Sajid Khan accused of being a pervert and a creep

It’s the moment that we have all been waiting for and it’s here. Sajid Khan has finally been outed as a creep and a pervert. There are many of his victims that have come forward and described the horrifying ordeal he put them through. Sajid is currently working on ‘Housefull 4’ with several stars/actors, including Khiladi Kumar. Now, it is interesting to see how will this move forward. Will the actors stop working with him or will the producer fire him from this project? Regardless, it feels good to see Sajid Khan being named and shamed publicly. Justice is being served to all those women he traumatised and to the late Jiah Khan, may her soul rest in peace.

In case you don’t know who Sajid Khan is, here is a picture of his big fat dickhead –we just wanted a reason to say dickhead!

Sajid Khan is accused of being a pervert and a creep


The first story comes from Karishma Upadhyay, a writer:

Sajid Khan is accused of being a pervert and a creep


Saloni Chopra shares her experience as an assistant director:

This goes back to 2011, when I had barely just moved to India properly and wanted to assist a director to learn more about film making, and my first ever experience, was the most awful experience of my life. Unfortunately, I was naive and had no idea how to handle it at the time. He was famous for his interview questions. He asks questions like ‘do you masturbate?’ and ‘how many times a week?’… he also asked me if I’d ever been sexually abused, I said yes. Then he asked weird questions like if I would ever get a breast job, and talked about how sex is really a mental connection. Of course he went into a philosophical rant about our human bodies and it’s desires and how sorry he felt for people who had to go through abuse (not the only man who’s said this shit before they take advantage of you, it’s quite common) by the end of the interview I was in tears, and I wasn’t entirely sure why. I didn’t know if it was because I felt somewhat uncomfortable around him, or because I’d opened up too much.
I got the job.

When I first started working for Sajid, he said I was a ‘director’s assistant’ and not an ‘assistant director’ which apparently meant that I’d have to do his work directly. I was okay with that. Slowly, he started calling at really odd hours. If I didn’t pick up I was told it didn’t matter to him if I was shitting or showering or having sex, when he called?—?I had to answer. I was petrified. The calls started coming at 12 am and 2 am. He said the industry never sleeps and work happens at all hours… except he wasn’t talking about work. He’d ask me what I’m wearing or what I ate. He’d ask me to send him my bikini photos because he needed to know how I looked if I wanted to become an actor.

Eventually, that turned into mental and emotional torture. For months, he mentally abused me and I would cry myself to sleep every night. He’d tell me I wasn’t sexy enough to be an actress. I didn’t have it in me, I didn’t have the ‘oomph’ factor. I talked too much. I didn’t sit properly. I wasn’t alluring or girly enough. Said he wanted to take me under his wing and make me an actress. Cast me in his next movie, but only if I was prepared for it. A part of me wanted it so bad that I kept working for him, and excusing his behaviour whenever I could. He’d say horrible, horrible things about his supposed girlfriend at the time, who also happened to be one of the kindest, nicest women I’d ever met in the industry.

Sajid Khan is accused of being a pervert and a creep


I wondered why she was with a man like that. He’d gloat about how he made her who she is today, and he could train me too. Then he’d go onto describe their sex life in ways I didn’t need to know, and also remind me about his one vagina problem. He’d talk about his dick and how big it apparently is and his sexual needs. He would ask me to touch his dick and get irritated with me when I said I didn’t want to. This one time, during a costume trial for a character in the movie he came in to see the girl in the outfit and asked her to lift her skirt and show her ass to him, she looked at me confused and I asked Sajid if it was necessary. She lifted her skirt and he started insulting her telling her she didn’t have any breasts or any ass, how did she think she’d become an actress? Then he asked me to leave the room and let them talk, and I did. It made me sick, but I clearly hadn’t had enough to quit.

This went on for a few months. The calls, the comments. He’d ask me to come stay over at his house and I’d find whatever excuse I could to not go. The ‘I have to be on set at 8am’ excuse didn’t work because his response to that was ‘you can come in late. I’m the director and ill ask someone else to do the job’. So I told him my mum didn’t allow me to stay over at people’s house.

One night, it got really ugly. I was so tired of the calls and the constant harassment, I asked him what he wanted from me. I told him that if this was just about sex then fine, I’d come over right now and fuck him but provided he backed off afterwards and stopped calling me every day. I was so tired of his behaviour that even my fear of him wasn’t enough to shut me up.
He started yelling at me and claimed that I was so naive and stupid if I thought this was just about sex. This wasn’t about sex, it was about me being his little bitch and doing everything he told me to do. He’d name directors that keep actresses at their homes for months and thats just how this works. He then said ‘you think I want to fuck you? I have such a hot girlfriend, why would I fuck a girl like you thats not even sexy?’ So I asked, almost pleading, what was it that he wanted from me? He said he wants me to do everything he tells me to. Stay with him. Maybe he’ll ask me to touch myself in front of him, maybe he’ll want to record it. He’ll do things to me and give me orgasm and teach me the art of sex but maybe he won’t actually put his dick inside me. Maybe he will. But it would be up to him what he wanted and if I thought casting couch was just about a one time sex then I was foolish. No one would cast me unless I was ready to be their ‘keep’.
Frustrated, I asked him to fuck off and I hung up on him. That night I went and told my mother everything. She told me I should quit, or find a way to handle it, but whatever I chose to do, I should be strong enough for either.

The next time I went on set for shoot i was petrified of what he was going to do. But to my surprise, he acted like nothing had happened… for half a day. Then he called me to his ‘directors cabin’ and asked me to write an article for him for some newspaper that wanted to know his hobbies or more about him and his filthy self. I don’t remember what the article was but I liked writing, and he knew i was good at it, so I took his laptop and started typing. I asked him questions and he answered them for me. We didn’t talk about anything else, up until he pointed at the way I sat and snapped at me. ‘Spread your legs when you sit!’ I said I didn’t want to. He started again about how I was so unattractive and there was nothing sexy about me. I wasn’t even good enough to be an actress so how could he ever cast me. He could print a contract right now and make me sign it, but I just didn’t have it in me. He said he was doing this all for ME, for MY GOOD. He tried to grab my hand and put it on his dick to show me that I didn’t give him a boner. I shrugged it off and asked him to stop. He frantically started walking around the room telling me I was never going to have a future in this industry and no man would ever find me sexy and he should have a boner but he doesn’t, he doesn’t have a boner looking at me. And then, he pulled his pants down and showed me his dick as he kept yelling ‘see? You don’t even make me hard!’

That’s when I threw his laptop and I walked out of the room. I was petrified and disgusted and I couldn’t believe what had just happened to me. I couldn’t work for this man anymore.

That night he called and told me to take a few days off, threatening to fire me. I said nothing to him.

Then a few days later he called me up and asked me to come back to work again, and thats when I told him I wouldn’t work for him anymore. He threatened to end my non existing career and throw me out of this industry, and once again, i was scared, but I knew if I kept working for him I’d probably kill myself because I couldn’t take the abuse every day, so I told him to end my career if thats what he wanted to do, but i was done.

Just like that, I was gone. No one on set wondered why I quit or what happened. Maybe he said I was fired, maybe he didn’t. This isn’t a story no one knows… I’ve told a lot of people about these incidents, and they usually laugh at the audacity the man had, or everyone just says ‘thats Sajid khan for you, he’s pulled off this shit with so many girls’. It was as though it’s just… accepted and known by everyone and no one cares enough to do anything about it because clearly he was working with some pretty big stars. So I decided I’d just shut up, and forget about it. What was I going to do anyway? Fight against him? That thought made me laugh, even at the time. It took me years to get over the trauma he put me through. I was so scared around the people I worked with. And I’m sure he’s done this to so many other girls, I just want them to know they’re not alone. It’s been 7 years, and it’s about time I said it out loud.


Rachel White, an Indian actress and model:

I was sent by my agency then to meet Sajid Khan during Humshakals. Right after my agency told me about the meeting Sajid called me within the next 5 mins and said the meeting would be at his house opp iskon Juhu.

I said I was not comfortable meeting at home and to that he said “don’t worry I live with my mom and she’ll be around” I felt reassured and agreed. When I went to his house the maid directed me to his room and the drawing room was empty!! It was his bedroom

I stood like an idiot in one corner of the bedroom wondering where to sit and he was on one side on the treadmill. I clearly rem this episode. When he saw me walk in he goes “pls come this side” all smiling . I walk up towards the treadmill . He was directly staring down at me

I was in a white vest and blue denims and still felt I was standing nude with that gaze. What happens next is that he finishes his cardio and walks up to me asking me about my boobs and making that kind of conversation. I didn’t bother to answer to anything.

After that he asks me to strip for him bcoz there were scenes in a bikini and he needed to see how I looked. I replied saying “there are pics of me in bikinis sent to u,I think that should good for u” n wen he insisted I said “I’m ready to parade ur office in a binkini nt at home

Finally he goes “listen no one has a problem with these things” (and obviously named people) and that if I could seduce him in 5 mins the role was mine. How this ended was me saying that I didn’t come mentally prepared for this and I left his house!

It’s an episode and probably the worst ever work meeting I’ve ever ever had ! And what it did is got me too scared to ever dream big , it did kill my aspirations temporarily till I got back to work , but became very conscious about approaching or meeting people for work.


Simran Suri, actress:

He was casting for Himmatwala. I got a call from him that he wanted to meet me for an audition at his home. He was on his treadmill, wearing an undershirt. He said, ‘See, my body is so good!’ I was wondering why a man, who is supposed to be in a professional meeting, wearing sandos! I felt really weird. After some time, he asked me to strip. I was shocked but he said, ‘I am the director. I will have to see your body. He told me, ‘C’mon, show me your c******e.’ I freaked out and began shouting at him, asking him to behave. I was in tears. He asked me to lower my voice, saying, his mother was in the adjacent room. I told him to never call me again. Within an hour, I got a call from him, ‘Hey, this is Sajid. For us to work together, it’s important to know each other,’ he told me. I actually abused him and told him off. I knew no one would listen. He is a big guy. There are so many girls who have horror stories with this man. I used to tell my friends that I wanted to slap this man publicly. I just knew I had to speak now.


Sajid Khan Blind Items:

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Sajid Khan responds to the allegations against him

Sajid’s sister, Farah Khan speaks out:

Sajid’s cousin, Farhan Akhtar responds to these allegations:

Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna respond to allegations made against Sajid Khan

Bipasha Basu on Sajid:

I am glad that women are speaking up about the atrocities of these men with power and clout. It was just his general attitude towards women that would disturb me. He cracked lewd jokes openly and was pretty rude to all girls. (Though) never ever did the same with me.” Bipasha, however, did add that she has never faced direct harassment by Khan, but his general attitude irked her the most. She continued, “I had sworn never to work in a humiliating environment for women ever again after Humshakals. Everyone knows I dissociated from the film for exactly this reason. I made it loud and clear.


Riteish Deshmukh on Sajid and Housefull:

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  1. Tina says:

    Rajesh Khanna was twice accused of raping/molesting children. (15 year old Sabiha) (13 year old Anita)

    Then he married a 15 year old Dimple at the age of 30.

  2. Tina says:

    “But, I suppose the icing on the cake is the modus operandi of the yesteryear actor – with origins in Bollywood’s filmi family – who’d drunkenly insist that his wife watch him force himself on screaming female leads.”

    Bl00dy hell! This makes me so angry, I swear if someone put a bullet through this creep’s head I wouldn’t blame them. My sympathies to these victims.

  3. Ananya says:

    Admin who are the men pointed out in this article? Can you put out an article with guesses? It’s high time such ppl are exposed, at least via blinds.

    • Sangi says:

      The champion for women with impossibly long career grazing butt n boobs is Mr. No means no Bachchan
      I mean how ironic is that??

  4. Two cents says:

    Ugly inside and out. Filthy pig…just look at his face. He should be locked away in a cell and kicked on his crotch twice daily.

  5. r says:

    Oh the irony of Akshay Kumar and Twinkle being one of the first persons to respond and AK refusing to work with him

  6. Venus says:

    What a non talented loser. I wish bipasha would release the video she has of him, trying to show his dick to her.That will shut him up . I just hate this movie industry, everyone is a creep, and everyone knows about ,but still no one does anything, where are the men ? Their honor is hurt when their sister even falls in love with someone outside their caste/religion, but not when their own friends harass/rape women . Shame on all of them. I hope bollywood just shuts down, i hope everyone suffers huge losses, i hope indian public stops watching bollywood movies.

  7. Pooja says:

    What he did with jia never read about it but how imran was never treat badly bcz aamir khan then y jia she too was amir’s niece.hope bipasha help them n provide video she have of him stripping.

  8. NewGirl says:

    Sajid Khan is garbage. You can tell a lot of about the people by the films they make. I don’t know how and why Boman Irani or Ritesh are friends with him.

    Housefull 4 is literally a houseful of creeps/pervs etc.

  9. Anonymous says:

    he makes trashy films that dont work so with this out his career is pretty much over unless Khiladi Kumar wants his image to be trashed forever and no one to watch his movies by working with this man. Sajid you are pretty much over. Time to go back to TV and do trashy hosting but wait even they will not take you.Maybe your equally pathetic sister has some plan for you.

  10. LondonThumakda says:

    He’d name directors that keep actresses at their homes for months and thats just how this works.

    god this is making me sick.

  11. Anon says:

    Poor Jacqueline.

  12. Nars says:

    Why are the bigger actress still scared to come out about these men? I want every single woman that was harassed to come out and no its not your fault – yes, even if you did go with these men who tell lies to get you and them more lies to discredit you!

    • Lucy says:

      WhAt did he do to Jiah khan! Did he harass her! Omg may she get justice….

      Maybe there will be.i just saw two women discrediting amitabh bacchans support to me too.miss Malini wrote an article,maybe there is hope,if the badshah comes tumbling down,rest will fall like a pack of cards.

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