Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone join hands to sell you paint

Yes, that’s right! Paint…That removes bacteria…

First, here’s the ad:

It would have been apt if this ad was set in a hospital because that’s the vibe it gives and also, paint to remove bacteria is perfect for the hospital!

Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone join hands to sell you paint

Anyways, Ranbir looks tired and has been on auto-pilot mode for a while now. Deepika appears to have gotten thinner. She looks low on energy. It has been like this with her onscreen for a while now. Did she put all of her energy on her wedding? We thought we were over thinking this so we checked a random ad and yes, she looked great then. Now, there seems to be a lack of energy going on.

Their pairing has been hyped so much. It is what it is: hyped. When people know you are trying hard, it does not work anymore. This is what The Quint mentioned while promoting this ad:


Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone join hands to sell you paint

There’s nothing there anymore. It’s high time they retire their pairing and work with others. Why beat a dead horse? Speaking of horses and tranquilizers, here’s what Ranveer said when he was asked about whether he feels jealous of Ranbir and Deepika’s pairing:

Do I seem like an insecure person, really? I am not an insecure type at all. I am extremely secure in who I am and what I am. I know that nobody can love her the way I do, so it’s cool.


Now we know what Ranveer can do if Ranbir tries to do anything fishy. He might just do this the minute he spots Ranbir.

Image result for laughs sorry gif

So, what do you think of this ad? Disappointed or Satisfied? In the paint or in the ad?

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22 Responses

  1. Miss says:

    RK wanted some buzz since no one is talking about him since the time he is dating Alia. Just like last time he requested Asia paints to forcefully host a show this time he asked for an ad and Asian paints came up with this clueless ad out of no where.

  2. Shefu says:

    What works in this ad is these two characters are friends, not a couple. So they played it well. For those who blame Deepika for having hots for Ranbir, I don’t understand their mentality. Why do we always blame a woman? Why is Ranbir always spared? Why does a woman need to be so Sati Savitri? Just because she is with Ranveer? When Ranveer does not have any problem, or rather when Deepika has made peace with her past and can face Ranbir; who are we to be a morale police? Even Jennifer and Brad Pitt are back to being cordial friends now. And how Brat left His wife Jennifer back then was quite harsh.

    • Scarlett says:

      People say she has hots for him coz she opens her mouth n says weird shit about him all the time…talking about his boxers, their cosmic connection n what not…..even after marriage….kind of like kissing his ass at times…shows a lack of self respect after a point..while he does not ever talk about her unless specifically asked….that too with a restrian n distance…

    • Kiran101 says:

      @scarlett what you said is true… but Ranbir is no longer the desirable like he was in the past,even he knows it or else he wud not have fallen for someone like Alia in the part ..no less than Super model looks.

      Even youth from his face is gone…

      I am making this up ” desirability curve” peaks and starts falling . There was a time like salman even Ranbir was desirable and got the best BW girl…once u peak there is only one way to go…down. When it starts to go down the girls start dumping them.

      Ranbir killed his own desirability … proving that he cant belong to any1…so everyone knows there is no rosy aspect, no longer invites envy , he already showed his hand. Like salman girls will now associate with him to advance his career .

      Money and kapoor tag are great additions to him but there are so many strings attached , women started to see it …and hence for the above reasons i do not think DP is hung up on RK.

      As to why she talks nonsense cud be due to residual feelings for him. It was probably about what he once was…

    • Soumya says:

      Maybe because she is trying so hard to show that she is over him and has no hard feelings towards him that she ends up going in the opposite direction? God knows I like Deepika as actor but the woman is not very eloquent at the best of times.

  3. Two cents says:

    What a boring ad! Besides, I have never been a fan of DP’s school-teacher like voice when she gives gyaan. But she looks lovely; she makes the ad watchable and RK bearable. They do look good together. Her screech at the end was quite cute πŸ™‚

  4. m says:

    Looks like Deepika still has hots for him. She just can’t hide it.

  5. Ananya says:

    Ad was meh. Deepika looked really beautiful. I actually liked her here. The concept is boring yet they both make it watchable. Rk also looks good in a long time. For a long time I haven’t seen his eyes alive. This kind of brought back their Bunny Naina banter a bit.

    Lol it’s funny you say it’s a dead horse. But someone here pointed it out right, despite that there’s an article on their ad even here. When I haven’t seen positive or negative articles on real life couples like Saifeena or Ajay Kajol or Srk Gauri ads!

    • Monalisa says:

      Asian Paints always do this. Remember last year they did some event with both DP and RK and we got tons of articles about that event and their jodi. Same with this ad. They are plugging it everywhere. That is how they are marketing their product.

  6. Guest says:

    So are they signed on for a movie together or is it add a test run to see if they are still bankable as a on screen pair

  7. Ana says:

    shes still into him for some weird reason, Ranveer might be good in bed, but he is a clown

    • Nefarious says:

      @Admin, am.not in sync with the view that they look bored
      For once he is not around Alia and his eyes light up .

      However, am still wondering how throigh this ad ppl can deduce DPs still into him?

      I dont think shes into him at all. I feel she secretly hates him

  8. NewGirl says:

    Meh ad but they look gorgeous together!

  9. lol says:

    To be honest I think Deepika put on weight and she looks healthy these days. Back then Deepika was as thin as a stick. Check her pictures in sarees (2014-2015-2016 ) you can literally see her bones. These days she looks chubby and cute.

    As for low energy — maybe it maybe just that the concept of ad is too basic to create any sort of feeling of energy for the audience.

    Rk-Dp pairing usually creates a lot of buzz. Buzz enough for you write an article.And brand as big as Asian paints does it’s analysis before it pays huge bucks to get two big brand endorsers on board. So yeah Asian paints def think they being together in a brand will benefit the company. They def know business better than you do.

    You might not find the chemistry but I’ve seen many people loving them together. This couple is any day better than other bland pairings I’ve seen over the years.

  10. GH says:

    OMG these two are so amazing together.

  11. yuri says:

    Deepika has great screen presence, even in this ad. The ad was fine, nothing pathbreaking but these two do give off a great vibe together. Ranbir looks better than he has in awhile and deepika is always gorgeous. This does make me want to see them in a film together, so i guess it worked.

  12. LondonThumakda says:

    She looks gorgeous in the Axis bank ads tho …I am tired of seeing her in ads I want to see her in a MOVIE! when is chhapak scheduled to release…how is irrfan doing any chance of that vishal bharadwaj movie ever getting made (i mean i hope he gets better anyway not just for this!).. i heard a rumour SLB is making a movie on heera mandi with deepika and priyanka…does anyone have any inside goss on this…

    • Anon says:

      @London- I KNOW. it has been way too long. Irrfan is in full recovery but unfortunately it seems that Vishal is on to his next film, allegedly with Priyanka. I hope they get back to Sapna Didi, even if by next year.
      I think Chhapak will be out end of this year or early next year. DP will start shooting for it soon.

      Unrelated but really enjoyed her at the IAA World Congress. Did you get a chance to see it? She was at her most candid best, such a lovely, heartfelt chat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7WnYGzMi54

    • LondonThumakda says:

      @Anon I hadn’t thank you for the link! badaam and nariyal pani lol bless her paavam southindian heart.. as the host said its depressing to hear that someone like her didn’t read a compelling enough script for a year..

      i felt like when she responded to the #metoo question there was some subtext there, like she had seen her share of sh1tty behaviour and was worried the movement had died out too soon..

  13. Kiran101 says:

    There is so much pressure on real life couples to look like onscreen Ranveer-Deepika , Kajol- SRK, HR-Aish or even Ranbir-Deepika that even Ranveer-Deepika real life couple are under pressure to be perfect couple in public …otherwise divorce rumors will start to fly.

    Even then ppl are not satisfied they blame them for being different in public and private.

  14. Rami says:

    LOL, deepika looked great and fit,plus,she has a aura on screen. The Alia and RK comparison with their recent Logo for their film,and deepika and RK, in the AD, I believe the paint will do pretty well for it’s self! Honestly, I just can not see Alia and RK as couple ,they look too tepid !

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