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Last night, the post below was created and shared by SpotBoye (SB). This is a very strange twist of events and SpotBoye with its post below just makes it sound really weird.

Before you read on, let’s just say that it might be safe to assume that the Roshans have taken control of the situation and we are saying it in a good way. You have seen how Sunaina was acting and all, so they did eventually decide to step in and take hold of the situation.


The below post does not really tell much except the one thing we got from it is that Sunaina might be unstable. Was she always like this? Why did the post mention she had high fever when she was small? Usually when something like this is mentioned then it means that the person might not be mentally stable.

Anyways, this will be it for now. Hope she recovers and gets better.

This is all coming at such a bad timing for Hrithik. It’s no wonder they have sent out Anand Kumar to do the interviews.

And in all of this, Kangana and her sis got caught up for nothing. Rangoli should have never revealed that Sunaina contacted them and most certainly, she should not have revealed that HR wasn’t doing anything for his sister out of nowhere. Kangana comes from a different background and surely when Sunaina went to her for help, she thought the situation might be serious but it ended up to be a case of something else. We don’t want to say it’s not a problem us-commoners can relate to, but it sure seems like it. Still, we believe their intention was real but they were just taken for a ride. Of course, someone turns you and cry, you are obviously not going to turn your back at them. At the end of the day, it’s that person’s family who has to step up because no organisation is going to look into this and help.

We have sooo many questions like why did the family stay quiet, why did they send out news she was hospitalized and why they didn’t contact. But, let’s leave it at that for now. Let them deal with their situation for only they know what they are into.

The irony is, SpotBoye was the first one to get hold of Sunaina to ask her what was going on and now this… It seems that most media houses thought it was something serious going on until Sunaina spoke out and then only they realized that it’s a family matter and there’s no scoop in it!

Here’s the post from SpotBoye.

All calls to Rakesh, Pinky and Hrithik must have failed. Journalists, am I right? We all want sensationalism, we all want quotable quotes, we all ‘think’ it is news. That includes me, high on the list. But often we do not know the real story. Nidhi Razdan from NDTV tells you so often ‘Every story has 3 sides’. But still, you and I have been of the firm opinion that ‘Every story has 2 sides’.

It doesn’t matter here whether Hrithik had an affair with Kangana Ranaut/ Barbara Mori/ anybody else.

It doesn’t matter here what went wrong with Sussanne Roshan’s life at the Roshans’ residence in Juhu. It doesn’t matter here whether Sunaina is siding Kangana over Hrithik. Look at the Roshans’ residence now and you will feel scared standing below the building in question. In fact, Sussanne herself tweeted an appeal last evening, yes it was an APPEAL but did any section of the media write that word APPEAL? No, we were just in a hurry to put it out first- the mad race of the Internet where we are often asked to keep our brains aside. Some seniors in various portals have even said that: So what? Put out the denial later? Woh bhi content hai, it will only help us to quantify. LOL!

But no, this is absolutely no time to laugh, not even smile. Sunaina Roshan is going through a terrible emotional disturbance, she is saying anything in thin air, she is doing everything that needs not be done.

Day before evening, she called to tell me, “I had a nervous breakdown, last week. A doctor was at home near me.” Compare this to her statements which were given only last week, saying, “I am okay. I haven’t had any medication.”

And do you know what happened, last night? Roshans are my neighbours and I am not standing up for them because we happen to stay opposite each other. It’s just time to understand the plight of Sunaina who had contracted very high fever in childhood. It’s time to understand that Rakesh Roshan is in the midst of chemotherapy sessions.

So yeah, what happened last night? As I reached home from office and got down from an Uber, I saw two ambulances parked outside. I saw Hrithik Roshan almost running towards his car. I am told that Pinky Roshan had taken Sunaina to a doctor in the morning and Rakesh and Hrithik had followed them. While she was leaving, Sunaina had threatened to slap the watchman, she showed him a raised hand. Are you scared? I am.

And the night before that? She was shouting at the top of her voice for the longest time.

And today? She is very much at home and her phone is off.

Aren’t you scared?

Tell me, in such a state, how can she stay alone? She is demanding a new house from her father and brother- but do you know she has almost an entire floor to herself (after Hrithik separated to stay alone in a sea-facing flat (near Akshay Kumar, Govinda and Vivek Oberoi) in the Palazzo building where Roshans stay?

And what does she eat? Only mutton, chicken and fish. What does she drink? No water. Yes, you read it right. She drinks only aerated drinks when she’s thirsty.

Yes, she was in alcoholic rehab. But now, little does she realise that even a drink at a social gathering could make her re-enter that hellhole?

Do you know, two years ago, she sold almost all her jewels through a servant? The Roshans went back to the jeweller and recovered the jewels in the nick of time.

Can we end this media circus on Sunaina Roshan? Or at least, down it in numbers? Even if your Editor or whosoever in your office is asking you to up it. Time we journalists learn to get to the bottom of truth in every story and then put our bylines (which we are obsessed with) out. And remember, the basic element in a success story of a person is his ability to say ‘No’.

I am shocked that even the print media, which has always played it safe and sound, has not taken much pains to dig deeper into what’s happening.


Source: SpotBoye

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P.S. We chanced upon this article written by Sunaina for Savvy Magazine in 2017. She was brutally honest about what she went through, but also a bit clueless about how the world works.

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19 Responses

  1. essdeerr says:

    I feel for Sunaina as she is obviously going through a very tough time. She definitely has a history of physical and mental issues, including a cancer battle, obesity and related problems, a broken engagement and two divorces. And unfortunately, some people facing mental illnesses can also put their families through hell. Her daughter Suranika chose many years ago to live with her father and stepmother for emotional stability, which Sunaina herself has spoken about. Hrithik also was a rock for Sunaina though her cancer, breakdown of her second marriage etc. But now Rakesh is undergoing cancer treatment himself. Maybe all the Roshans are tired, stressed and freaking out about yet another disaster waiting to happen. But “they beat me, sedate me” etc sound to me like paranoid fantasies brought on by a breakdown of some sort. I really hope that the right treatment is found and everyone finds peace again.

  2. Nars says:

    Roshan’s would rest until that Sunaina becomes a vegetable. They’ve convinced everyone she is mentally unstable and not fit to take care of herself.

  3. Samantha says:

    Wow!! The tone of the article is so condescending… seems Papa Roshan took a break frm his chemo sessions; put a gun on Spotboye editor n FORCED him to write the piece; making him, mom Pinky n son Hrithik the very nice ppl n victims!! Sorry, but not buying this article!!

  4. Tina says:

    No well meaning parent would claim their child is bipolar and hospitalized when they are not. Slapping a 50+ year old woman is not acceptable. This article by an anonymous source who claims to know the family, seems biased towards the family. On the other hand, Sunaina definitely seems to have many issues too (physical, mental, emotional and financial). As much as I think Hrithik was wrong in the way he treated KR, I hope the family finds their healing and peace. I do hope Rakesh Roshan stops being such a mean ass though. I have never heard a single nice thing about him ever. Not from his friend (like Rishi), not from his colleagues and not from his family.

    Getting married at 16, having no education, suffering from multiple health issues – Sunaina has had a hard life.

  5. Ladyofthemoors says:

    Why is Pinkie Roshan wearing that strange looking blonde wig ?

  6. HateKjo says:

    The issue was blown out of proportion by kangana PR and paid media.
    She paid her minions and media to spread negativity and hate about Roshans.

    Sunaina is not mentally healthy. Her interview proves it. That interview was more likely given or coached by kangana.

    Sick people started judging without knowing the truth and trusting a psychopath stalker who never miss a chance to talk and attack Roshans.

    Evil women are really obsessed with Hrithik and his family. Who gave her licence to attack them ? Those who think their intentions were pure and no hidden motives, are fools and must be her PR only.

    Admin, you’re biased towards Hrithik.

    Wait, these stalkers will use their family matters to promote their flop movie . They will only talk about their PHANTASY and attack them. Actually, that was her plan , thus deliberately clash her movie with Hrithik’s movie. But he destroyed their plans. They did PR drama , blaming Hrithik and his team to sabotage their film ,shamelessly spread lies, a fake wordpress message too.

    Mark my words, MHK promotions will be all about Hrithik. After all her obsession with him knows no boundaries.

    • Admin says:

      You keep saying we are biased, but you refuse to open your eyes and see all the facts. KR is not scared of anyone, she and her sister have been blasting and insulting those that come at her. Why would she run a campaign against the Roshans and that too using Sunaina? Besides, she does not have the power and money to do that. Ask yourself first why would the Roshans claim Sunaina was being held at the hospital? Why did they not get in touch with her IF they weren’t the one who released this news? Sunaina herself spoke to journalists and said she contacted KR and asked her for help. If you keep on believing the Roshans are becharas who everyone keep bullying, you are living in la-la-land!

      • Anon says:

        @Admin, we are commoners and we know you are not biased unlike few other websites like PV etc who publish only paid PR comments. Don’t bother replying paid PRs. Everyone who reads this can clearly see who is who. We all appreciate you for doing commendable unbiased job. Thank you for that

      • Aura says:

        Yes, Admin. I second that with Anon. Do not waste time defending yourself against paid PRs. Their motives are too transparent and most of us readers aren’t that stupid.

    • GeekyGal says:

      This issue came into light only when hrithik’s movie trailer got released. Me thinks they created this hullabaloo for publicity to divert from the director’s and the protagonist’s shady past. Poor Rangoli helped unknowingly thinking she might be bringing the roshan family down.

      • Ria says:

        Also possible that HR did not want to face media’s questions on KR so created some issue and has now stayed out of promotions with this reason. Anything’s possible. I really hope Sunaina comes out of any suffering if she is really in it and leads a peaceful life

      • Admin says:

        It can be true except the Roshans care about their image more than anything else. All these years of building the perfect family image and they choose to do this? No, don’t think so. It’s really bad-timing on Sunaina’s part to talk about it.

  7. abcd says:

    this appears to be damage control by jadoo’s paid comments and paid media. poor kangana and rangoli will now think twice before listening to the words of any star kid. the good thing is that sunaina is now not ignored by her family at least in the current situation. rangoli at least made the world aware of what sunaina had to undergo because of her family. no wonder star kids have become over conscious of themselves. one realistic comment makes star kids go on over drive pr and paid bots enter in, they feel that no wrong can be done by them. time teaches lesson after many years to such people.

    • HateKjo says:

      Finding solution for problems is not called damage control. I guess psycho PR paid comments and paid media blown the matter out of proportion .lol at poor kangana and rangoli. They are evil and took the advantage of the situation. These sisters are stalkers and so obsession with Hrithik and his family.
      Do you know the REAL STORY? Do you hear the other side ? No you just listen to one side and start judging . What sunaina has gone through is because of her not her family. Her family is not responsible for her divorce or choosing wrong men.
      Realistic comment? Which one? Whenever anyone show you the other side of the coin or even facts, kangana’s over active PR and paid minions butt in. Trying to project others as worst beings and kangana as some devi who cant be wrong. Karma will hit these evil sisters.
      Poor paid bots of kangana and PR. It was only about money.and a greedy man nothing else.

      Wait, how these evil stalkers use this to promote their film . After all that’s was the plan.

      P.s I am not anyones PR or paid like you.

      • abcd says:

        I am not anyone’s paid PR. If you have purposely decided to misunderstand and make false assumptions even after seeing the truth, then nothing is left to say. You are requested to apply your conscience before saying who is at fault. Ending discussion from my side on this topic, bye.

  8. Ria says:

    This is clearly family matter and we don’t want to read about this anymore. I hope media stops putting out such news out and give them the privacy they deserve. Hope everything goes well for her and hope she takes interest in wellbeing of her own daughter Suranika.

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