Rumour has it: Siddhant Chaturvedi signed up with Yash Raj Talent

It is not official yet, but there are strong rumours that Siddhant Chaturvedi has signed up with Yash Raj Talent. This means that YRF will be representing Sid and everyone has to go through YRF before getting to Sid.

Siddhant Chaturvedi signed up with Yash Raj Talent

After the success of ‘Gully Boy’, everyone stood up and noticed Sid’s talent. Sure, he has been around before that but it took his role as MC Sher for people to see what he is really capable of. He got swag, yo!

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If you remember, there was a blind item last month that mentioned how The Akhtar siblings were telling people that they deserve a share of whatever Sid sinks into next. Sid had no idea, obviously. This perhaps opened his eyes and made him realise that he cannot walk alone and deal with all of this on his own. Hence, the talent management.

But, YRF? Seriously?!

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They take care of their actors quite bad, actually. Other than Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma, all the other actors under YRF have not done well. It’s like they choose who they want to push out and who they want to threw back in. Or maybe they choose to piggyback on the more successful talent.

Siddhant Chaturvedi signed up with Yash Raj Talent

If Ranveer didn’t become as successful as he is today, do you think YRF would still promote him? Would Aditya Chopra still want to pick him as lead over his favourite, Shah Rukh Khan?

There are two things at play here:

  1. There’s one of the people handling the talent at YRF, who has been heavily rumoured to be involved in couch casting. Not to mention, she has a big mouth and likes to show off. So any new kid on the block, tauba tauba!
  2. YRF is going to put Ranveer first over Siddhant. Naturally, since he signed with YRF and they take him in their films first, he will have to sign that 3-film contract every new talent signs. But, Ranveer will always be YRF’s priority. Meaning Aditya Chopra aka Mr. India will choose to go with Ranveer since he’s like the golden goose there. In a way, it’s good because Mr. India decides to make another crappy film about the non-existent youth of India or NRIs, he can choose Ranveer and there is no way Ranveer can say no.

Bottom line, it’s a bad move.

This reminds us of a music label in the U.S., who signs up talented people and have them on a contract, but as far as releasing their music is concerned, they don’t allow them to. This is a well-known music company, so naturally new talents are super excited, they don’t really think much. But then after some time, maybe a year or two, they realize that nothing is going to happen for them. But, they can’t get out because they signed a tight contract! It’s almost like being a slave! You know why this label does that? Because the rapper/boss’ wife is a famous singer – you can call her a superstar. Any other singer, who looks like she can replace this superstar, is quickly signed on to this label and made to wait.

It’s never a fair competition, it’s a controlled race! This is in the U.S., in India – you have T-Series!

Let’s hope, though, this turns out to be good for Sid. YRF’s tactics are already quite well-known. Since Sid’s role in ‘Gully Boy’ was more appreciated than Ranveer’s, Mr. India now has the upper hand to make sure that this boy doesn’t outshine his golden boy.

It is going to be very interesting to see what they do with him. Will they push him out and hope that he becomes their new golden boy? Or will they push him behind and let him wait while their golden boy shine?

Hopefully, he also stays away from that person-who-shall-not-be-named. Speaking of which, guess who was hired as an assistant director in Rani Mukherji’s ‘Maardani 2’?



Poor guy…After so long of struggling and trying everything in the book to get noticed, he finally got his breakthrough.

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It goes without saying that he is represented also by YRF, by special request.


So….Do you have your hopes up? Or hopes down?

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By the way, doesn’t Siddhant look a bit like Shahid? It’s like a mixture of Shahid and who else?

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13 Responses

  1. KA says:

    Thanks for explaining things n a simple language, by which even a lay person like me can understand certain things.

  2. Cookie says:

    Sid = love child of shahid and Ranveer

  3. Joe says:

    Like SLB during Guzarish era, YRF is struggling since what a decade now? Today it is reduced to just a brand name, with no commercial credibility, it aint on top list of any actor today. So, YRF signing MC sher is its feeble effort to redeem itself through this promising star, and get back the money through his movies. Deepika helped SLB get his power back (while Ranveer was learning acting as seen by progressive acting with each of the 3 films, YRF didnt help him learn to act). YRF is trying to do the same, get back itself.

    However these Dharma/Akhtars/YRF etc. dont understand, you need content to survive, not the other way round. With bad movies, they ruined stars like SRK (post Yash Chopra), Ranveer (YRF). But good content made Ranveer arrive on the scene, overnight, with BBB.

    YRF has coped up with the transition of Bollywood, from brainless romance movies to content driven diverse fearless stories. It cant do a Baahubali, it cant do a Badhaai Ho, it cant do Parmanu, it cant do Saare Jaha se. YRF iss the case where the king is sitting at the top but disconnected with the revolution at the ground, and is afraid to leave what he did in the past and take risks again. It will stagnate and wither away.

    MC Sher hasnt done the right thing to sign up with YRF, he needs commercial success which can make him zoom up or lack of it ruin him like Ranveer (Befikre, Ricky Bhel, etc.), until SLB happened. Vaani is another one stuck with YRF, she got over even before she started out.

    Brand name is good, but its the commercial success that counts, which YRF has lost now.

    • whiskermole says:

      YRF produced Hichki (disabled female lead with no love interest) (2018), Dum Laga Ke Haisha (trend-setting) (2015), Mardaani (kickass female cop) (2014), Shuddh Desi Romance (small-town live-in relationship) (2013) in the last ten years. They have also distributed Piku (2015). The problem is they are few and far between. The others are all brainless flicks, some hits and several duds. Ironically, YRF has been instrumental in facilitating the change in what the film industry now redefines as mainstream, but they now seem to be taking its sweet time in wholly embracing the change. The films they’re currently producing all seem to be glossy ho-hummers except for maybe Mardaani 2 which seems like a lazy rehash of a past hit.

  4. Monalisa says:

    YRF is just cashing on Sid’s popularity. This is not the first time they got promising and succesful newcomers onboard YRF. Ayushmann debuted with a John Abraham production Vicky Donor, SSR debuted with Abhishek Kapoor’s Kai Poche, they asked Kriti to sign YRF talent when they offered her Sultan which she refused because she did not want to leave Kwan. So this is not Adi’s conspiracy to ruin Sid’s career so that Ranveer can succeed. If that was the case Adi would have gotten Vicky (who actually outshone RK and became way popular) onboard YRF before Matrix/Kjo could get to him.

    Frankly being Adi’s fave or golden boy did not get him anything . Adi Chopra is no kjo who produces mega budget, star vehicle movies for his faves or give YRF’s best project to his faves only. Befikre was given to him after BM success. And that was when he became Adi’s fave. Before that apart from BBB he got crap movies from YRF and Befikre almost ruined his career after the BM high. The big budget event films (holiday releases) of YRF is reserved for the Khans only. Their talent get mid to small budget movies only. Neither does Adi call up director/producers so that they will cast Ranveer in his movies nor does he go around everywhere hyping his fave like kjo does.

    RS was smart and lucky to get good projects outside of YRF and he stayed away from YRF after Befikre. All the successful YRF talents be it Anushka, Ranveer, Ayushmann, Bhumi all got their success outside of YRF. Even Arjun and Pari’s best movies are movies they did outside of YRF. Sid would be fine in YRF if does not depend on YRF to get him movies and try to get projects out of YRF. YRF produces bad movies these days so better to stay way from them.

    Ayushmann (Andhadhun, Badhai Ho, Dum Lagake Haisha) and Arjun who can’t act and is not bankable (Panipat, India’s most wanted) are getting good projects. Ayushmann is doing very well with YRF so even Sid will also shine despite RS being Adi’s fave. Adi casted Ranveer’s competitiors Varun in Sui Daaga (directed by Dum Laga ke Haisha director Sharat) , Ranbir in Shamshera (big budget event movie (a festival release) directed by karan Malhotra) and get Khans to do the big budget movies not Ranveer. The fave never got a big budget event movies. Even in the past it was SSR who got the big budgeted Shekar Kapur movie Paani not Ranveer. That project got shelved and SSR gave up many offers of other Production Houses because Adi promised Paani which led to SSR walking out of YRF.

    And now that he is popular, successful, bankable at the peak of his careers almost all directors/producers wanna work with him and going to him with good offers. At this point of his career Ranveer does not need Adi but Adi needs him because he is the only actor that he can brag about giving a successful career.( Ayushmann is not a YRF launch). Also YRF is not in a good poistion with the flop and mediocre movies they are churning out these days. They have been banking on Khan stardom to get hits which failed miserbly when Fan and Tugs flopped. They need Ranveer’s stardom more than anything now to get hits.

  5. Lucy says:

    He perhaps has the talent and versatility to outperform ranveer and hence might become second srk.yrfother talents never had the potential,parineeti could never show versatility in her choices.also she got screwed up by Karan johar for alia.she isn’t that smart.otherwise she would have realised Karan only signed her to bind her and make her reject good films.then eventually shelved the film and she was left with no choice.if siddhant has half the brains .of ranveer he will be a superstar.he is much more talented than had persona and also age on his side.

    • leaps says:

      other thn her lack of ambition pari’s biggest blunder was trusting dharma/kjo wouldnt back stag her to favor his minion.

  6. P says:

    He is a cross .between shaheed Kapoor and ran deep hooda I think. Hoping a talent like sid doesn’t get lost in bolly politic and hierarchy.

  7. leaps says:

    well hope he is able to make smart moves like ayushman and build himself up while being at yrf.

  8. Rainbow says:

    Which music label are you talking about?!

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