Ranbir Kapoor does not want to say he broke up with Katrina Kaif

For some reason, Ranbir Kapoor still wants to play mind games with the audience and the media. Why else would he say that he doesn’t want to confirm that he has broken up with Katrina Kaif? Know why? Because they never even confirmed that they were together in the first place. Speaking of breaking up with Katrina, rumour has it that Ranbir’s parents have been going around trying to find a girl from a rich family, notably in Delhi, to settle down with Ranbir. They found out through their daughter, Riddhima, who also married a rich guy from Delhi. An appointment was set up and when Rishi and Neetu Kapoor met up with the family, the father was more interested to know the reason behind Ranbir and Katrina’s breakup. He also wanted to know if Ranbir was still in touch with Katrina or is he completely done with her? Could the father be some sort of gossip journalist in hiding? Needless to say, Rishi got upset and got out of there with wife in tow. Well, what else do they expect? Ranbir was living in with Katrina and people knew about it. When Rishi proudly said that his son should have all the fun before settling down, why is he upset now when someone brings up Katrina? Anyways, check out what Ranbir Kapoor said about his breakup.

Ranbir KapoorΒ Interview

Ranbir Kapoor does not want to say he broke up with Katrina Kaif


Ranbir Kapoor on breaking up with Katrina Kaif

I’ve not even said that I’ve broken up you know, don’t feel the need to talk about it. My personal life is very dear to me and what my relationship with Katrina is, was and will always be very influential in my life. Whatever I shared with her, I hold it very dear to me, there is no sense of bitterness, no negativity.

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  1. Kiera says:

    hard to have negativity when he is the one showering negativity on his gfs. Why do these actresses go crazy over him? Can’t just be his charm, must be the family name and prestige that comes with being a Kapoor bahu too? Hmm…

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