Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif & Disha Patani in Bharat Trailer

You all know how much ‘Bharat’ have been in both the news and blind items since last year. Most of it is courtesy of Priyanka Chopra. Now, looking at the trailer, we couldn’t help but think about how amazing she would have been in this character. It does not look like a flower pot roles. Mostly because of the dialogues, unless Katrina made it look heavy.

But still, Katrina was alright too. She seemed a little out of place, but good for her to actually do roles of substance even if it is only for a couple of minutes. Wonder if PC regrets it now? She really had no big or important release since she walked out of this film. Well, it’s all in the past now. Don’t remind Sallu Bhai or he will show his bitterness again by bringing up irrelevant things!

Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif & Disha Patani in Bharat Trailer

The trailer of ‘Bharat’ has been released! Mind you, this does not look like the usual Bhai trailer, this is heavy Bhai trailer. You might think we are talking about Bhai’s body, but no…It’s still about the trailer.

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Speaking of Bhai’s body, there is no way he is the one acting the thin-parts or fit-parts of the film. They must have either used a body double or made him look thin using the CGI way. Because he doesn’t look like this anymore. Since he shot ‘Sultan’, it’s like he can’t get back his body. Add that to his existing problems and him gulping down a bottle every night, at his age…It’s hard to get back that body. Sadly he is no longer on friendly terms with Mamu Khan…Otherwise, he could have asked him for tips.

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By the way, it’s quite strange how they didn’t bother to do a trailer launch. KJo had a teaser launch, trailer launch, song launch and so many more for ‘Kalank’. But ‘Bharat’ is one of the most awaited films of the year and yet, there was no trailer launch? It could be Salman didn’t want to come down from where he is shooting for ‘Dabangg 3’. As you know, Sallu Bhai does things his own way. That’s why he’s called Bollywood‘s Ultimate Godfather, a title KebabJo wished he had!


Here’s the trailer of the heavy ‘Bharat’.Β  You will find a lot is happening so try to pay attention if you can. Wonder how will Bhai’s fans take this one? It’s not the usual Bhai film, sing songs, dance and take shirt off!

There’s Disha Patani at the beginning. She looks good, it’s like she is taking over the roles that Katrina used to do. Then, Katrina comes in later on. The hairstyle looks a bit odd and makes her look older. Tabu is also in this film, but she is nowhere to be found. Tiger’s father is in it too as Salman’s daddy. Tiger’s papa is very close to Sallu. If he was not launched by Nadiadwala, Bhai would have probably launched him. ‘Bharat’ is an adaptation or remake of the hit South Korean film, ‘Ode to My Father’. It’s an adaptation because the original film was based on things that affected South Korea, such as the war. So when they adapted it, they had to make it be about India to strike a chord with the audience. But aren’t there been enough films about this?

There are similar scenes, but you will only know if it’s a scene by scene copy by watching the original one and then ‘Bharat’. Wonder if Bhai’s fans will do that also?

There was once a documentary of Salman Khan and his huge popularity in India, especially in small towns. It was foreign-made documentary and it was quite something. These fans didn’t just like his films, they lived like him. Like, they said, Bhai is not married so we will not get married. They also dressed like him and wore a bracelet similar to the one he wears. So they get girlfriends and all, but they tell them since Bhai is not married, we will also not get married. What a life! Only in India you will see this.

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Anyways, what do you think of ‘Bharat’?

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30 Responses

  1. Neep says:

    @ Tina, there are enough national level events that resonate across India. Want to know? The establishment of democracy as opposed to partition which was a good thing except for the human suffering, the 1971 Indo Pak war and the formation of Bangla Desh, Indira’ s finest moment, migration to the Middle East, the Emergency, Indira Gandhi’s assassination, India winning the cricket world cup 1983, Khalistan movement and the rise of sub nationalist movements in the north east and Kashmir, the IT revolution, the tsunami, the rise of Modi and right radicalism…

  2. nefarious says:

    @Admin, will you be doing a post on Rangolis sustained and systematic attack on Alia?
    I think these two sisters are taking the bullet on behalf of all the outsiders, sadly they will be the least to benefit from this expose

    • Admin says:

      This is it for now. Let’s see if anyone dares to hit back at them. Especially after the disaster they just delivered.

  3. whiskermole says:

    Salman Khan fans documentary: ‘Being Bhaijaan’

  4. Tina says:

    It takes far less for a Salman movie to be hit compared to other stars’…but I do have some reservations about Bharat…

    South Korea is less than 1/30 India’s size and has a population of about 50 million. But its per capita GDP is $20,000/per person.+ vs India’s $2000/per person. Literacy and education levels are also very, very high in South Korea. Because, they are such a small, uniform country, everything that happens to them, affects almost all of them, and almost every Korean is aware of their history since Independence.

    This is not the case with India. We are way too diverse. Only rarely, like in case of wars, major elections, riots, and partitions etc is the collective public conscious affected. Otherwise, most things that affect us a pretty local to our own regions – including things like IT revolution, Kerala migration to Middle-east, Punjab insurgency etc.

    ‘Ode to my father’ covers 4 events that are part of South Korea’s public consciousness.

    Hungnam Evacuation – similar to India’s partition.
    The mass migration of Korean workers (miners and nurses) to Germany per a labor agreement – this had a tremendous impact on Korea’s economy, these workers were essentially used as ‘human’ collateral for foreign aid and funding SK needed at the time – the South Korean GDP then was about $90/per person.
    Vietnam War – I don’t think India had an event similar to this, where we had to join in somebody else’s war.
    The State sponsored unification of North and South Korean families – this was a big, big deal as North Korea was much, much more dictatorial and controlling of its population

    The movie was a major hit, because almost all Koreans were able to identify with all of these events. Two things drove the movie’s success, collective nostalgia and emotional response.

    Now, of these 4 major events Ali Abbas Zafar was able to pan to just one major Indian event – Partition. This is the only one that may induce collective nostalgia of sorts in Indian audience. From an emotional POV too, there’s just one event/incident – the reunion with sister that might strike a chord with the audience, this though does not have a collective nostalgia factor.

    So basically, 4 hugely collectively nostalgic/emotionally affecting factors in the original movie, vs just 1 of each in the remake. If Salman’s stardom is enough to bridge this gap, the movie will be a hit, otherwise not.

  5. Dips says:

    I don’t know why I’m totally surprised but… i think this movie might be some quality work by salman. I hope i did t speak too soon but the trailer looked good n salman fans can be justified for this one…. for right now.

  6. Samantha says:

    Hi Admin… do u see Bigg Boss?? Cos i swear none of the Bigg Boss fake couples also propose on national TV the way desperately Alia proposed to Ranbir!! n Raymond didnt even mention Aloo in his speech!

    • Admin says:

      Bigg Boss is not scripted by Dharma Productions, that’s why! 🀣

    • Lucy says:

      I don’t know if she staged it that way to copy Deepika thank you speech from 2008 or it was a genuine coincidence.knowing her current obsession either dp they tried to do it on filmfare stage only and not anywhere else.ranbir looks like he would puke any moment whenever there is Alia near him.

      Also it’s funny how they edited it with Katrina sad face.either they are completely dumb or not on Karan johars side.why would jitesh pillai make Alia look like a snake who stabbed the bff in the back.dont they know lots of gullible fans watch TV .there is this I feel sad for katrina wave again,after all they did to clean up alias image.

      Admin do you know what Alia has done to kangana,the way they are targeting her it seems like Karan Ranbir Alia have done something massive.were they really the ones running the manikarnika sabotage media campaign?she isn’t going to leave her until mouse snaps.alia was almost on the verge of tears at the critics choice awards when asked about kalank failure.shows how protected and sheltered these nepobabies are.

      • Admin says:

        Yes, they thought it would be fun to mess with her. Ironically just did a post about that. πŸ€”

      • Judgemental Kutty says:

        Yup they have been working very hard to sabotage Manikarnika and Kangana clearly implied in a recent interview that Ranbir Kapoor was the one who leaked that horse riding video of her

  7. Pokerface says:

    As someone who watched the original film, ‘Ode to My Father’ in the theater thrice and bawled my eyes out everytime, I wonder if ‘Bharat’ can do the same. The best scene from ‘Ode to My Father is the scene when the main lead found his sister who got separated during the war. So who will play the role of Salman’s sister in this film?

  8. nefarious says:

    @Sallu’s tone as the narrator was so bland and one tone.. i can only think of Irfan khan and Sr AB as doing justice to the voice and tone of a narrator…

    the trailer is all over the place.. cant make head or tail.. but i think its infinitely better than Race πŸ˜›

  9. M says:

    Propaganda flim…. So-so

  10. Sheena says:

    Off topic: did anyone see Mouse Bhatt’s sound byte on Kangy and chappal-throwing Dad? She didn’t deny it! And her Hindi is sooooo bad that I wonder why people criticize Kat?

  11. NewGirl says:

    I get why PC didn’t want to do it though. This is a Salman Khan show all the way.

    The promo is all over the place but looks like it will be a sureshot blockbuster. Salman is usually good in Ali Abbas movies.

    @lucy – i agree. Bhai makes a hot buddha lol

  12. Universal says:

    Bhai ke movies dil me aate hai samajh me nahi

  13. Sheena says:

    Loving it! Kat killed it and – don’t believe am saying this – Sallu was pretty decent (the break down scene was quite natural). So this is how a period potions in a movie are done KJo! Learn from it!

    • Sanjay says:

      Yes. Absolutely!! Katrina really nailed it. Her expressions,dialogue delivery , voice modulation, and Hindi pronunciation was just sublime. She is finally coming into her own . People should give her a chance to do some roles of substance and content now.

  14. Rami says:

    BW films are always over the top, kat looked good,her hair style gives her a new look, and story has many flavors of BW commercial films ! With high budget still BW is not able to get that professional, look of well made HW films! Wonder where the high budget money goes! Plus, BW should try to get better writers,give classes to artists,most are not well educated, but the Hindi ,and Urdu prounications should fit the time period!

    • Universal says:

      I keep wondering if these high budgets they reveal actually are then used to turn black money white. Rarely do we see production matching high flying budgets they claim to spend

  15. LondonThumakda says:

    @Admin, off topic but did you manage to see the Filmfare awards? it wasnt as cringe as i thought it was going to be there were some reasonably funny skits by srk/vicky/rajkumar/ranveer and i thought the vicky and ranveer performances were pretty great …few observations:

    Stree was a complete shutout again i wonder why…

    deepika was barely featured (considering all the social media coverage) in fact during ranveer’s performance they never showed her at all but kept cutting to sara excitedly cheering on RS…bit odd?

    katrina was barely featured (considering all the social media coverage) except for the moment just after alia was gushing about ranbir being the light in her eyes when the cameras lingered on a stony-faced Kat shot c’mon…

    is it only me who thinks there might have been something going on between ranbir and vicky…?

    why on earth do they keep wheeling out subhash ghai to give out awards ..every.single.time.

    when they suddenly called KJO out to host the last batch of awards and then literally every single one went to raazi it was almost like he was sending out a subliminal message lol…he’s smart too, with the cameras constantly cutting to someone as highly respected as Gulzar who was clearly getting emotional about his daughter’s first win it was hard to feel toooo cynical about it….

    • Judgemental Kutty says:

      Deepika arrived late so she wasn’t there to see Ranveer perform which why he was interacting with Sara so much. Also you really think something is going on between Ranbir and Vicky looool. I know Ranbir’s reputation is terrible but come on now just because he fake kissed vicky and because one blind item does not mean there really is something going on between them. In case you hadn’t noticed or purposely chose to ignore the fact he kissed everyone else around him. The kiss between him and vicky was so exaggerated almost seemed like he did it to mock that blind item. Honestly people believe everything these day pfftttt

    • Tina says:

      It doesn’t matter whether Deepika came after or before the Ranveer performance. Remember that one anonymous insider scoop article from someone who actually worked for these shows? It said actors only stay for 15 minutes at these events, and give 5 different expressions which are then arranged and edited to look like it lasted the entire duration of the event. The funniest edit ever was the one where they accidentally showed the same actor performing on stage and clapping to himself in the audience at the same time.

      So ya, something is definitely up with concentrating on Sara rather than Deepika, and other things LT mentioned here.

    • Admin says:

      Yes, we did. But for like 15 mins or so. Even live Tweeted about it until we got bored and decided to give up. The next day, our old lady told us, “Alia becoming another Deepika. So much for “I Luv You, Ranbir” and Ranbir said nothing about her! Damn, poor Alia. She decided to go off-script that night par Kalank ho gayi. πŸ˜‚ btw, our old lady doesn’t know gossip much but even she thinks it’s extremely weird that they are together!

      Waise bhi, Deeps was seen hanging out in the vanity van of SRK more than she was seen sitting there among the audience. As you probably know, some parts are arleady shot beforehand because there’s just not that much time to shoot all the performances. They kept showing the same shots of RS & DP, Kat, Aloo and Raymond.

    • pooja_000 says:

      @London thumakda ….. You got it right. Filmfare and other award shows are heavily edited . Even though a top star is not present at other actors live performance they edit the final video in such a way that you see them cheering for others. Filmfare is not a live award show

      Jitesh pillai for all the gyan he gives on Twitter is one the biggest chamcha of kjo&star kids, so it’s not shocking that they tried to avoid giving footage to other top actress (dp & kat)

      Will any one focus on aloo with other top actresses around? No. So why not cut them all out and make it about Ms.potato

      Ranbir actually looked stoned and awful that day. It must be real difficult to pull off fake romance will aloo , so he threw a public tantrum by kissing vicky.

      P.s- something’s brewing between rk-vicky since sanju days.

  16. Ria says:

    Looking forward to watch this movie. Salman looks good. Liked both Sallu and Kat in the trailer

  17. Lucy says:

    Haha,this gives bajrangi bhaijaan sultan tzh combo.there is pirates hijacking the merchant navy scene,fight in the mines like tzh,Indian scenes are heavy bajrangi bhaijaan.overall looked good.surprisingly he looked his hottest in his old age scene.also looked good with disha patani,same age as alia.wish slb would replace Alia with disha or kriti.even Nora fatehi would be a better option than mouse.he does have his crazy die hard fans,without announcing anything just dropped the trailer and still it is trending.kjo must be licking his wounds somewhere,he has to do so much expenditure on launch events,then aloo has to dress up and do n number of photo shoots,then there is the extra pressure of writing new blind items,arranging photo leaks,paparazzi spotting,alia varun ranbir triangle,but khan manages to get eyeballs without doing anything.

    Have to give it to salman that he releases his films without cooking up despicable stories.there are three hot women but no cheap affair tactics used.

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