Saif Ali Khan and Salman Khan apparently don’t get along

And it is all because of this:

Saif Ali Khan and Salman Khan apparently don't get along

From Telegraph India by Bharathi S. Pradhan

Not gonna lie to y’all, we never thought that this was the case between them. Saifu has pretty much minded his own business, he is not a threat to anyone so there is no rivalry present between him and any other actor.

Saif Ali Khan and Salman Khan apparently don't get along

There might be some truth to this, you know. Recently, the Interpol was looking for Saifu in connection with shooting wild boars in Bulgaria. Not just that, when Salman Khan was found guilty for shooting blackbucks many senior industry people messaged Salim Khan by reassuring him that they know who pulled the trigger and it wasn’t Salman. They all are forgetting the details on how Salman cut open the throats of these blackbucks after they were shot with his Swiss pocket knife, here’s a reminder if you guys missed the news then:

The headline that’s not an April Fool’s joke: Salman Khan found guilty!

Yes, Salman is definitely guilty but if Saif did pull the trigger and shot these blackbucks, he definitely is guilty of not only committing this crime but he is also guilty of letting someone else take the fall for his idiocy.

Saif Ali Khan and Salman Khan apparently don't get along

Saif being the culprit makes so much sense now. Someone already mentioned it way back how Saifu begged Salman to take the fault because he had a wife and kids to take care of. Being fake royal, Saifu and his relatives have been known to go around and shoot animals in their estate or nearby. His father was also guilty of shooting blackbucks, but he passed away before the court gave out its judgement.

Saif Ali Khan and Salman Khan apparently don't get along




And, the recent incident in Bulgaria exposed of his habit of shooting animals for fun as a hobby.


Seriously, how dumb can you be to be in the same situation? Ask yourself this question: If you were involved in a traumatising blackbuck killing incident where you were supposedly just a witness, would you dare to go on a shooting expedition again? Would you dare to be seen near a wild animal with a gun?

Poor Saifu, he’s always a witness when it comes to killing wild animals. Does he have a fascination to watch the killing of wild animals or something?

Saif Ali Khan and Salman Khan apparently don't get along

Salman was found guilty of shooting blackbuck on two occasions: one was with Saifu and a supporting senior actor while the second one was with the ladies of Hum Saath Saath Hain and Saifu. The first one, he was accompanied by Saifu and they went around chasing blackbucks before shooting them. It’s like they were doing this for fun, like a thrill.

Now if you think about how Saifu could have done all this when he is such a neat royal and a gentleman, you are going to be disappointed; it’s all an image makeover. The public might have a short memory, we don’t. Saifu got this amazing image transition when he got with Kareena Kapoor. The hype in the media surrounding these two was not paid work by these stars, it was all from the media itself. In an instant, everyone forgot that this is the same Saif whose wife dumped him because she found out he was cheating on her. After being dumped, he accused his wife of verbally abusing him, his mother and his sister and gave this as the reason of why he cheated on her. Not just cheating, he also froze their bank accounts and his ex was left with no money and had no choice but to go back to acting after years. That story goes on and on, so let’s just hear it from Saifu himself:

Rosa and I stay in a pokey two-room apartment. Still, I’ve never been more at peace with myself. After a long long time, I feel my self-worth has returned. It isn’t nice to be constantly reminded of how worthless you are and to have taunts, jeers, insults and abuses thrown at your mother and sister all the time. I’ve gone through all of it. Now I feel healed again. Today, if I’ve found someone who actually makes me feel I’m worth something, what’s wrong with it? Earlier, I had hit such a rock bottom with my self-esteem that I’d be shocked if someone complimented me for my looks! Today if someone says something nice, I say, ‘That’s fine. Stars are supposed to be complimented.


So Saifu, you desperately wanted to be complimented? Is this why you were fed up with Amrita?

I respect my wife’s space. But why am I being constantly reminded of how terrible a husband I was, and how awful a father I am. I’ve my son Ibrahim’s photograph in my wallet.

And then, you tattoed your girlfriend’s name on your arm just weeks after meeting her and falling for her! Were you trying to trap her?

Right now my kids are growing up with Amrita’s relatives and maidservants while she’s out working in a TV serial. Why does she need to do that, when I’m more than willing to support my family.

Cut to years later when Nawab Saab is married to a much younger woman, who had rather spend all of her time working because she fears everyone will forget her if she takes a break.

Unlike Amrita, Rosa is not from the film industry. Sure, I liked being put in touch with the industry’s bigwigs by Amrita, having dinner with Karan Johar, etc.

Saifu brought in his girlfriend Rosa from Italy and had her moved in with him. They were together for some years until he dumped her and for some reason, she stuck around and got to be in item songs. It’s not clear when she decided to go back, but she was around for a while even after Saifu and Bebola got together. Speaking of Bebola, she did play a huge part in turning Saifu’s image around. Matlab, she praised him to the sky, like if he is the best man on this planet. Bebola ke liye, Saifu hi best hain!

Chal, so the point being that people forgot about who Saifu actually was/is until that restaurant incident where Saifu and Amrita Arora’s husband got into a physical alteration with a man and his father. There was a case registered against Saifu, but months after they settled out of court. It was a simple matter, really. Saifu was at that resto with Bebola and her girl gang that included Amrita’s husband.

The other man, an NRI businessman from South Africa, was there with his wife and his old man. Bebola and gang were being loud and talking about sensitive stuffs so the NRI man asked them to keep it down a bit since he was trying to have a family dinner. For some reason, Saifu and gang got mad at them and proceeded to dishoom-dishoom them. CCTV caught Amrita’s husband beating the old man, a really old man.


If you think about it, Saifu would not have been relevant today had it not been for his relationship with Bollywood‘s Gossip Queen. This brings us to Salman Khan. Is he that good of a co-star that he would take the blame for a crime he is partially responsible for? Maybe Sallu got pissed that he got played because Saifu did go on to live his life enjoying to the fullest while Salman still had to go around court houses and spending time in jail. We can see that happening.

Maybe he thought that Saifu would do the right thing and admit the fact that he did take part in shooting these blackbucks, but he just played dumb and claimed no responsibility. No other person from the list of accusers continued going around and shooting animals. You would think it’s because this incident traumatised them right? So what about Saifu? Good thing Salman was not there with him in Bulgaria or Saifu would have bribed him emotionally again by using the same excuse to get him to take the blame!

Bear in mind that Salman is very good friends with Karishma Kapoor, who is the sister of Bebola. Sometimes, they hang out together for parties and stuffs but Saifu and Sallu don’t seem particularly that close like SRK and Sallu are. Based on Ms Bharathi’s article above, the producer of the ‘Race’ franchise said that Salman had met him once and told him that he would like to be a part of ‘Race’. Salman thought that he would be acting next to Saifu in the film. Why do you think he said that? Did he want to accidentally shoot Saifu on the sets to get back at him?

The producers of the films said they couldn’t have Salman with Saifu so they decided to scrap the whole story and make a new one.

Before we sign off, you should check out this episode of Breakfast To Dinner – Saif Ali Khan; an epic episode! You get to see the true Saif being unsafe here, as in he is being his entitled spoilt-brat self with touches of being unsympathetic and disrespectful towards others. Two points that we have always remembered in this programme and bear in mind that we watched this years ago when it come out but always remembered these moments whenever someone describes him as being a gentleman:

  • When Saifu pointed at the food dishes on the sets and disrespectfully called out the names of diseases as the names of these dishes.



  • When he kept on shooting bullets from this toy gun at the female host despite her saying it hurts but when she does it to him one time, he said: “Ouch, it’s really painful”!


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10 Responses

  1. Faouzia says:

    Great work of investigation Admin !

    In the first phase of my discovery of Indian cinema, Omkara was one of my go-to-movie recommendation for people uninformed about what India can offer apart from larger-than-life sets and dances and yeah…SRK. This was my first year in college, spring session of 2007, in between finals, I saw Hum Tum, Dil Chahta Hai, Salaam Namaste and Parineeta as a much needed outlet. I developed a liking for Saif that has decreased over the years of maturing and entering adulthood world. Well, I knew nothing about Bollywood gossip back then and the dynamics inside the industry. And I find the facts stated in this article really disheartening. Because…how can people think of themselves so high just for the simple reason that other people pay to see their work? How superficial can they get to achieve fame? Is fame changing them or revealing the real them?

    Okay, maybe I’ll never understand because it is a field of show and I am a certified introvert. I just know that life will happen in the strangest ways to these kind of people. Life will eventually educate these species, whether we’ll come to know what it has done to them or not.

  2. Universal says:

    Entitled brat who never knew how to act other than a comical woowww. And then to think that he won a national award is beyond hilarious. Surely his mom as a jury member for national awards helped.
    Gosh such dumb nepo kids we have to bear.

  3. Monalisa says:

    Saif-Bebo relationship is an image makeover for both of them. From the bratty, loudmouth star kid Kareena turned in to a sophisticated, worldly and poised begum. If they were a successful onscreen pair they could have been Kjo’s ultimate blue blooded filmy and nawabi royalty power couple/ship.
    I think AlooSherbet (my new ship name for Aloobir) is also an image makeover for RK. The way AlooSherbet narrative is going, it looks like a long term thing more than pr for Sanju or Bramastra. And if their onscreen pairing become a hit Kjo gonna get his film royalty power couple/ship.

  4. Pav says:

    They all are fake from head to toe. I’m not a SK fan at all. But I feel for him for having a soft heart towards people around him (not really about any outsiders) . Why does he let them literally be leechers?
    About Kapoors, I used to like Kareena during the time of KKKG. But I prefer Karishma more as an actor, dancer and a human being.

  5. Saif is damn weird. I remember that rambling open letter he wrote in response to the nepotism debate. he compared himself and bebo to prize race horses “breeding” the best acting genes or some such nonsense, he even brought in eugenics (i am fairly sure he doesnt realise what it actually means or he would never have mentioned it).

  6. Guest says:

    Simi did tweet on the day of the verdict that Salman was talking the fall for someone family makes sense now.with Salman being used is nothing new why he still allows it is beyond me.

    No wonder saif scrambled when the verdict was announced. So nawab ki nawabi na Gaye he’s still hunting. I have read how mean he was amrita ,the man refused to take care of his kids what an ass.i remember seeing their interview with Simi , amrita comes across as strong sorted woman saif well a dodo not sure why she liked him.

    even now both him and bebo are using their kid to stay in news they have even trained the nanny’s to hold him in a way that paps get a clear shot of be honest bebo/ saif are living in their own world.

    I have heard salman was supportive of Karishma when she stared out in bw after her family’s fall out with the Kapoor khandan. Bebo knows this too that is why they are spotted at his apt whenever he is in trouble. Salman was also at Karishma wedding from what I heard Salman’s support in those tuff years is why bebo Lolo are close to his family.

    • Monalisa says:

      I saw Simi’s tweet as well and wondered if Salman is that gullible to take the blame for something someone else did. I have a feeling that they both took part in the shooting and Salman never ratted out Saif because he begged him saying that he was a family man.

    • Rashmi says:

      I think all this arrest and prison Salman is PR. to make a sacrifice out of it. How many times was the trial? million. is Salman in prison? No, of course, he is always recognized as innocent. Salman signs projects for projects, because he knows that he will always be acquitted. always. so is the meaning of this circus? In the story with Salman, someone else is always to blame, but not Salman. (Saif is also a cunning fox, I do not believe in his nobility for a long time

    • sweettooth01 says:

      i honestly dont find salman that great to take the blame for someone else..he dint take the blame for a crime he actulie did when he killed people..
      and besides if saif shud be on a really good term with salman ig he did help him back then..not doing that would only mean wrath of salman n since the court case is still pending he can always bring in that angle tht thr ws someone else too..thrs no harm in doing tht even today right..?? assuming sk took blame for saif,at some point or the other said wudve gone out of his way to reach out to him n be nice to him if not in public eye thru msgs or abroad..but tht never happened..

      i think saif just got lucky that night by not shooting the animal but he cudve easily been guilty of it too..just dont think salman is that nice..if he is maybe he shud just go spend some jail time for the people he killed

  7. Rashmi says:

    so many new blind on other sites, I’m waiting for them here, but recently very few updates (I miss the old days.

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