Rishi Kapoor dies at 67


Bollywood legend Rishi Kapoor has passed away at the age of 67. Rishi was undergoing treatment for leukaemia at the H.N Reliance Hospital. He was apparently suffering from complications of cancer treatment. For the past three weeks, Rishi was at the hospital but his state became critical last evening. He was kept in the ICU and was on ventilator. He passed away today on Thursday morning with his wife Neetu by his side.

Rishi was first diagnosed with cancer in 2018 and went over to the U.S. for treatment for a year before coming back to Mumbai after successfully recovering. It was reported earlier in February this year that he has relapsed while on a visit in Delhi. He was immediately rushed to the hospital and was discharged soon after. It was reported that while the family saw this as a sign of relapse, Rishi refused to believe that the cancer came back.

Here’s the official statement from the Kapoor family:

Our dear Rishi Kapoor passed away peacefully at 8:45 am IST in hospital today after a two-year battle with leukaemia. The doctors and medical staff at the hospital said he kept them entertained to the last. He remained jovial and determined to live to the fullest right through two years of treatment across two continents. Family, friends, food and films remained his focus and everyone who met him during this time was amazed at how he did not let his illness get the better of him.

He was grateful for the love of his fans that poured in from the world over. In his passing, they would all understand that he would like to be remembered with a smile and not with tears.

In this hour of personal loss, we also recognise the world is going through a very difficult and troubled time. There are numerous restrictions around movement and gathering in public. We would like to request all his fans and well-wishers and friends of the family to please respect the laws that are in force. He would not have it any other way.

Amitabh Bachchan was the first one to announce Rishi’s passing on Twitter.


As the most good-looking Kapoor, Rishi made a career in Bollywood playing romantic roles and later transitioning to supporting or character roles. He was launched by his own father legendary actor Raj Kapoor in ‘Bobby’ – a film that instantly gave birth to Rishi, the heartthrob and Bollywood‘s first chocolate boy!


In a career that spanned over decades, Rishi has worked with the who’s who of Indian cinema, including other legends like Kamal Haasan, Amitabh Bachchan, Rajnikanth and many more. He has also worked as a leading man opposite many leading ladies from different decades, including Dimple Kapadia, Divya Barathi, Sridevi, Neetu Singh, Juhi Chawla and many more.

Rishi made his debut as a director in 1999 with ‘Aa Ab Laut Chalen’, a film that starred Rajesh Khanna, Aishwarya Rai and Akshaye Khanna.

The last film that Rishi Kapoor appeared in was ‘The Body’ alongside Emraan Hashmi, which was released in December 2019.

May the most good-looking man and shining star of the Kapoor finally rest in peace.

Rishi Kapoor is survived by his wife Neetu, his son Ranbir and daughter Riddhima.

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15 Responses

  1. abcd says:

    Casual affairs with vd, dadrekar and sid

  2. Hmm says:

    Admin, thanks for such a kind post of Rishi Kapoor. I know you’re not a fan of the family but this post was nice. Kudos to you.

    • Admin says:

      His offscreen persona aside, the man was the favourite of all the aunties we know. In fact, when we were teens they used to compare our infatuation with HR and their love for RK! Onscreen, he is a legend and his pairing with Neetu Singh has made so many recent films sweeter no matter how short their screentime was. That’s magic!

  3. Hmm says:

    Now is not the time for this. Rishi Kapoor is dead. No matter how you feel about the family, they lost their father/potential father-in-law today. Show some respect and take a break from your conspiracy theories.

    Ranbir’s ex-girlfriends didn’t post anything emotional, so what? Were they married to him? Rishi’s upcoming film was to be produced by one of Ranbir’s ex and she was even co-starring. That doesn’t seem like the actions of a bitter ex.

    Ranbir is not the first man to dump a long time girlfriend and he won’t be the last and Alia wouldn’t be the first or last to date a guy like Ranbir, so seriously, cut it out.

    • abcd says:

      It’s about right/wrong. Break up isn’t wrong, but exploiting feeling/emotions in the name of relationship is wrong. It’s about seriously falling moral standards to the verge of becoming morally bankrupt.

      Being a good human being is a lot more important than being rich and good at work. May rishi kapoor’s soul rest in peace.

      Remember Newton’s 3rd law of motion: for every action,there is always an equal and opposite reaction.


  4. abcd says:

    Sorry I beg to differ. In fact, now rk will become more accountable than ever to bhatt family and kjo for marrying alia. Rishi kapoor is not there now to defend rk. Neetu kapoor will be very keen on getting grandchildren as early as possible from rk through marriage, for rishi kapoor’s symbolic reference.

    Rk’s exes didn’t post anything emotional about it. This clearly shows how many bitter experiences they had undergone from the family. Neetu kapoor will have now all time in the world to control opportunistic alia through rk. Alia is on her way to become sulking spouse all her life, post babies. She can’t throw tantrums on rk, like she would do on her exes.

  5. nefarious says:

    @Admin, for once i believe Alia and Ranbir will marry, even if its more like business deal.. saw her pics during the funeral where only family was around.

    • Admin says:

      In fact, now the pressure is off for Ranbir to tie the knot! He’s free to live his life the way he sees fit!

      • nefarious says:

        Wasnt the pressure from Neetu..isnt he the mamas boy who agreed to go with Alia becos Neetu took a shine to her?

        • Admin says:

          It was more from Rishi’s side who wanted to see his son settle down.

          • nefarious says:

            Hmmm..alia and Kjo must be shitting bricks now.. If this wedding hinges on Brahmastra…then we know the fate, but in case RK wants to settle down like most of his contemporaries..then it might still happen!..although,even before marriage he seems to give rat’s ass about alia

  6. nefarious says:

    Terribly sad news…wish alia and ranbir would have married while he was still alive.. and not wait for Brahmastra to release

  7. Ria says:

    RIP Rishiji. It’s a great loss for Indian cinema. You went away too soon. You are irreplaceable

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