Rakhi Sawant is more entertaining than Koffee With Karan

So what happened was, we were supposed to watch Koffee with Karan, but Rakhi Sawant happened and there was no way we were not going to see this. For some reason, we knew this would be better than any episode of KWK. You can’t make up this sh!t!

Rakhi Sawant is more entertaining than Koffee With Karan


Rakhi Sawant has done it again! After being sued for defamation by Tanushree Dutta after she went on a rampage and made everyone laugh at her shocked with her comments. Tanushree did the right thing that instead of responding to Rakhi, she hit her with a defamation case. Instead of calming down, Rakhi went even crazier further by doing another press conference and this time, it was unbelievable. We thought the first time it was unbelievable, but this time….Wow!

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Rakhi Sawant is more entertaining than Koffee With Karan

First of all, she came this time to the press conference looking like if she stepped out of some saas-bahu show or maybe she was going to the temple after this! Now she is going around dressed like that giving interviews saying about what Tanushree did to her. Watching this video, we don’t know whether the police should be called or the mental hospital. Don’t know whether to laugh or cry! Either way, this shi!t is crazy!

Rakhi Sawant accused Tanushree Dutta of raping her years ago. She accused Tanu of using her fingers not for eating, but for doing wrong things. And then she tells a bunch of things that Tanu did to her while going like this:

Bear in mind that Rakhi is going on and on what Tanu did to her and then, she keeps on pointing out that Tanushree lied about her Nana Patekar allegations. She keeps on pressing how Nana is a good man and how all those women in the industry are lying when they said they have been harassed by Bollywood people. She is acting like Trump in a desi wig!

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In this video, she also attacks Daisy Shah who supported Tanushree. She goes on to give advice to girls coming to Bollywood. She then asks Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, to start ‘Aadmi bachao’. She goes on to say that since #MeToo has happened, now #HeToo must happen and #Shetoo must happen. While speaking, she literally says that Tanu was her best friend and they used to go everywhere together!


Yeah, we can’t make this up.

She seems to be so obsessed with Tanushree. Why?

On top of that, BollywoodHungama thought they should give her more airtime and interviewed her:

She sang and did some moves, aside from talking crazy again. They even had her do, “Hi, this is Rakhi Sawant and you are watching BollywoodHungama.” And, SHE ACTUALLY DID THIS:

Sure, her allegations might be true because we are supposed to listen to every victim. But then when you listen to Rakhi going on and on about how these victims have lied, how Alok Nath is such a nice man, Anu Malik never touched her despite being in a room with her for four hours or how Nana is the gem of Maharashtra – you know that something is not right with her up there and she is just looking for attention.

How can you say someone is a lesbian and then, say that she is a girl on the outside but a man on the inside? This seems to be a competition for Rakhi because she keeps on telling the media at her press conference that if you guys listened to Tanu, you have to listen to me too. She also pulled out her phone and showed something to the media that will give them nightmares! Basically, she just showed the media how girls can protect themselves. She was actually laughing while showing the video that her pantless in it with a lock covering her instead and then played it off like she was crying. What nautanki!

Tanushree Dutta today responded to Rakhi Sawant’s crazy allegations:

“For those uninitiated in the art of guerrilla war tactics: Smear campaigns never run fair or square. So just to set the record straight: I’m not a drug addict, I don’t smoke or Drink and im most definitely not a Lesbian. Infact I’m too much of a woman for this Partriachal and misogynistic cesspool to handle. Hence the perverted character assassination attempts to shut me up!! It’s clearly not working.Lets not make a jokery of such a serious movement that can potentially bring positive changes of mindset in our society.” – Tanushree Dutta


Can you imagine, Tanu is fighting her battle and on top of that, she has to ward off this silliness as well! What is wrong with Rakhi?!

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17 Responses

  1. nousername says:

    Karan Johar is so last century. His last hit movie as a director was about 20 years ago!! Koffee with Karan is so last decade! Who even watches it anymore? He is such a huge attention-seeker like mean girls from high school and such a turn off.

    I would rather watch Vodka with Rishi Kapoor because that would at least ensure some non-scripted content and not the plain old recycled garbage. Its time to move on.

  2. Ron Faulkner says:

    Hi Admin , Did you get to watch Koffee With Karan? Need your tadka wala analysis

    • Admin says:

      Trying to find the perfect tadka masala to add to that tadka-less episode first then it will happen. For now, TaTa TouTou ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Ron Faulkner says:

        True That. I wish Simi Garewal came back with her old show from the 90’s . Though she came across a tad bit pretentious, her interviews were always well conducted.

    • Rashmi says:

      please do not still here Koffee With Karan! I’m so tired of this media hype and quoting silly gossip. How can a person with intelligence be interested in this?

    • Anon says:

      @Rashmi, media hype and silly gossip is exactly what blind items and pretty much this site is about. If a “person with intelligence” can take interest in Bollywood celebrities and blind items, what’s with the holier than thou attitude when it comes to a celebrity chat show?

    • Rashmi says:

      is it a joke? blind items are often true. blind items is the fast-food life of bollywood. Koffee with Karan this idiotic show with the same questions and vulgar jokes. if you don’t see the difference, then I’m sorry for you

    • Anon says:

      @Rashmi Absolutely no need to feel sorry for me. I am doing very fine because unlike you I don’t feel the need to put down a person on the internet/ talk in a condescending manner just because I disagree with their opinions.

    • Rashmi says:

      if you really read carefully, the words โ€œI feel sorry for youโ€ were fully in the context of โ€œif you donโ€™t see the difference between the blind and ะšoffee with Karanโ€ and only in this case. I will say this to anyone who thinks that a jaguar and a kitten are one and the same, just because it is a kind of cat, but the difference between them is obvious.

  3. Nars says:

    Rakhi needs a psychological evaluation done on her. God only knows the torture she has been through and why she thinks she has to be the sole woman to fight for these filthy men

  4. ESSpa says:

    This is just disgusting. Rakhee has accused another woman of sexual assault, which is a serious matter. Sheโ€™s carrying on in the most horrible manner. This is attention-seeking beyond the pale, particularly dreadful after what Tanushree has gone through! There may be some lesbians who have assaulted other women, but they are in the extreme minority around the world. Can we please do away with this archaic and homophobic stereotype of the sicko lesbian preying on unwilling women? And lesbians are not men on the inside, wtf.
    What I have to say to Tanushree is that you being or not being a lesbian is not really the point. You and Rakhee may be straight and may still have experimented with each other. Who cares if you were both adults and single? Or Rakhee is lying through her teeth, which Iโ€™m inclined to believe. What matters is – did you coerce her to have sex? I donโ€™t think you would have. But Iโ€™m sick of people resorting to appalling stereotypes of sexual minorities to accuse or to defend. Itโ€™s harmful in a country where sexual minorities have only just been decriminalized, and so much wrong info still circulates. Sorry about the long rant, folks, but Iโ€™m gobsmacked and furious!

  5. Ana says:

    Rakhi is a huge embarrassment for all women .. courts should order her not to open her mouth and not appear in public. What a disgrace, Sunny Leone is more dignified than her.

  6. Leaps says:

    Victim should be heard but rakhi needs to be sent to a counselor.

  7. Rashmi says:

    Rakhi Savant is the level of the lowest journalism, like the Bollywood Hungama. Only Faridะพะพn can interview such as Rakhi. by the way Faridะพะพn is a big fan of Hrithik Roshan and Rakhi by his own admission

  8. NewGirl says:

    Rakhi is entertaining usually but here, i just wanted to slap her. Itโ€™s not funny.

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