will through enough statements around so that you are vague about what to judge her performance on and compare it with. I do wonder why she has not seen urmila’s partition based movie pinjar ???

  6. Sheena says:

    Hahaha did Alia say that? She is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, is she?! Kangy is right – don’t pamper these average under educated filmy kids

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