Salman is still mad Priyanka dumped him!

Do you know what the signs of aging and becoming senile are? Repeating the same things over and over again! Yes, that’s right!

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Salman Bhai has now evolved into Salman Dada, as in grandfather! Writing this now is like deja-vu since we did the Salman is still mad at Priyanka post last year in September. So from September until now, Salman has not gotten over it yet!

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As you have been reading the news everywhere, Salman has been promoting ‘Bharat’ since Ramadan started because the film will be released during the Eid period.

For the record, no one other than him thinks that he got humiliated because an actress walked out of his film in the most polite way possible!

Now that we think about this whole thing. You know why PC left ‘Bharat’, right? It wasn’t for her marriage, it was for a big film that was going to happen but unfortunately didn’t. Salman, as gullible as he is, has no idea about this so he still thinks Priyanka left ‘Bharat’ to get married.

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Just imagine if that film happened? The one with Chris Pratt…What would Salman say then? Or better yet, what would PC say then?

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As you also know, PC has continued working despite the fact that she was getting married. She worked before and after she got married on ‘The Sky Is Pink’, which stars Farhan Akhtar. So the reason she gave that she couldn’t do ‘Bharat’ because she is getting married does not make sense.

There was another news that she refused the film when she realized more and more actresses were being added to the list, including Tabu, Nora Fatehi and Disha Patani. If this made PC insecure about her role, it’s something that she miscalculated since Katrina is pretty much getting all the spotlight on her. She is also the one going around doing interviews with Salman as the lead actress of the film.

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Remember when the trailer came out, we said that PC would have looked great in the film even though Katrina does look good too, but PC would have been perfect for it.

According to Salman, Katrina was always his first choice for the film, but then PC came begging to do the role and Arpita supported her so they gave it to her instead. But so far, Salman has been very vocal at how pissed off he is with PC not with Arpita! He still sponsors everything, including elaborate kiddie birthday parties with no complaint, verbally-speaking!

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Now every time Katrina gets asked about her role in the film, Salman cuts her short and answers on her behalf only to bring Priyanka in. It’s quite amazing, actually! Salman is like a broken record only sitting in interviews to bring up PC, like if she has not been getting enough publicity already!

Take a look:

Recently, Salman rued about the same in a live Facebook chat with Katrina and Ali. Ali, who hosted the chat, asked Katrina about her prep for the role. “I had two months to prepare once we cracked the physicality and hair, everything fell in place,” she said. However, Salman interrupted her and added, “Priyanka didn’t give us much time.”

Salman mentioned Priyanka again during the chat session. “Yes, Katrina Kaif worked really hard to prepare for the role. If only Priyanka Chopra gave us more time.” Ali then quickly jumped in saying, “Next Question.”

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Apparently, the director Ali Abbas Zafar was dead against Katrina taking up the lead actress’ role because she didn’t fit in the Indian/Hindustani look of the character! Salman even fought with him on that. Just imagine, if there was no Katrina, he would have fought with Ali over Jacqueline or even that Romanian lady! That’s Salman for you! He takes foreigners and convert them to Indian, if that’s even a thing!

Ali (director Ali Abbas Zafar) and we all thought it was Katrina Kaif’s film. But Katrina and I did Tiger Zinda Hai just before that and Ali said that we need a girl who is ‘Hindustani’.

“I tried telling him, ‘Why can’t she (Katrina) pull off this role? She has been living in India for the last 20 years.’

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Then Salman goes on to say that PC didn’t deserve the role so when she left Katrina got what she wanted/deserved! PC informed them just 5 days before the schedule was starting by saying Nick has proposed to her:

“She came to meet me one day and said she is going to get married and hence won’t be able to work in the film. I had told Priyanka that we will adjust the dates for her. She said that she isn’t sure how much time she needs for the preparation of her wedding.”

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Salman went on to say, “Thank You, Priyanka” several times while promoting the film and when the media asked him why he does this, he said because Katrina got to do the film. Yeah! He is acting like if he got to meet the love of his life on this film and married her, thanks to PC!

“Thank you, Priyanka! I will always be thankful to her. Bharat was about to go on the floors and just five days before the shooting, Priyanka meets me and says that she wouldn’t be able to work in the film. Now, if Priyanka hadn’t left Bharat, how could we have brought Katrina on board?”

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As if that was not enough, Salman goes on to say that usually women would leave their husbands to do big roles like this.

“While many would give anything for the film or maybe even leaving their husband, Priyanka left the film.”

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Salman called ‘Bharat’ the biggest film of PC’s career. Thankfully, he wasn’t talking about ‘Race 3’:

“It’s amazing, she has worked all her life, so hard, and when she got the biggest film of her life, she dumped the film and got married. Hats off! Usually, people leave their husbands for this.”

Ironically, this also happened in the same interview. He asked Katrina to get married and “produce” kids!:

During an interview with Bollywood Hungama, Salman Khan alongside Katrina Kaif was asked what the latter would be if she hadn’t ended up as an actor to which he replied: “She should be married and produce kids.”

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Lastly, he is super mad PC didn’t call him up after the trailer released:

“No, even after the release of the trailer, Priyanka didn’t call me. Now, if she had some genuine problem then it’s alright. I believe, whatever happens, happens for the good.”

Just call him already, PC! How long do we have to hear him whine about all this?

You know, people have been telling Vivek Oberoi to steer clear from any pavement when he shared that MEME but it’s PC who should avoid walking on the road in Mumbai when she gets back. At this point, we think it’s for her own benefit! Bhai/Dadaji is going cuckoo! Just like Vivek once told the world Arbaaz Khan told him this!

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We have to wonder if Salman would have dared to use PC’s name like this if she was still the good friend of his good friend?!

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Priyanka must be ruing the day she decided to call Arpita and Ali Abbas for this film. So much she had to do to ensure Arpita smooth-talk her brother into giving PC that role! Then after she dropped the film, she had to go the extra way to show Arpita she is still her friend and show everyone else this drop-out move didn’t affect their friendship. It’s just so much work!

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The only person relieved from all of this must be Katrina! After all, she has been Salman’s punching bag since she left him for Ranbir. Salman publicly made fun of her and randomly used her name as he pleased. There was once he was endorsing or promoting a car and used that stage to say something about Katrina! Maybe he said he gave her a car like that or something! So she must be happy that Salman is pissed with someone else, mad enough that he forgot about her!

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Speaking of Katrina, Salman said she will get the National Award for this film. 

Salman, however, went on to add that Katrina deserves a National Film Award for the film. He said, “She thinks I am kidding but I don’t think anyone else thinks that. I think there is 1000% chance of her winning the National Film Award.”

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Someone needs to start looking at a retirement plan for him. It’s time!


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11 Responses

  1. Samantha says:

    I love Priyanka as much as Kangana! N i agree both are flawed as they can be; oh god soooo flawed both are, but thats what makes them relatable! But ambitious, very ambitious, n surviving in the nepotism dominated, male heroes dominated world! HATS off to both of them! N kudos to Sona mohapatra fr blasting this entitled man child!

  2. Aura says:

    That jacket with breathing slits for boobs is a beginners sewing project gone wrong. Anything for attention!

  3. Tanuja says:

    Kat works hard but the doctor who froze her face worked harder

  4. nobody says:

    PC did beg for Bharat initially and used her friendship with Ali and Arpita to do it. You have to remember it was when Quantico was just cancelled and she had lost her meal ticket. Nick Jonas didn’t exist yet to boost her American profile. She needed a big comeback to BW in a safe film.

    Things changed drastically post her signing Bharat. She started dating Nick, arranged by her PR people, and it worked out fabulously. The relationship was so bizarre that it garnered huge amounts of publicity and it made her more famous than Quantico ever did. The new visibility helped her get cast in a Christ Pratt movie. There was no way she was going to do Bharat if dates clashed with the Pratt movie. She needed an out but she couldn’t say the truth because it would hurt Salman and Ali’s ego that she preferred another movie over theirs. That was asking for trouble and unlikely they would agree to dissolve the already signed contract. Remember Deepika couldn’t do Fast and Furious because she was already signed on to Race 2. She tried to leave and they threatened to sue her and she had to stay.

    PC is as manipulative as they come and she decided to use her wedding as the excuse to get out. Technically Salman is right. It only takes 2 or 3 days for a wedding. You don’t need to leave a movie for it. These people don’t do any work themselves. They have wedding planners. But she used Arpita to help convince everyone that she needed to leave the movie for her wedding so they let her go.

    It was after she left Bharat that the Pratt movie was immediately announced. That would have pissed off everyone for sure because they would realize that PC played a game. She didn’t care because she was looking westward and her plans were working out. Unfortunately, the Pratt movie got shelved. However, it really doesn’t matter because she made money off her sponcon wedding, tied up with 20 brands, calls up the paps everyday for daily pap walks, and is getting on magazine covers. She is the new D-list Kardashian and building on it to use her fame to mint more money in the future.

    Salman will keep on using the wedding excuse because he would never want to admit that PC really left for another movie. His own ego can’t handle that and it also makes Bharat look like a small movie that was left for another one.

    PC has messed up relations with a lot of people in BW but she doesn’t care. Kangana is fighting with half the world and she is surviving also so it’s not hard to believe that PC can survive too. Her eyes are set on America anyway.

  5. Shinyobject says:

    1) Drunk driver
    2) Poacher
    3) Murderer
    4) Fake charity owner
    5) Equally horrible crime – Worst actor of his generation. Has shown no improvement in his acting since his first hit movie. To prove the point, watch Saajan and his antics in it and watch Dabangg. He has just become less spright due to his age and stiff muscles. He bloody can’t even do a brooding look properly.

    And someone mentioned correctly here. He behaves like he is superior to others. Bringing useless talentless women into the country and trying to pass them off as heroines. Katrina has been in India for 20 years and speaks Hindi as if she just landed from London or wherever she is from. And we have to believe his opinion that she is an actress. A Bollywood actress. ROFL.

    He is the worst icon in the country. His opinions should not be publicized especially such regressive, backward and misogynistic comments. And he wants babies without a female involvement. Dude, please don’t populate the world with more of you. You are singularly more than enough pain for us both in movies and out in society.

  6. Lady Laetitia Knollys says:

    Got the impression Salman is super promoting Katty ONLY to prove a point to PC .Why would Katrina ever win a National Award , that too for a Salman movie which everyone knows is going to be about him ? Why should any woman leave her husband to work in his movie ? He has forgotten the time when he made regular cracks at Katty’s acting ; today he’s trying to convince himself she’s better than PC. I’m surprised he’s not ticked off Arpita for all this (or maybe he has) !

  7. HateKjo says:

    Salman is a sick brat. He thinks he is some kind of a God to whim everyone should bow down. He cant take No and its also a known fact that no one can dare to say NO to him. Even SRK said it in an interview.

    He is leaving no stone unturned to take digs at PC. This begging is story is created by him to make her look bad. By doing this , he is insulting Katrina . In every interview, he is passing degrading comments on Katrina as well and she has no choice to smile and remain silent because she cant even dream to upset Salman once again. Her career, her fame and her movies all depends on him.

    According to Ali and Katrina , PC was the first choice of this movie. So he is lying too.

    Also Katrina tried for this movie. There are articles saying PC VS KAT when the lead actress wasn’t announced officially. When PC got the role, we get to know through Katrina PR that she will play the second fiddle and its will be the first time that PC and Katrina will share the screen with each other. After Disha got the film, again Katrina PR spread rumors of her doing a song/special appearance in Bharat. As soon as PC left, within an hour her PR said Katrina got the role.

    PC was unprofessional to leave the movie at the last moment but who knows why she did that. Yes, she was the perfect choice for this desi role. Katrina is a misfit for such roles. Her face is frozen and her accent is not going with this role. She is decent only. Her face too looks swollen and different.

    Salman should chill and stop using PC for promotions.

    • Raj says:

      Dont worry. Nothing lasts for ever. May be 5 years max and this guy will be thing of past. He will realise that world doesn’t revolve around him. There were more powerful people in the world before he landed on this planet and even their time got over so he is not exception. Only thing is people like these burn so many bridges that even if someone wants to come to their help in their bad times, they dont find a way to reach them.

      • Tina says:

        Oh, he knows his time is short. All 3 Khans are aware. That’s why the multiple closed door meetings between the three as reported by Mumbai Mirror. But SRK and Aamir have made good investments. Salman has made some investments, but the whole fitness franchise thing, e-cycling thing, handing over the manufacturing of being human clothing to his sister, trying to build a chain of single screen theaters are his attempts to buffer his fall. But it pales in front of what Aamir and SRK have invested. Even Ajay Devgn and Akshay have good investments. Salman did have a wealth manager courtesy his ex-manager. Who knows, he might have handed it to one of his cronies too. Unfortunately his siblings are pretty useless.

        • Drina says:

          Yup! His siblings and their families too are free loaders on him.
          He is like the well-oiled train engine and his relatives the empty train boggies .

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