Ranbir Kapoor getting sunkissed,

When it actually looks like he’s having a stroke!

Ranbir Kapoor getting sunkissed,

This is what happens when you go through girls like using tissue paper! Anyways, what is strange about this picture is that PinkVilla shared it at the beginning of February. It was originally from RK’s fan club, which shared the picture on Twitter that same day. After a few days, some websites claimed that Alia Bhatt took this picture except that it’s not possible unless she had a psychical out of body experience because the girl is right there in the picture with Ranbir. That’s right, she is probably telling Ranbir what her daddy, KJo, has planned for them and he’s laughing it out until his heart started hurting (as it happens with us all, sometimes).

The thing is, who shared this picture with RK’s fan club in February when Alia Bhatt posted her shot from the same place in January?

Ranbir Kapoor getting sunkissed,

Alia tagged her BFF, Akansha Ranjan Kapoor, in that picture. Maybe she took it. Or maybe RK’s BFF, Ayan Mukherjee, ran outside to take it. Who knows! Point is, why share it a month later? Is it to keep RK in the news?

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40 Responses

  1. Steffi says:

    See @Admin this is where I was coming from earlier…when I said that you and your site is biased against RK….just the hate is…..there are innumerable snaps (nudes and what not of your fav’s) all over Internet and you take pot shot at this one…which actually a harmless one…not reading any of the comments below as I know why this post was created in the first place….

    • Admin says:

      Wait! Aditya Roy Kapur has nudes? Where? Faster tell before we pass out!

      • Monalisa says:

        @admin You are forever getting accused of being anti-Hrithik, anti-Akki, anti-Katrina , anti-Salman or pro-Kangana, pro-Deepika site. Now add to the list anti-Ranbir and pro-Ranveer as well. Haha..

    • Anisha says:

      Thank you, Steffi. I guess you and I are the only ones who seem to like Ranbir here β€” for everyone else he’s devil’s incarnate.

      No one seems to have any problem with him posting a four-year-old gratuitous photo for nothing: https://www.pinkvilla.com/entertainment/photos/ranveer-singh-s-chiseled-body-sets-temperature-soaring-picture-398617

      Or inserting himself in another viral conversation: https://www.pinkvilla.com/entertainment/photos/after-shahid-kapoor-ranveer-singh-imitates-priya-varriers-wink-cute-selfie-398642

      • kiran101 says:

        You like Ranbir ? I thought you said you work in publishing industry and saw all these actors in close quarters… since you like Ranbir how can we take all the mud you throw on Ranveer is true ?
        Ranveer has PR … but Ranbir does not right. We all agree here that Ranveer is doing everything to be liked by people, he himself said it. We all also agree that Ranbir- KJo gang is trying to shove Ranbir as fantasy of every woman by mercilessly publishing pictures of women Ranbir slept with without their consent.

        Aneways your confession of liking Ranbir changes everything… BTW Ranbir did lot of Nanga dance in his debut movie only. Atleast now i get your hate for Ranveer.

        • Monalisa says:

          @kiran101 @leap @anisha Glad you finally admitted liking RK.
          Kareena revealed Ranbir read pinkvilla five times a day (down below is the link where there is video proof of her saying it). And he knows everything in bollywood she said on kwk. So obviously Ranbir himself is enough to be his own pr. (Or can call his pr team his personal team as per a previous blind).

          Another very intersting article written by pv (link below) where the writer explicitly state that Ranbir’s publicist hounded pv to remove a blind item they ran (without naming him) confirming the blind was indeed true. Yet the commentor claiming to be in publishing and always getting e-mails from Ranveer’s pr say Ranbir does not have pr.

          Atleast whatever Ranveer do in the name of pr or to gain attention he does it himself. Those pictures in the pv articles were posted by Ranveer himself on his instagram. He does not send personal pictures to his fan clubs on social media or send his pictures to gossip sites so they will write up articles and post them. Also Ranbir himself admitted he is anonymously on instagram (he needs to see what other actors are up to and gossip). Obviously only poor man’s Ranbir Kapoor will need things like social media and pr to promote himself.

      • leap says:

        @anisha, Steffi As far as comments go you two do realize the most flak ranbir gets is because of how he treats women. I am sorry i dont know about you people but atlesat I find it hard to like a man who recently used a dead linkup for PR for months I mean thats really pathetic even by his own set low standards.Hes 35 adult about time he learns to not use relationships/flings he had to stay in news/pr stunts. I mean Ranveer uses PR sure but is using dead linkups hell NO

  2. Nimi says:

    Every thing related to these two and Ayaan is always fake and orchestrated by KJo aunty. FAKE FAKE FAKE!!! lol
    Alia is bisexual. The thing is no one wants to hook up with her because she sounds like a 12 year old. She can never look sexy on screen only cute.
    KJo is desperately trying to get her to be a sex symbol that every actor wants to date but KJo forgot that yeh public hai sab jaanti hai πŸ˜‰

  3. Monalisa says:

    Also wasn’t there news about Alia dating some rich guy, Kavin Mittal, founder of a popular messaging application. Wonder if this news is true. Or is this also one of Kjo’s cooked up link up rumour to keep Alia in the news. I feel like Alia agrees to take part in whatever linkup rumour Kjo create to show that she is a desireable woman who has men falling all over her. I mean since she started her career the audience were saying she looked like a kid, no sex appeal, average looking..etc.. having co-actors falling for her people might see her desireable.
    Any idea Admin wheather the Kavin Mittal linkup rumour is true?


    • leap says:

      this seems fake to me first they tried selling Rk/Alia link thn not even a week passes this comes out of blue. Given Ranbir’s reputation which sensible man would be ok with his good friend being linked to him even for PR unless hes as also a bit mad

      • Monalisa says:

        @leap True that. I think along with Ranbir Alia is also on a mission to make her self look more appealing, sexy, desireable to the opposite sex.

        I think her backhanded (b**chy) comment towards Kriti stemmed from her insecurites. At the end of the day, most top bollywood heroines were always beautiful/hot/drop dead gorgeous and Alia is just an above average looker, with zero sex appeal. Kriti is tall, good looking, sexy, with a great figure. Alia knows that no matter how much her god father/mentor helps her in her career if a hot looking actress such as Kriti start to become more popular and more successful she could not achieve the stardom (ala DP level stardom). Because most moviegoers still will choose the beautiful and talented (sometimes only beauty if you look at Kat’s sucess during her peak) over an average looking talented actress with zero sex appeal or beauty.

        Pari is also an average looker so when Pari was pitted against Pari’s only plus point was she was a better actress than Alia but Alia has proven she is some what talented so Pari is no threat to her.

        But if actresses like Kriti, Disha, Kiara Advani improve their acting or star in successful movies they can easily surpass Alia. That’s her main insecurity and that’s why Alia agrees to be linked with all her co-star so she can look desireable to the audience.

        • leap says:

          @Monalisa I agree end of the day the leading lady needs to have a screen presence which dp has. Pari also came across as real (average looker but relatable was her USP like srk) unlike bratty, entitled alia in KWK first appearance. Pari is a better actress she is subtle ,her dialogue delivery and diction was much much better thn alia who seems to be deliver them like a speed train. One actress I have seen improve her delivery is kangana she has put in the effort to improve and it shows. I agree with you on alia insecurity reasons. The linkups ended up costing ranbir same will happen to alia

  4. leap says:

    Hey admin so was there any truth of any of linkups alia had after SYOT??. The girl seems to have perfected the art of faking relationship to another level . I doubt she ever think of being serious about them before she has reached the level deepika has today and by that time she will have fully labelled herself as female version of ranbir

    • Admin says:

      Alia gives off asexual vibes. She has the energy of a child. If it wasn’t for those Varun linkups, we would have pretty much believed that she is asexual but she does seem to be very career-centric. As in, she’s not willing to let anything come between her and her career.

      • leap says:

        @admin she has a mind of a child too as far as going by her interviews. I wont be surprised if she enters fake marriage too. Her career or a career curated by kjo. Kjo has trained her well she is fan of everyone she works with, she likes all of them, takes selfies with them unless you are doing well than she pulls a kjo e.g. saying pari needs a stylist. makes you wonder would she last long in Bollywood without kjo

        • Amanda says:

          If not KJo,Papa hai na… Now Ranveer is praising Alia left and right… Alia is shooting with both Ranveer and Ranbir………. If film with Ranbir doesn’t click,Ranveer hai na….

          • prvilla says:

            You know the irony is that as many dirty games kjo camp plays or as many outsiders they step on sooner or later with all these star kids just coming in,the inevitable will happen and Alia’s wig will be snatched by (you guessed it)ANOTHER STAR KID!It’s called karma..Enjoy the ride will it lasts though!I guess her and her dirty team are too busy planting fake blinds to notice what will be coming until their bubble is burst!

        • Admin says:

          you mean, she’s a little meanie on the inside? Maybe it’s the frustrations getting to her…She has to keep up right? First, her dad told her Pari was her only competitor and then, apparently now it’s Kriti.

          • Ananya says:

            Yeah I’ve wondered this. I mean I’m just curious about who the real Alia is. Other than fake link ups we never get to hear any other rumour or blinds about how she is as a person.

            When she came first she was a blabbering mouth and really stupid. Now she gives the vibes of someone really serious about craft and is into it only and is a nice persona. Cordial with all. But what is she in real? Do you have any light to throw on this Admin?

            That kriti incident in bff show, for a moment I felt like her kjo pasted mask slipped and the real her came out.

            Same with Vidya. Who is the real Vidya? Is she really this bold funny not into competition cat fights focusing on work only matured impressive lady? Or is there a mask there? She seems to be the only one to ha’ve a nice friendship with Kangana and someone Kangana also says good about.

            So what’s the real deal with these two in question Admin? Do you have any idea about the real personalities of them???????

          • Hmmm says:

            I feel Alia is calculative and is friendly with the likes of Deepika and Katrina because they are zero threat to her and also vice versa for Katrina and Deepika- she poses no threat to them. Her “friendships” with Pari and Sharada never lasted. I think her real friends are outside Bollywood.

            One thing i notice with Bollywood females is that genuine friendships amongst female peers is fake or rare. Most have friends who pose no threat e.g Kareena-Amrita A or Sonam-Jacline. Only PC and Deepika seemed genuine for 5 mins and now that too has crumbled. So different in Hollywood. Look at how supportive JLaw, Emma Stone Brie Larson etc are of each other.

            As for Vidya and Kangana they seem to be the only two genuine actresses in B-town who don’t put on a fake act. Funnily enough they are the only two high profile actresses I would also classify as talented and intelligent.

          • leap says:

            @admin To be a mean girl you dont need your dad . I think she is insecure about her position and these mean remarks on outsiders are an result of her insecurity. I would like to see her swin in bw without kjo by her side like DP. Is it not odd that she went after pari not being stylish enough when people said pari as one to have a bright future. or now kriti as someone she doesn’t know when kriti’s two movies did fairly well Also has she ever made such a remark about a star kid???. If pari had same kjo benefits as alia do you think she would be as lost as she is today?. Pari ruined her chances by going for bad scripts

          • Nars says:

            A big woman isnt a “meanie” she is downright a “biatch”

            She might not be a A+ student as general knowledge but she is a smart cookie. As a B grade filmmakers daughter with an average amount of talent (and hardwork) she is doing so well. It is all because she knows how to play the game

          • leap says:

            @Nars she has been taught to play the game well too. she seems smart because she has grown up in the bw bubble all these star kids have the advantage of not learning by hit and trial like outsider on how to play the BW game they have grown up seeing it being played around them

    • Hmmm says:

      Alia’s sister Pooja Bhatt was for the most part a woman’s woman never making petty comments about her contemporaries. She is also quite articulate. Alia on the other hand… Good grief what a bimbo. Throwing shade for no reason at Kriti. Bollywood will go down the tube if this girl is the future.

  5. Sara says:

    No matter what he does I can’t seem to like him some girls are actually crazy about him i just dont get it! And no personality at all!

    • Admin says:

      We have said it before: House, money and status!

      • No one says:

        Admin, do you know what happened to that RK Delhi wali GF… Her Bf got so pissed off (back then) they had so many fights and broke for sometime, but then Delhi wali Gf had no other option, but to get back to his BF and he asked her to get marry or leave… She married him in a small celebration, whereas she wanted a Grand wedding with all Delhi sho-shaa… She is married to him for almost a year now.

        I really feel sad for the woman whom RK cheated, He has No idea; how his philander ways destroys a Girl life .. Even she wanted to became a actress , also went to Mumbai during her breakup with his BF, but Got NO LUCK , even after being in page 3 news .. RK is so mean.

        • Admin says:

          Who is this one? Is she the one that the media claimed RK was engaged to and it turned out to be false?

        • leap says:

          @No one Ranbir is 35! hes a certified Casanova has shenanigans of lord byran his way of treating women is well knows now. God knows when women of the planet will realize when you date a man like that you are the rule not the exception that suddenly he will change his ways for you. should one feel sorry for these girls yes but I also feel like now saying ” honey you were asking for this lesson be glad you are out of the mess”.

        • ABC says:

          Which GF is this? I never heard about it.

  6. b52bomber says:

    RK’s pathological narcissism knows no bounds! Could not care less about him.

    Perhaps all of this also suggests that Alia Bhatt is a lesbian and these alternating fake relationships with Varun Dhawan/Sid M/RK are a continuous cover up/distraction. One, they keep her (and the other party) in the news. Two, no one asks the real question – who is she really dating/sleeping with (just the same way it works for Sid M). Because, unlike producers (KJo, Ekta), actors do circulate through way too many “bearding” arrangements to keep up appearances for public perception/box office.

  7. Nars says:

    Get married and give kjo some babies already.
    Tak gayi hoon mein yeh sab dhek ka.

    I am not watching that dumb Ayan Mukarjee movie. Alia and Ranbir are good actors but i do not care for them.

    I rather watch Fakeena and Ranveer – who are pr genius but have star freaking quality. To hell with KJO and his entire stupid camp. Urg urg urg!!

  8. Hmmm says:

    This picture is so staged and fake it is not even funny. Who’s dumb idea is this? What is the point? I’m not even in films but even I know that it is more important to have a good script and performances than this silly nonsense to make a film a hit. Seriously Ranbir and Alia have rocks for brains to keep participating in this PR nonsense.

  9. Anisha says:

    Hi Admin, look at the font on the water bottle: it’s in Hebrew. It was taken when they went to Israel over the New Year’s.

  10. Amanda says:

    Probably RK thought he should post irrelevant articles in PV just like his ex girlfriends keep doing.. And also maybe he doesn’t have any other stories to leak….

    • prvilla says:

      @Amanda Atleast one of his ex gf’s still has a relevant career and successful boyfriend to boot!(go figure)!I guess anything to buy more time in Btown!Kuch aur drama nahi tou yahi sahi..

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