Salman is still mad at Priyanka

It’s been a slow news day or rather, a slow blind item day, there is this very interesting invisible catfight happening between Salman Khan and Priyanka Chopra. Or should we say, sore loser? Or like he has been dumped without warning? Either way, the hate is full on happening from Salman’s side.

Oh, by the way, this is why “catfight” was mentioned above:

It was sweet of her to let us know 5 days before the start of our shooting schedule. – Salman Khan

As you all know, PC walked out of ‘Bharat’ 5 days before shooting was supposed to start. At first, everyone was calm about it. But, it seems that Salman was too slow to react like his true self and only now, the real Salman is coming out in response to PC. If you know Salman, you know that he never let things go. He can do wrong and no one will dare to call him out, but if the same happens to him, he doesn’t stop complaining!

Salman is still mad at Priyanka

Update: Adding singers and musicians to the list of Salman’s frenemies based on the nuymber of requests from some of you.

He did the same with Sonu Nigam, Arjit Singh, Himesh Reshammiya, Vivek Oberoi, Shah Rukh, Ranbir and Katrina. Ironically, he never said one bad thing against Aishwarya in public. The only times he referred to her was when he spoke about ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’ or when he agreed that she is the most beautiful Bollywood actress. Well, it’s ironic because of this:

I stood by him enduring his alcoholic misbehavior in its worst phases and in turn I was at the receiving end of his abuse (verbal, physical and emotional), infidelity and indignity. That is why like any other self-respecting woman I ended my relationship with him. – Aishwarya Rai

This the most personal Aish has ever been to the media, so you can imagine how bad it must have been. Anyways, this is not about her, but about PC so let’s move on.

Some of you may agree that it was really unprofessional of PC to walk out the last minute. Similarly, it is unprofessional of Salman as well to keep on adding female actors in the film. From Tabu to Nora Fatehi to Disha Patani, he just randomly keeps on deciding who will be in this film. Only PC knows the real reason why she dumped Bharat for a white man! No, we are just messing with you!

But only she knows why she decided to let go of this film. It certainly is a first because she is a thorough professional. The engagement happened soon after. So now, we don’t know whether she had to make the engagement happen to save face in front of Salman and co., or was it going to happen anyways? Many have pointed out how she is starting work with the other film she signed, where she is the lead actress. So maybe, she really did have an issue with all the actresses in ‘Bharat’.


This is what Salman said last week:

No no, I am not angry with Priyanka at all. It’s great move in her life (engagement with Nick) and I wish them all the best. Arpita had even attended the functions. So, there’s no hard feelings. However, it’s sad that the film could not happen with her.


Earlier this week, Salman let out this bitchy comment:

She called up Arpita 1,000 times, saying ‘I want to work with Salman’, she also called up the director and said – ‘See, if you can get me something in this film’.

First of all, what mobile network does PC use? a 1000 calls don’t come cheap! Maybe it’s the same that Salman used to call Vivek!

Image result for snap gif

Salman interestingly didn’t stop and went on to elaborate what really happened:

She was getting engaged and I told her, ‘If you are getting engaged, what’s the need (of exiting the project)?’ Then she said, ‘Shaadi karni hai’, to which I said, ‘Toh shaadi kar lo’. Priyanka’s work was for 75-80 days. Shaadi ke liye chaar din ka preparation, aur chaar din ki shaadi, aath din ke andar ho gayi aur phir uske baad honeymoon. So, we said we will work it out. But she was very clear that she didn’t want to be a part of the film.

“Not doing this had to be because of the wedding or because she doesn’t want to work with me anymore. It could also be because she doesn’t want to work in humari industry (Bollywood) or wants to work only in Hollywood. Whatever she wants to do, I wish her all the best in life. We are glad that she is engaged and happy.

Clearly, Salman does not need a PR, he is his own PR! Look at how he turned up at the launch of his latest reality TV Show, it’s how your old man walks around the house after work:

Salman is still mad at Priyanka


We all get it: Salman is pissed off at PC and he wants to make her know that. Also, he got humiliated in a way because heroines these days are dying to work with him and then, this one heroine just dumps him. But casting for his films should not be a problem for him, right? You know his casting process, right? He goes out on his Galaxy Apartments’ balcony and yells out, “Kaun banega meri heroine?”/”Who wants to be my heroine?”.

And the ladies go:

Salman is still mad at Priyanka

It’s time for Salman to let go of this MCP behaviour and work on making ‘Bharat’ a great film because by the looks of it, everyone is assuming it is going to be ‘Tubelight 2.0‘. You would think Katrina taking over and being by his side would make him happy!

But somewhere Katrina is watching all this, happy that PC is out of Salman’s harem group of friends!


And, let’s not forget this jacket-owner:

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24 Responses

  1. R R says:

    But the fact remains regardless of the reasoning behind Priyanka’s walk out she talked to them personally. He should be doing the same – talking to her personally. He’s talking to the media instead which is really bad of him. He’s specifically trying to insinuate that she doesn’t want to work in Bollywood all because she walked out of a Salman Khan film? He’s trying to paint her as an anti nationalist and in this climate it’s actually quite dangerous for him to make these comments about her. He’s deliberately trying to sabotage her career while all she did was walk out of a film that he had many people lined up for already.

  2. Sangi says: forgot to put Arijit in the list of those who were at the receiving end… courtesy Bhai.

  3. Chinga says:

    Hahah, the anuska meme is so funny! hahaha

  4. Alok says:

    Don’t really care either way. Bharat likely won’t be good but I’m glad he’s so salty and bothered- he’s an a-hole.

  5. Neha says:

    Dragged her to court?? Hahaha. PC isn’t the first one to do this. I am not supporting her unprofessional behavior but such things happen. Why is Salman acting like his ass on fire. Becoz he isn’t getting a response from PC?? What a way to get attention.

  6. Monalisa says:

    I agree that Sallu’s incessant passive agressive taunts at PC is unnecessary and I’m no Salman fan by any means, but I can understand why he is acting so salty. What PC did is unprofessional. Period. She walked out of a movie she lobbied hard to get five days before the shooting was about to start. To add more salt to the wound, she gave them a bogus exuse of an engagement to walk out of the movie. She could have told them the truth; that she bagged a hollywood project or that she was not happy with the script. Most probably Sallu is pissed because she lied to them.

    When I first heard the news I gave her the benefit of doubt because she has always been a professional and thought she must have been preggers or something to walk out. Most probably she gave the engagement exuse to appease the Bharat team as they would have gone ballastic if they realized she was leaving it for another project.I ‘m sure if the Bharat team was aware that she was walking out due to another professional commmitment they would have dragged her to court. She basically used a personal reason as an exuse to let them go easy on her and they did. Perhaps their was even a clause in the contract that pertain to it as well. (I’m no way insinuating that she faked engagement to get out of the contract but she certainly used it make walking out of Bharat easier)

    I’m not saying Salman is highly professional himself (the way he threw out Arjit, forced the Race 3 producers to cast Daisy, how he induct aspiring actresses in to his harem etc..), but just because he is unprofessional it does make what Priyanka did as professional. She may have returned the signing amount but due to her walk out at the last minute, the producers incurred a huge loss. People would argue that he had Kat at standby to take over the role so no loss suffered but they are wrong. The producers would have already spent money to arrange all the logistics for PC and her team, her costumes..etc.. literally everything was setup for PC to start shooting. After she walked out they will have to re-do everything.

    Also Because she used a personal reason to walkout even most of the public seems to have taken her side as well. Who can bregudge someone leaving a project because she was getting married.

    • leaps says:

      @monalia now that you bring in the court bit that must be why she had to got engaged so soon if she had delayed and news of the next had come out the time it did the BW would have taken her to court most likely. well for her the HW movie got delayed so didnt help her either. Salman wont let this go anytime soon pretty sure PC knew this

    • Monalisa says:

      @leap I actually forgot to add this to my original comment.
      This is not the first time she walked out of a Salman movie. She walked out of Mein aur Mrs Khanna as well but during that time Salman never went on a tirade against her like he is doing now. He got miffed and shunned her from his inner circles. Never gave interview after interview berating her for leaving the movie. But the way he is acting now makes me believe he is pissed mainly because she gave him a bogus exuse of an engagement to walkout.

      PC tried so hard to get back on his good books but as admin pointed out he never forgives easily and hold grudges. Since then she has always been on the out with him and PC literally got this part due to her lobbying with Arpita.
      And I’m not defending Salman but just stating things as it is.

    • LondonThumakda says:

      I totally agree! I thought she was pregnant too because thats the only reason that would make sense. the engagement excuse was just lame and salman called it out in an epic burn…i dont like him at all but the passive-aggressive aunty-ness of it all just made me LOL!

      i almost feel like she did the whole thing for publicity, bag a big film, and walk out, sticking it to the man or whatever – her minions have taken over pinkvilla hailing it as some sort of feminist takedown. I feel like PC has lost the plot a little bit, is this all some sort of delayed reaction to a bitter break up with SRK? she’s acting like one of those real housewives kind of c-grade celebs i half expect her to film a reality show on her pending nuptials now.

  7. Universal says:

    No doubt Salman is egoistic and is always dismissive about female leads around him. But don’t be charitable to PC. First she lobbied hard for the role (few blinds on that as well) and then left it right at the end. Probably sallu said no to Kat or couple more from his harem to accomodate PC and now feels salty for that reason. None of them is a saint.

  8. Helen says:

    Wow, salman’s a nasty bitch

  9. Nur says:

    That Anushka gif had me in splits. I think Priyanka should have given him a vague excuse cause now Salman is on a verbal rampage and there is no stopping him, lol.

  10. Rekha Rai says:

    Great article! I like how you call it like it is. Very petty of Salman in my opinion, if he has an issue with her walking out of the film 5 days before he has every right, but he should be saying it to her face, not behind her back like this to the media! That is the issue! First, insinuating that she lobbied for the film, then gave flimsy reasons for walking out, then also insinuating that she doesn’t want to work in Bollywood anymore. Like when did she ever say that? Why say that just to tarnish her reputation and pit people against her. THAT is super unprofessional. Clearly he already had a conversation with her when she told him she wasn’t doing the film anymore so say what you want to then, or call her up and tell her off but this? This is just IMMATURE behavior which I’m not sure why I am surprised considering it is Salman Khan. He’s so salty and petty I can’t stand him! You also forgot to mention how he did this to Arijit Singh as well as the others you mentioned.

    As for the reasons behind Priyanka walking out – I agree it is unprofessional that what she signed up for was not what she ultimately was getting she likely didn’t want another Agneepath situation where she was the main heroine yet Katrina walked away with all the accolades and ultimately money because Katrina is still making money performing off Chikni. She also knew that after the Quantico episode where she was branded anti nationalist a film like Bharat would have made her face really nasty questions from the media. It’s better for her to come back to Bollywood with a less controversial film. Also in India they all have access to the scripts as many of them are sent scripts in advance and know what the other people are working on so probably initially she liked the script, thought she would lobby for the film so she could have a hit in India (she is a smart person after all) but alas all the signs pointed to the fact that she should leave the film in the end. I highly doubt that she thought she would be shooting for the Cowboy movie considering all they did was release that she was signed, you don’t sign someone and then start shooting right away. She would have known that the film was going to be delayed.

    She tried to give everyone a way to save face, so that Salman wouldn’t look embarrassed by having her engagement shortly after so that the film had a nice way of excusing her from the project and she wouldn’t embarrass Salman or the producers. Alas, Salman simply could not let it be and had to start this catfight. Hope his film flops.

  11. Ananya says:

    As much as I don’t like Salman, what Priyanka did is unprofessional. And it strikes hard bz she was never one.

    Like someone said here, if she said ‘creative differences’ it was a valid reason. But then that will put her at odds with Sallu again. But what’s different now?

    Plus if she had issues, she could have talked to Ali who is a friend. It clearly seems she opted out bz she got confirmed for Cwn. And it got delayed and she had to do prick drama.

    I still can’t digest she’s going to this lengths just for what, fame, relevance or to get back at ex?! Each to her own!

  12. NewGirl says:

    PC is in the wrong here. If she said creative differences instead of shaadi, it would have been okay.

    Cowboy Ninja getting delayed…. thats karma.

    And leave SRK out of it. He has his own movies to worry about. How come PC signed movies with Aamir and Salman, if he was getting involved anyway?

  13. F says:

    I also think Salman is wrong for saying all this stuff about PC, and I’m not fan of his but I have to say, when he said she called Arpita “1000 times” he didn’t mean it literally. He’s just saying PC called Arpita a lot and there have been stories about PC warming up to Arpita to get a role in bharat.

  14. Hmmm says:

    Salman is salty and his ego can’t take any woman going against him. Priyanka’s plan to jump ship to a bigger Hollywood project failed in spectacular fashion when they shelved the movie. All she does these days is pose for pics for papz like a D-grade celeb. Not feeling sorry for either one of them.

  15. Xyz says:

    Salman is a jerk and thats why a lot of actresses worth their salt avoid working with him. Deepika has turned him down more than once, even Anushka and Sonam do not wish to be paired with him anymore. Did you see how he tried putting down a veteran like Juhi on big boss. He has a very fragile ego and is known to hold grudges. He had made life miserable for Priyanka during God Tussi great ho and Mujhse shaadi karoge, hence PC turned down Main aur Mrs Khanna, which he didnt take very kindly to. I m just very surprised why PC lobbied so hard for Bharat in the 1st place. From what I know she was also aware of the chris pratt movie being put on the backburner, so the reason for walking out of Bharat are different from whats being made out (i. E. Neither the nick saga not the hollywood movie). With the movies he is making now and the stars he is promoting, I wont be surprised if Bharat is a hugw turkey, hope that happens

  16. Pooja says:

    Umm read somewhere that cow boy ninja Viking was supposed to start around aug- Oct and her dates were clashing with Bharat, so she opted out of Bharat and later cnv got delayed.

    Salman’s a bully and Pc in the past already had a first hand experience of salmans mean and bullying ways. Inspite of their history Pc lobbied for the movie , so she clearly knew what she was getting herself into when she called Ali and Arpita for the movie. So yeah i don’t feel bad for her at all.

    If Cnv’s dates werent clashing with Bharat ,Pc wouldn’t have opted out of Bharat even if she didnt have a major role or there were many other actresses in the film. I believe it’s a calculated move by Pc, but cnv got delayed.

    P.s– Pc has Cnv , Krish 4, vishal bhardwajs next directorial in her kitty. It dosent look like her career is getting effected in any way.

  17. J says says:

    Salman has every right to be angry. Priyanka has been very unprofessional to back out of movie after literally begging ali n arpita to be part of The movie for a hollywood project.

    Quitting the project at the last moment is unprofessional. She has almost shut the doors as far as bollywood is concerned. Hope her marraige works

    & why are you guys so against salman ?? He is much better than most hypocrite married actors.

    • Essesspa says:

      He’s just a different type of hypocrite. Doesn’t pretend to be the perfect family man, sure. But claims he is so pure-hearted and transparent and naive, women take advantage of his love etc – but compulsively sleeps around, drinks excessively, gets abusive with women and vindictively targets men who anger him. And is power-hungry behind the scenes as any of the other superstars. The whole family lives off him and they’re all screwed up on many levels.

  18. Venus says:

    And to rub it in further he’s thanking SRK for letting Katrina shuffle her stars for Bharat.These indian supeestsup of today I tell you,they act like they are gods. I hope the current crop of actors don’t turn out to be like these so called superstars and stay humble.

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