Salman Khan Spotted with Salma Khan, Salim Khan, Alvira Khan & Arpita Khan


Salman Khan is seen here in this picture with his parents and sisters. His mother Salman and dad Salim are seated next to him. Also spotted on the left is his sister Alvira, who’s married to yesterday-year actor Atul Agnihotri – who’s not a producer. He produced last year’s superhit film, ‘Bodyguard’. It’s nice to see when Salman is doing well, his whole family is in it too. I mean, they all get in and produce films with him as the lead. Who could blame them, really? When Salman hit rock bottom, they were all there for him. Then there’s his youngest sister Arpita, who his dad and stepmom Helen adopted while she was still little. Arpita likes the Bollywood glamour. She enjoys hosting movie premieres, birthday parties and hanging out with other actresses, who sometimes use her as a ladder to get to Salman and his movies. Behind Salman and his family, you get to see a range of face portraits that Salman painted himself.

being human painting

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