Salman Khan officially confirms the launch of his brother-in-law, Aayush Sharma

First things first, how many of you guys knew that Aayush Sharma got married to Salman Khan‘s sister so that he can secure a career in Bollywood? Don’t lie, be honest.

You might think we are overstretching this, but wasn’t this thought on everyone’s mind two years ago? Was it two years or more? We don’t know, it doesn’t matter now.

Since he tied the knot to Arpita Khan, Aayush Sharma has been waiting to make his debut in Bollywood. Before the wedding happened, he mentioned how he is open to anyone approaching him to act in their films.

Salman Khan officially confirms the launch of his brother-in-law

We don’t know much about him, but we do know that he was a struggling actor or rather someone, who came down to Mumbai to kick off a career in films. That didn’t happen. He was also involved with a girl, who was trying to act in films as well. His social media feed was full of lovey-dovey messages to her. These were all discovered by other people online, which is why we know as well. Needless to say, when Arpita happened, the girlfriend disappeared. But, what didn’t disappear was how much he still wanted to become an actor hence began the workout session, which is Bollywood‘s ultimate way to prepare for an acting career.

Salman Khan officially confirms the launch of his brother-in-law


From the Khan family, Sohail Khan said that it’s not a given that they will be the one launching Arpita’s husband since he wants to be come an actor. It meant that Aayush marrying Arpita does not necessary mean that they will take on the task of launching him.


Salman Khan officially confirms the launch of his brother-in-law


A couple of months earlier, there were reports on how Arpita was mad at her brother for not paying Aayush’s launch enough attention. Arpita didn’t comment on that report. Sometime after that, news of Aayush’s debut started making the rounds. It was reported that Dharma Productions aka Nepotism ka Baap aka Karan Johar was launching Aayush in a joint production with Salman Khan. Arpita tweeted/retweeted that happily.

Salman Khan officially confirms the launch of his brother-in-law

Since the date that things happened, a lot of things happened and changed in Salman Khan‘s life. For starters, he broke it off with Reshma Shetty. Reshma was managing Salman’s career and was responsible for turning his failing career around. She was also responsible for this deal with Karan Johar, since KJo is also her client and he was the one who recommended her Varun Dhawan, Sidharth Malhotra and Alia Bhatt. On his part, Salman also sent Athiya Shetty and Sooraj Pancholi to Reshma.

And now after all these months, Salman Khan has officially announced that he will be launching his brother-in-law Aayush Sharma soon. This is the official newspaper clipping carried out by the Bombay Times.

Salman Khan officially confirms the launch of his brother-in-law

Salman too confirmed the news by tweeting about it, here’s his tweet:

Salman Khan officially confirms the launch of his brother-in-law


With that, congratulations are in order for Aayush Sharma. It’s finally happening after waiting for three years. Naturally, Arpita is ecstatic and is sharing her joy on social media.

Salman Khan officially confirms the launch of his brother-in-law


His Twitter page is full of congratulations and welcome messages by other members of the film fraternity, as in Salman Khan‘s good buddies and those who want to get on his good side. Reading these messages, you might think that the boy is either going to space or to war. That’s how overwhelming the responses were/are! As for his acting capabilities, we can only judge when he makes his acting debut.

Salman Khan officially confirms the launch of his brother-in-law

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16 Responses

  1. Philip says:

    Dont bother Sallu. No one introduced by you ever had a future. Ayush already seems to have a botoxed face.

  2. Shivanisd says:

    Lol hes a sharma. Not to forget a politicians son. Did anybody really think he married arpita for love? Look at her face and figure. Think he made a deal with the devil and married ugly arpita just for a Bollywood career. And if he fails he wont hesitate to leave her.

    • Tina says:

      I do hope not. Life has already served her enough bad luck. Becoming an orphan, being condescended to for being adopted, losing a boyfriend to a SIL publicly, and looking the way she does in a Looks obsessed industry are bad enough. Thank god she at least has a child now.
      But she’s smart enough to know what she has signed up for and is thankfully very close to her siblings.

      • Admin says:

        Don’t feel sorry for Arpita. She is smart and has made good use of the Khan tag. She enjoys the publicity more than her siblings. And she didn’t loose Arjun to her SIL, they were already broken up by then. Rumour has it though that she is the one who caught them.

      • Shivanisd says:

        Agree but she dodnt lose a bf to malaika. She was the one who dumped arjun kapoor.

  3. Black/white says:

    Btw any idea about kats hollywood plans ? lol

  4. Black/white says:

    hes just another Pulkit

  5. OhPlease says:

    Okay but he is awful looking. He needs to take quirky, off-beat roles rather than heartthrob roles or he’ll sink faster than the Titanic.

    • bucketbot says:

      I wouldn’t say he’s awful looking, but he would make a good looking villain. He’s got that glimmer of wickedness in his eyes, it could be scary on zoom.

      • Shivanisd says:

        As if salman will let his darling brother in law act as villain. He will keep torturing us like pulkit and jackie bhagnani.

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