Rakhi Sawant comes out in support of Bollywood & Maharashtra

Over the past week, so much has happened. So many allegations and threats, nothing unusual from anything that has been happening since June 2020 but this time it became a much more serious matter, courtesy of Kangana Ranaut.


It’s exhausting to get into details on what went on but this whole drama caused Bollywood people to come out in support of Maharashtra. From all the support shown on social media, Rakhi Sawant’s videos on Instagram were probably the best ones. Best, as in the most fun ones. Rakhi’s words told in a manner that will make you burst out laughing. It really is funny and the lady drops a few bombs on the way like reminding everyone how Kangu once wanted to be Salman’s close friend and so on!

We were wondering where Rakhi has been since Kangana made her official debut on social media. If you know Rakhi’s, she has always said silly things but when it’s done by her, you know it’s harmless because it’s Rakhi Sawant – Maharashtra’s local artist, wrestler, and reality show star. When it’s done by Pamashree National Award Winning Kangana Ranaut, it becomes a national matter and soon after, a debate between political parties.


Even though for reasons best known to her, Kangana said what she said, the government now has to provide her security in case something happens to her when she reaches Mumbai.

Back the Rakhi Sawant, here’s a compilation of the videos she made about this issue:

Since it’s in Hindi and at times in Marathi, here’s a short summary of what she is talking about.

  • Rakhi mentioned she entered Bollywood at the same time as Kangana.
  • Β Kangana’s nature is when no one listens to her, she starts speaking nonsense and badmouthing everyone.
  • One of Kangana’s dirty habits is to have affairs with married men then claim they did her wrong.
  • Rakhi said that Kangana shouldn’t take advantage of Sushant’s death to get publicity for herself.
  • Kangana is a case of sour grapes since she failed to get Salman Khan or any other stars interested in her.
  • Kangana is sitting (don’t know where) and badmouthing Bollywood stars.
  • Maharashtra is where many people come to make their dreams come true.
  • Rakhi’s advice, if you want to stay in Maharashtra: work, make your dreams come true and go back home, but don’t speak nonsense about this state and its people.
  • Rakhi asked Kangana not to make Maharashtra sound like the Taliban!

Technically, Taliban is not a state or city but it’s Rakhi so who really cares?!

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One thing with Rakhi, she is entertainment. Don’t take her too seriously, take it with a pinch of salt. Why this lady doesn’t have her own channel beats us? She should have a channel where she is giving her comments on everything ala Taki Sawant on YouTube.

Anyways, Kangana has yet to respond to Rakhi. Doubt she will…

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But…Why is Kangana making these comments about Bollywood when she has to come back and work there? Does she want them to hand over Bollywood to her or something? Because it doesn’t make sense she is just randomly making these comments about the same city and industry that made her famous. Comparing Mumbai to POK or saying Bollywood is an Islam-dominated industry? Is it?

To be fair, we know all her complaints against Mumbai and Bollywood will eventually push someone out to tell her the obvious, which is to not come back if she’s so unhappy with Mumbai and Bollywood. It’s the same as when KJo told her not to work in Bollywood if she doesn’t like it.

So much ado about nothing, over silly things like this when there are so many serious issues that the country is dealing with.

Maybe because now that her theories about SSR’s death don’t add up, there has to be another way to remain connected to all this mess and stay relevant.

By the way, did anyone catch that interview she did with Arnab about drugs in Bollywood? Did you notice how Arnab was on his best behavior, speaking softly with respect. He was not at the studio but at his home doing the interview. We are guessing before the interview, he told Kangu: Psst, Kangana. Let’s talk quietly in hushed tones, my wife is sleeping in the next room. We cannot make any noise! Ready?

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Together with Arnab, Kangana has made SSR’s death all about how bad the industry and its people are but mostly about her struggles with the Bollywood mafia, namely Karan Johar and Hrithik Roshan. It’s weird that she claimed that every party has drugs and everyone does drugs but when it came to giving examples, she only had the experience of this superhero and his family doing drugs and an alleged overdose story to talk about. It means that the other parties she has been to did not have the same environment. She has been invited to just a few high profile parties, which according to her was because of her closeness to the same superhero.

Think about it.

If she was witness to KebabJo, Aloo or Raymond doing anything like that, she would have happily out them already. This means that she doesn’t and she was only privy to what happened to that superhero because they were working together at that time.

After this, no outsider will be invited to these high-profile parties. No insider will get chummy or friendly with any outsider from now on. Unlike SSR, Karthik, Kangana and so on, no other famous outsider will get to experience what it is like to be in an inner circle. It’s also because these things won’t happen anymore. KJo is not going to be the same as he was before. The circle has become even smaller now!

What about Kangana? What does the future hold for her in Bollywood? She has successfully alienated most high-profile personalities, what will happen now? She has started her own production company so if she wants to make movies, she can. As for producers and directors signing her, she brings publicity to every project irrespective of whether it is positive or negative. Those who don’t care about her off-screen shenanigans will still want to work with her! Besides, she has a friend in producer Shailesh R. Singh so she’s pretty much safe.

P.S. Has anyone find out yet who Vicky Kaushik is?Β 

Jennifer Lawrence Winks For The Audience On a Talk Show

Maybe try asking Catherine Kaif!

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Take care and stay safe, everyone. This act of God is not going to go away anytime soon. Wear masks and keep your distance. ✌❀

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6 Responses

  1. JaNa says:

    Come on Admin we need some more articles in support if Rhea. We believe she is innocent.
    We will defend her till our last breadth.

  2. Hmm says:

    The way I see it,

    The era of superstardom is over in Bollywood. The last of the stars are the Khans and to an extent,Hrithik, Akshay and Ajay Devgn. Nobody will have the type of fandom these ones once had. The audience today are less likely to blindly love an actor or actress like before. No one will attain the superstardom these ones had or be able to retain it for as long as these ones had before the scandal.
    Bollywood will suffer huge losses. Dharma Production as well as YRF will be really affected especially if at the end of this scandal, top people go to jail. Already hearing Rhea has mentioned top Bollywood names in the drug scandal. Unless a really big miracle were to happen, if Dharma Productions, YRF and associated Bollywood folks survive the storm, i can guarantee that it will be much harder for an outsider to come in as they will be very wary of giving any a chance. Even if they did, such ones won’t be welcomed into their inner circles.
    Actors/actresses will not be able to get the really big bucks anymore. Production houses would rather pay another actor less rather than beg an actor demanding more as the audience are more receptive to newcomers than ever before and are disappointed with those they were previously fans of. More and more people are now open to OTT platforms and may not go to the cinemas like before. Also, brand ambassadorship which was the major source of income for these stars may not be as lucrative anymore as companies will be wary about paying big bucks to Bollywood stars as a scandal can destroy their reputation. Thanks to social media, reputation that takes years to build can be destroyed in seconds by a tweet, whether it is true or false. I think Deepika has lost significantly in this area.
    I think people like Sonam, Alia, Sonakshi and Ananya may have to kiss their careers good bye. I think star kids coming up are going to struggle harder because the default mode of people right now is to dislike and criticize the film without even watching it. So even when a star kid is good, the audience may not see it. That being said, i think sites like IMDB need another way of rating films as people who haven’t watched a film can just go and dislike it. It’s just wrong.
    Sadly, SSR’s last film will eventually be called overrated, especially with its high rating in IMDB. Many people watched it out of sentiment and when this is over or if future generations see it, they’ll call it “overrated”. I’m sure unlike films like HANK, DDLJ, KKHH and the others, people wouldn’t watch Dil Bechara or any of SSR’s films over and over again to make them classics.
    The love Ankita is getting now will not translate to box office success for her. After the frenzy with SSR is over, she’s not going to get film offers many assume she’ll get. And even if Kangana’s production house becomes a success, I doubt Kangana will want to share the glory. Manikarnika didn’t do anything for Ankita’s career, she barely had an impact.
    Kangana will get the fame. I see her becoming a big BJP politician (unless she’s caught in the negative side of a big scandal). Her production house may even go on to do very well but she may not end up happy. For one, she will never get the support of her contemporaries. Top actors will never work with her (that is if they are not in jail by the end of this scandal). Many people who are not stars but depend on the outcome of a film to survive will hate her as there will be significant job losses in Bollywood. A cinematographer recently declined to be part of her upcoming film. A lot of directors will be wary of working with her as she can destroy a director’s reputation and lay claim to his film. Isn’t it interesting that NONE of the people she has previously worked with (except Shekhar Suman who definitely has his own ulterior motive) has come out to support her?

    In her personal life, many men may be wary of entering into a relationship with her because she can easily turn on them and ruin their reputation if things go south. I don’t believe you can go about destroying people’s lives making wild claims that may not be true and it wouldn’t come back to haunt you in one way after another. Apart from that, humans are flighty in nature. The people praising her today may turn against her tomorrow. There’s also the possibility that history may not judge her kindly. The next generation of audience may see her as a bully who destroyed her contemporaries’s careers out of jealousy.

    All these are just possibilities. If there’s one thing the COVID-19 pandemic has taught me, i definitely can’t tell the future.

    Of course, there’s also the very slim possibility that when the pandemic is over and cinemas open, the status quo will continue.

  3. bollyrandom says:

    I honestly feel it’s going to be more difficult for an outsider to break into the big mainstream movies. The people who are already there might benefit. Also slowly with OTT coming into the picture, most of the smaller movies which outsiders tend to do, would no longer release in theaters. If the aim is to become stars, it is going to be much more difficult. Being invited to the inner circle is not about partying or drugs. That, at the end of the day it’s the individuals choice. It is about getting the big budget movies, which in my opinion is going to be much more difficult. One good thing hopefully is that we will see fewer bad star kids. Hopefully the average ones will no longer be lapped up by audience.

  4. Nefarious says:

    You make it sound like a bad thing, not being invited to the inner circle parties. these people are no benchmark in popularity or being cool- if anything they represent whats wrong with BW and India’s youth icons.. We dont have to be a Kangana to know that ranveer, ranbir , srk do drugs..BTW she has already outed Ranbir and Ranveer slyly ..

    I dont know about her career, but i hope the careers of other outsiders will look more promising after this….gawd knows we cant suffer ‘beyonce sharma jayei level crap anymore just cos they are nepo kids!

  5. shefu says:

    I love Rakhi from Day 1

  6. abcd says:

    I fully agree that outsiders wouldn’t be no more part of Bollywood’s inner circle. But people have at least realised that people like alia aren’t audience made stars but pr made stars. People will think at least once before comparing star kid with an outsider. Public will accept movies starring outsiders with open arms as compared to the trend of brainwashing done by star kids pr. Movies like Loot case did well. Sadak 2 had to bear the brunt of hatred from audience. So now kjo and his Minions will at least relate to how outsiders feel when their movies fail.

    I’m curious to know how would movies starring star kids fare at box office in future. Whether audience forgets all and accepts star kids or outsiders make good use of newly created goodwill would be interesting to see.

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