Rishi Kapoor and his Anger Issues

Rishi Kapoor is a bit of a short-circuit type of person. As in, he has a temper. There’s no guarantee when or where, he can just snap at any given moment. It’s almost similar to an enraged/out of control animal, except he’s an old man with emotions that can be controlled. There’s Rishi Kapoor and then, there’s Jaya Bachchan. At least, Jaya does not abuse like Rishi does. Also, we all know the reason or rather, the root of Jaya’s bitterness and anger issues so it’s understandable a little.

But, what is the deal with Rishi?

Many of you must have heard by now what happened between Salman Khan and Rishi Kapoor. We meant to write this weeks ago when it happened, but never got to it. Now since Salman has given an answer on what he thinks of Rishi, we can finally report it because it makes this whole thing even more interesting.

Let’s just first say that this incident was not reported by all websites. It was really strange because something like this usually gets blown out of proportion, like the fight between SRK and Salman. We saw the news on DNA and subsequently the same week, Bharathi S. Pradhan wrote about it in her collumn on Telegraph. Since she is close to most stars, her report proved that this all happened and it was not hearsay. On DNA, they didn’t even bother to give a proper title, which could have generated lots of clicks by their readers.

Rishi Kapoor snapped at Salman Khan's sister-in-law

What Happened between Salman and Rishi at Sonam’s Wedding?


According to DNA, here’s what happened that night:

Rishi Kapoor snapped at Salman Khan's sister-in-law

Bharathi S. Pradhan has the insider version that makes Rishi sounds like a sour old grape man and whatever is the opposite of being a gentleman:

Rishi Kapoor snapped at Salman Khan's sister-in-law

First things first, Rishi Kapoor doesn’t sound like a man who should be let out of the house. We don’t know why they feel confident to let him roam around without someone to watch over him because you never know when he can go like this at anyone:

When we were looking for these articles, we came upon this one:

Rishi Kapoor snapped at Salman Khan's sister-in-law

Rishi Kapoor snapped at Salman Khan's sister-in-law


Back to the Bharathi S. Pradhan. It seems that she edited and modified her content because when it was first published, she criticised Neetu Singh for just standing there and doing nothing while Rishi was yelling at Seema Khan. Now, that part is not there anymore. It’s strange! Don’t worry, we will you what happened. She originally wrote that Neetu was shocked and didn’t do anything when she should have at least stopped her husband from insulting someone who did nothing wrong. It was only the next day that she picked up the phone and apologised to Seema and Sohail Khan. We are very sure that the original article had an angry undertone to it and part of it, she blamed Neetu for letting Rishi behave this way.

While reading it that day, we were reminded of how Beyonce stood in one corner in the elevator while her sister and her cheating husband were busy karate-ing each other. Do you remember that epic scene?

It could be Neetu gets frozen when things like this happen. It’s not the first time her husband has behaved this way. It’s like abusing people should be his profession or something. He does not spare anyone and he even attacks on Social Media through his Twitter account. You imagine, he checks out what other people say and if he doesn’t like it, he follows them and proceeds to abuse them through a direct message, then he unfollows them. That’s an art in itself!

At this point, Neetu should just throw away all the alcohol bottles and just burn that internet pole outside her house. Removing the internet line at home won’t help because he can put it back. Drunk people can even repair internet line wires! So to be safe, just burn the whole thing down and then, claim it was lightning that did it!

That said, in what way did Rishi want Salman to greet him? Bow down to him and sing his praises for being the reason why Raymond is on this earth? Does Rishi live in Lalaland or what? How can he expect after all that has happened Salman would graciously come and hug him? After all that has happened? Now, we are also guessing that Salman might have had a grudge against Rishi and Neetu for treating Katrina like trash. It is possible because Salman’s family have been nothing, but nice to Kat while Ranbir’s family treated her like sh!t.

Rishi himself doesn’t have respect for others, except for Raj Kapoor, how can he expect others to respect him? If he had guts as big as his body, he would have gone and talk to Salman instead of verbally attacking a woman.

So now that Salman Khan has been promoting his upcoming film ‘Race 3’, he slyly gave his comments on what he thought of Rishi Kapoor. Bear in mind, he wasn’t directly asked about but journalists understood he was talking about Rishi Kapoor.

Rishi Kapoor snapped at Salman Khan's sister-in-law

Rishi Kapoor snapped at Salman Khan's sister-in-law


In a way, Salman is right. If you don’t already know, Rishi’s wife and daughter are big fans of Salman. Salman danced at Riddhima’s wedding and Riddhima also attended a family event at Salman’s house some time back when Kat was still with Ranbir. On his part, Salman never abused or harassed any woman from Rishi’s family. What Rishi did was an act of cowardice and he should apologise to Seema. Till now, no apology has been issued because if there was one, you would have heard about it.

We are guessing in the Kapoor home, they must all be frustrated. While mother and sister are trying to fake it as much as they can doing everything they can to help Ranbir’s career, Rishi is doing everything he can to piss off more people.

Actually, to be fair, the Salman-problem was because of Ranbir himself so we can’t blame Rishi alone for this. Let’s see now if Rishi dares to reply to Salman or will he be asked to shut up by his family members and Kebab Jo?


Rishi Kapoor snapped at Salman Khan's sister-in-law


How did Rishi end up so bitter like this?

We have been wondering for some time now, how did Rishi Kapoor end up like this? His behaviour is that of a spoilt brat. It’s appalling how he keeps doing the same thing over and over again, just with different people. Snapping at fans is acceptable when you are tired or are in the middle of some precious family time, but to just randomly snap at someone?


What is the deal with him? Why is he so angry all the time? What went wrong with him? Soooo many questions!

These are what we have been wondering because blaming him is useless now, he is not going to change. It is really puzzling because he has been an alcoholic for decades now. We remember our aunt told us the story about how she met him for the first time. She has been a big Rishi Kapoor fan since ‘Bobby’ came out, as were many other young girls at that time, including our old lady. She was working in an airline company long time back and she said that she was shocked at the sight of her favourite actor. He was so drunk that he had to be escorted out of the plane by his wife and kids. At that time, his kids were teenagers. She said that she couldn’t believe the actor, who was known for romance onscreen, appeared like such a dishevelled drunkard.

We decided to dig a little deeper to figure this out. You can’t say it’s because the whole Kapoor family consists of alcoholics, that’s why he too is an alcoholic. Maybe he likes to drink like his father because they can both afford to buy good quality liquor. Either way, you don’t inherit alcohol behaviour – it’s not in your genes!


Anyways, here are a couple of interesting things that we came across:

Rishi, in his memoir, said that he suffered from depression when Neetu was pregnant with Riddhima. Here’s an excerpt:

Rishi Kapoor snapped at Salman Khan's sister-in-law

This is a little confusing because we thought he was talking about the time he was accused of domestic violence in the 90s. Neetu called the cops and told them that her husband was beating her and that she was scared. So how come he got over the depression when he still treated her badly for years after?

Quote #1

Raj Kapoor drank recklessly, only Black Label, and all his three sons have been devastated by alcohol. Shammi Kapoor describes it as the “family curse”. At least one Kapoor used to get physical with his wife while in an alcoholic stupor and the police had to be called. The Kapoor men loved food, women and whisky, not necessarily in that order. All of them turned obese and some diabetic.

Quote #2

The Kapoor weakness for alcohol and food, and the subsequent tendency towards corpulence, are discussed (“I learnt a lot about food when I became a part of this family,” quips Neetu Singh during the book discussion) – as are individual tics like Raj Kapoor’s faux-humility (he would walk into a room full of his admirers, bent forward, hands folded, saying “Mujhe Raj Kapoor kehte hain”) and Rishi Kapoor’s latter-day abusiveness towards his wife and children.

Is it The Blissful Torture of Unrequited Love?

He mentioned that he was in love with someone else before Neetu and was quite serious about her.

Rishi Kapoor snapped at Salman Khan's sister-in-law

Rishi Kapoor snapped at Salman Khan's sister-in-law

This is where it gets a little confusing. He mentioned earlier that the girl broke up with him because of the fake gossips going around about Dimple and him after ‘Bobby’. He said that there was nothing going on, but then he contradicts himself when he was telling the story on how Neetu felt threaten by Dimple in ‘Saagar’.

Rishi Kapoor snapped at Salman Khan's sister-in-law

By the way, Dimple in ‘Saagar’ was hot! It was definitely a hot comeback for the mother of two.


Was he bitter because his career? That is not possible since he was and is the only working actor among his siblings and probably among all the Kapoors. He has been regularly working since his debut as a lead hero or second hero. It was only in the late 90s or early 2000s that he started those father roles. We remember Rakesh Roshan offered him the role of Hrithik Roshan‘s dad in ‘Koi Mil Gaya’ and Rishi refused by saying he does not want to play daddy roles yet. Probably the first time he played a father onscreen was in ‘Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi’. He was the father of two Kajols in the film. He managed to buy his own bungalow – a home for his family.


Quote #1
In the book she talks about how difficult it is for each succeeding generation of the family to carve a distinct niche for themselves – one of the reasons why the careers of Raj’s sons Randhir and Rajeev fell by the wayside. “I had plenty of luggage to carry,” adds a solemn Rishi at the launch. “I was always being gauged by my father’s or my uncles’ success.”

His brother, Randhir Kapoor, became an alcoholic when Karishma and Kareena were very young. That was because his career was going nowhere. So what is Rishi’s excuse? He started putting on weight and drinking more. If this happened in today’s time, he would be kicked out.

What is puzzling is that journalists and the media don’t call him out on his behaviour anymore. They are all silent on this. They keep giving him importance. Why? They used to openly do talk about his abusive behaviour, like they did in the article below:

Rishi Kapoor snapped at Salman Khan's sister-in-law

Rishi Kapoor snapped at Salman Khan's sister-in-law

Recently, Indian personalities on Twitter blasted Rishi for his abusive behaviour but that didn’t change anything.

Rishi Kapoor snapped at Salman Khan's sister-in-law


Rishi Kapoor snapped at Salman Khan's sister-in-law

At this point, he is like the Indian Trump. You all know how we look at Trump? He’s a spoilt child, who does what he wants and says what he wants, and this is exactly what Rishi Kapoor seems to be! Imagine if Rishi was India’s President? He would be tweeting exactly like Trump has been tweeting with no care for protocols!

Speaking of Trump, do you remember Alec Baldwin? He had and still has major anger issues. From calling his young daughter a pig to creating problems on the sets of his shows, people over there did not let things slide. They sacked him. He was jobless for a while before being given a chance to play Trump on ‘Saturday Night Live’. But, he had his own show taken from him due to his angry behaviour. At least, they took action over there. Here?


Before we end, we have to mention these two theories:

Is he bitter because of what his son claimed ruined his marriage? You know that thing about Neetu being…..? Those, who follow gossips know what we are talking about.


Is he bitter because of this?

This reminds us of the time Ranbir said on KWK that his dad is happy he is dating, as long as it’s with girls!


Whatever it is, he sure looks like one unhappy and grumpy man! It’s sad for such a handsome man on the outside to be so ugly on the inside!

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28 Responses

  1. Ananya says:

    @kiran101 I don’t know why you think only women he dated licks his boot. Like someone pointed out, even PC kept quite. We got to know of something that happened in 2009 in 2017!

    And if you ask me, if anyone has bajaoed Rk so far, it’s Dp & Kat only. Dp one comment, her total attitude towards Rk in kwk show butchered his whole image.

    Honestly many believed him to be a well behaved Kapoor boy who got caught in temptations when that cheating happened. But the way she ruthlessly bitched out him, ended his good image forever. He tried to resurrect on that and still is. But the damage is irrevocable. Just like how it’s with Akshay, bz Raveena & Shilpa ripped him apart. No amount of family drama makes ppl believe he’s not a bajaoer.

    Also Kat who rattled out the whole Kapoor family. Do you know what image a man gets, when his girlfriend of 6 years says she’s not sure he’ll not ditch her at the altar? She has attacked him through blinds too – Ayan sniffing!

    So yeah give them the credit for standing up in whichever way they could.

    And that comment of Dp, I don’t know why it triggered so many. Dude, she’s his girlfriend. She wouldn’t purposely put him down. I remember an old video I’ve seen of Deepika rating Rk when he was her bf. She ripped him apart honestly bz she feels he’s in a field where everyone hypes u when you’re big and someone needs to be the reality check. It’s like some parents who will just say “work harder” even when you come with excellent results. It’s not an insult or lack of love.

    I like Rs among the young lot the most. But even I’d concede with what she said by that statement. She is already a legend while Rs is legend in making. He’s just started out and is in her 2012-13 phase. He’s rising for sure, but the journey ahead is the trial time. Everyone thought Rk is the big thing in 2013, all was ready to crown him and then started the downfall. Barfi, Yjhd big hits & Rockstar performance and all thot he’s the next big thing. So yeah if you see my point unbiased, you’ll get what she was trying to say. Rest it’s up to you.

  2. Ananya says:

    Admin, one question. Do you think Rk will be able to withstand the career low Rishi went through? RK has been flop for so long and he’s honestly limited actor, there’s only so much people would buy. So do you think he’ll tikk paaoge? With Sanju or Brahmastra?

    And how is it that if Kapoors were this powerful, they couldn’t use same tactics to develop the career low of Rishi or non career of other Kapoors, say Randhir Kapoor?!

    When they didn’t have power then, what’s the power now? Underworld connections? Heard Rishi same something like that in his book. What can scare even Sallu? He destroyed Vivek career tho he also from filmy family. So why not Rk?!

  3. Ananya says:

    Loved reading this article Admin. Well written.

    On one side, I totally understand why Ranbir is the way he is. All his life he’s surrounded by such ppl, how else will he turn out. His legacy have tales to tell of how to Ill treat women, to be arrogant snobs. And women in family toe the line along. So obviously he might be expecting women in his life to do the same and think it’s cool to be like this. I don’t know, I know it’s no excuse but sometimes upbringing has lasting impact.

    Again I’ve never wondered why Rishi is like this. Aren’t all Kapoors like this, mistreating women, alcoholic, abusive, arrogant as if born into royalty? I don’t think it has anything to do with sexualities of his wife or son. Not that he’ll be unaffected but even despite that I feel he’ll be the same. What I feel is, he has complexes, superior mostly and hence the grudge of not being able to make it big despite starting on good note. Look at khans, even at this age while he who had to take up father roles way before. Didn’t he face career low also. All that ego!

    Though amusingly I remember I’ve always wondered how did Rishi had such an introvert, well spoken, sanskari son back in 2008 & attributed it to maybe his mother being good. Boy how wrong was I in all terms?!

    A curious question, is there any Kapoor member in the family who is actually nice and don’t carry the obvious genes?!

  4. naughtytrini says:

    Spot on comparing Rishi to trump, I for one love rishi and I think even through all his tantrums I will still love him. He gave some really great movies that I always go back and look at over and over again. He is a legend. How he is like that, we can only guess, he shows a different side when he is under the liquor and I think especially at weddings he acts more outrageous, maybe he is sour because ranbir havent found that special love as yet and he cant marry off his son, is like how fathers cant wait to marry off their daughters, rishi cant wait to marry off his son and sadly that dont seem like it will happen in the near future. With his moody ways do we really have to wonder why neetu is the way she is? or why ranbir is living such a troubled life? Rishi didnt age well, both in looks and mannerisms. He should take a page of dharmendra. Now that is a man to look up to and his beautiful wife hema malini. I hope I could age as gracefully as those two. As for that incident with salman, salman have a right to be mad and also have a right to put rishi in his place. Salman takes care of his family, he never disrespected rishi family, how dare he disrespect salman’s family. Just because you are an elder doesnt give you a right to open your trap anyhow and anywhere. Salman dissed him good and rishi deserved it, maybe he will stay quiet for a spell, hopefully. I dont think salman is mad with them about how they treat Kat, or yeah i had to bring her up, kat made her choice and left him to be with ranbir, I think salman thinks she got what she deserved from them, there is no bad feelings there, I think salman is more sour that a stupid little boy like ranbir could take away his girl and that is where the bitterness lies and that is why i could say i know that salman will never look at kat the way he used to because he knows in her eyes he is second best and salman will never be second best to noone.

  5. Samantha says:

    U see how JUICY n BOLD old articles used to be.. now we have paid gossips like Alia blushed; Iulia n Katrina fight over Sallu… etc etc..

  6. Samantha says:

    Such a lovely LOVELY article!! Just pray that Rishi Kapoor doesnt get ur site blocked! lol!!!

    Loved the 2 conclusions by u.. EXACTLY my thought!

    His wife being lesbian or his son being gay with Ayan are the ONLY 2 reasons fr his anger issues.
    1 more reason can be: Fall of Ranbir Kapoor from being the blue eyed boy and Hot favorite to a drunk addicted loser! πŸ˜‰

  7. Monalisa says:

    Salman himself is no saint but Rishi’s action was totally uncalled for. Why yell at Seema for something Salman did. Salman had worked with Rishi in the past it must be something recent that triggered him. I think how the Kapoors treated Kat has something to with Salman’s anger.
    On the other hand, Salman and Ranbir never got along even before the Kat saga. Even before Ranbir’s debut, there was news of how Salman slapped Ranbir after they had a fight in a night club. Their fathers played the peacemakers that time. Does anybody know the reason for this fight? Was it because of something Ranbo said about Ash or Kat?

    • guest says:

      @monalisa this time it has more to do with rishi being mean to sohail’s wife for something salman did this is not about kat.

      salman slapped ranbir before his debut when he made a comment on ash at a night club at that time salman did not know he had slapped rishi’s son if I am not wrong salman did apologize to rishi for that incident. Salman worked in sawariya if had such problems with ranbir bfr kat saga salman would not have worked with ranbir . salman also appeared in APGK the problem started after kat cheated on salman with ranbir

    • Monalisa says:

      @guest Thanks for the info.

  8. Anon says:

    Wow so much vitriol in a single write up. Let the man be angry if he wants to be angry. I don’t think he needs to put an act both on and of camera. He is one of the few who remains real in BW despite of his legacy and fame. The man has his demons and short comings but don’t tarnish all his good work on screen just because he is hard to journos and gives it back rudely to keyboard warriors on twitter or because you think Neetu Singh might be a closet lesbian and Ranbir Kapoor a closet gay…I don’t get why it is not enough for an actor to be good on screen and be done with it in India. You want his personal life to be perfect too. This feels too intrusive. Look to actors like tom hardy, Micheal fassbender and leave their private lives alone

    • guest says:

      @Anon vitriol in about mistreatment of women. there are sections from rishi’s book you cant blame the admin from bringing them up. you are also contradicting yourself by blaming admin in bringing up sexual preferences of neetu and rk yet yourself brought into question sexual preferences of tom hardy, Micheal fassbender.

    • Hmmm says:

      But Ranbir himself posts gossip articles and leaks pics! How is that being private?

    • sweettooth01 says:

      ofcourse rishi can be a prick he wants to be..and if he can insult a humble person saying hes thr for mufth ka daaru and get away with it..we can calll him exactly what he is and get away with it..

      if he cant be nice to people..he cannot expect anything nice thtll be spoken abt him either..

    • Universal says:

      Hello Rishi ji!

  9. Nars says:

    Slowly everyone is getting to see that Kapoor family for who they are. U think Rishi is the only one abusing on social media? I saw screenshot of Radhima doing that samething.

    What has Alia seriously got herself into? Even this fake pr will affect her image in a negative way. Ranbir is a class A creep. Imagine he use to want to kiss te prettiest girls in acting class/school. Eewww

    I hope ppl stop inviting Rishi. Btw that internet pole joke made me bend over in laughter πŸ˜‚

    I guess Kat’s prayers are working just fine & karma is exposing these vile ppl for what they are!

    • Kiran101 says:

      @anon iltreatment of women and misogyny and also bad treatment of women who ur son dated and making snarky comments on them is not being real but being an asshole . His loose cannon mouth does not come from a place of honesty but comes from bravado that no one can touch him even if he illtreats people .
      He is an okay actor , people are calling out on false hype . How can you not want people to talk about his family’s ways of bullying and psychopathic ways like causing physical harm and releasing fake blinds and leaking private photos ?

  10. leaps says:

    Rishi keeps not only attacking people on twitter a while back DM screen shorts were shared by a girl where rishi was asking her if the girl has her own pic on her twitter profile he would like to talk to her because she is pretty. His misogynist and abusive behavior no longer comes as a surprise to anyone the way he has talked about girls RK dated to women Kapoor men were associated with in the past. Rishi hasn’t received the memo that such behavior is no longer welcomed by public

    If rishi had a problem, he should have talked to salman or his father going off like a lose cannon on sohail’s wife is stupid. neetu at this point has given up on trying to tame him so why would she stop him also her hypocritical attitude towards women is not unknown either . everyone knows salman is protective when it comes to his family Salman is 52 not a new comer at this point he longer feels the need to nice to people just because well he was never did the people he likes dislikes the world knows he was cordial with Kapoor when rk eloped with kat but this was the last straw.

    Alcohol is their escape because they are unable to cope all of them need counseling. Neetu was blamed by rishi for his failure and she herself blames Ranbir’s career failures to the women in his life

    @admin Rishi’s father was not exactly a role model father or a husband so rishi being the way he is no surprise neither is ranbir considering rishi’s obnoxious behavior. In Bollywood everyone lives in bubble and kapoors live within the kapoor bubble that is inside the Bollywood bubble. The only Kapoor who seemed balanced in real life to me was Shashi Kapoor he was extremely decent in public going by his interviews.

    • kiran101 says:

      After all this , the dark history of Kapoor men ‘s misogynistic ways Ranbir carrying the legacy further there are people who actually call them classy and trash Ranveer. Guess what all the actresses in spite of being ill treated by Kapoor scion(leak pictures, false blinds) and his family still praise him and do not come out with his psychopathic ways (like throwing PC in ocean to drown and watch the fun).

      There are other feathers in their c(r)aps ….they are racist too. The feeling of entitlement they have is astounding. Read Neetu Kapoor’s interviews on women Ranbit dated…you wont even feel sad for her who is a victim of abuse herself.

    • leaps says:

      @kiran101 i agree but actresses have to put up with having to praise ranbir because its an patriarchal set up and actress suffer the most by speaking up. I have read neetu statements being an outsider herself and been subject of abuse one would expect her to be kind but no she has the typical kapoor brat, entitled misogynist mind. All of them need counseling.

    • kiran101 says:

      @leap I agree but what pisses me off is these same women mock powerless men or outsiders who did them no harm like Kat comments on Vivek and DP’s comments on Ranveer (that she is a superstar but Ranveer has long way to go, would she say the same to Ranbir ?). And these same women expect solidarity when it comes to fighting misogyny and patriarchy in BW . If you think about it these actresses who complain wanted to be kapoor bahu so much that they did everything in their power to make it work…even lose their pride. Which further fanned the fumes of misogyny in kapoor family and also their entitlement.

    • leaps says:

      @kiran101 i am not aware of kat’s comments on vivek. but dp/rs they are dating for more thn 5 years now and know each other at a far more personal level thn any of us If she didn’t think much of ranveer she would not be dating or marring him if it was said in jest or as a sly remark those two people know. I didnt take what they say in press or interviews seriously anyway

      but I do think misogyny and patriarchy in BW is there if that was not the case Me Too that has reached the south film makers would have found its way to bw long ago

    • Monalisa says:

      PC is someone who was never romantically involved with Ranbir or any other Kapoor. Yet she herself never talked about the boat moving incident involving Ranbir during Anjaana Anjaani shooting. It was her mother who spoke about it last year. And she never took the hero’s name or the movie’s name and called it a prank that backfired on the hero which pissed him off because she knew how to swim. So I don’t think it is only the ladies who want to be Kapoor bahus who praise the Kapoors or never spoke against them. The Kapoor’s are very powerful and influential in the bollywood circles. That is the reason why despite the bad blood between him and Ranbir because of the Kat saga he never retaliated against Ranbir like he did with Vivek.

  11. Universal says:

    I remember watching few of his movies as a kid in late 90s. Clad in sweaters to hide his paunch looking like elder brother to most of his heroines. Seems arrogance and self centeredness is a kapoor trait.

    • kiran101 says:

      He was angry with Sridevi since she wore high heels to ‘Chandini ‘ premiere . Sridevi had to apologize for it.

  12. Kumar says:

    Both Ranbir and Rishi do not have any respect for women. They both are arrogant. Why Indian media is promoting ranbir as a superstar. Deepika is much bigger than Ranbir . Why ranbir should get paid more than Deepika is mysterious.
    Indian media should give credit the actresses. The audience should not watch sandy movie. It is a thrash.

  13. sweettooth01 says:

    wow loved the apt comparision between rishi and trump..it dint occur to me till u mentioned it and now its stuck..brilliant !!

    hes a prick and a bully..u know the kind who cant shout or talk to ppl they know will react, so they just divert all tht feelings towards easy targets..he obvsly cant complain abt loud music at the ambanis party can he..rahul seems like a gentleman who attended to his guests needs..
    like who does tht at someone elses reception..sucha spoilsport..

    and hes always rude to ppl on twitter, journalists and ppl who r nice n wont react and his wife ofcourse..he obvsly cudnt go n tlk to salman directly..none of his fights r ever direct with influential ppl..and how rude can smone be to mistreat journalists n say mufth ka daru..he is unbelievable..

    i feel sorry for neetu..she really had to take a lot of shit from this man..after seeing all this one myt expect her to be nice and warm to others who had rough beginnings but she absolutely mistreated katrina when rk was dating her..

  14. Pooja says:

    Lallu himself is like this y media complaint when they equally treated by lallu in same manner.3-4 day ago salim khan too threatening media when ask about arbaaz I know media should leave 80+ yrs old man alone but tone of salim khan was not right n endorsing betting too

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