Priyanka Chopra promotes the first Hindi film on Jimmy Fallon’s Show

Priyanka Chopra‘s film ‘The Sky Is Pink’ became the first Bollywood film to be promoted on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Priyanka has been a regular on many American talk shows, including Jimmy Fallon’s show where she has been since the time she headed over to the U.S. for ‘Quantico’.

Apparently, ‘The Sky Is Pink’ is the first Bollywood film to be promoted on this show, which is kind of like the deal you get when you sign Priyanka Chopra for a film. Since she has been smart enough to maintain these connections, she gets to bring the films she’s on to a different kind of audience. Frankly, it was super cool to see them air a Hindi film bit with English subtitles!

After getting married, she appeared on the show and did this funny skit with Jimmy where he almost made her break the set up when he did that chest bump. Since we first saw it, we actually save the video to make the GIF to show y’all later. It’s really funny because she was so shocked that she laughed it off and he looked like he did it on purpose! Jimmy was probably like: Yeah, you stole my favorite Jonas! Boom!

Speaking of shows, PC has also had her own talk show that aired on her YouTube channel. No word on whether she will be having a second season. It all depends on how far her acting career goes.


For now, ‘The Sky Is Pink’ has not fared too well in India. It was just released at the wrong time! They should have opted for a safer release date.


By the way, Jimmy’s shows with Jennifer Lawrence have always been the best episodes!

If any other Bollywood star wants to promote the film on The Tonight Show, PC can help make that deal happen! Be that agent, like Pooja Batra used to do at one time!

Did you have a chance to see Priyanka’s comeback film?

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5 Responses

  1. Miss says:

    Wrong time to release? Really?? Any time of the year it would be the same result. PC is repulsive. However good the movie is, audience does not want to watch it if she is in it. Sad but true.

  2. yuri says:

    PC has been everywhere promoting this film, but it is still underperforming. Is this a case of overexposure? The movie got fairly good reviews too but it doesn’t necessarily feel like a film people will flock to theaters for when they know it will hit a streaming platform in a few months.

    • Rekha Rai says:

      I feel like it’s difficult for anyone to get people to the theatre to watch a film. It’s a global problem.

  3. Rekha Rai says:

    It was really cool to see Hindi language on Jimmy Fallon show since they showed the trailer, and all of the promos she did on The View etc were good, although they do ask her a lot of questions about her marriage with Nick in the beginning. I think Priyanka thinks that audience in Toronto like flat out loved the film, but mostly they just loved having the stars there, so they will cheer because they like celebrities and the celebs are there in the cinema watching. It wasn’t an amazing film, it could have been funnier, or more sad, or just more something. It was kind of middle of the ground, somewhat sad, somewhat funny. They could have focused on the relationship dynamic between the parents more, there were a few standout scenes from the brother and from Priyanka, otherwise.. it was bland. But it was nice to see PC back on the big screen. She should do more films and less Youtube, she’s a big screen kind of girl.

  4. Kit says:

    I don’t think it would have fared better if it had a safer release. I think Priyanka Chopra over estimated her ability to pull crowds into the theatres. She’s not a Rani Mukerji that had the support of a big production house, top stars who joined in promoting her last film and most importantly, a fan base that actually went to the theatres. Priyanka also offended some top stars and their fan base (e.g. SRK, Salman, Deepika, etc.)

    Also, i think her over exposure might have done her career more harm than good. You’ll think with her international network, the film would have had good numbers oversees but that didn’t happen. She shouldn’t stay too long from Bollywood movies if she still wants her career. Besides, new promising talents are coming up. Kiara, Sara Ali Khan and someone i can’t remember the name.

    The film may have been rejected by the audience because of Zaira Wasim’s statements though. It’s a pity because from what i hear, she shined way more than Priyanka.

    I have a feeling we might see the same thing when Deepika’s film gets released. So far only Vidya, Rani (Hichki), Kareena (VDW), Alia (Raazi) and Kangana (Manikarnika) have been able to have box office hits without a top star. The fact that Madaani 2 was attached to War means more people get to see the teaser hence more people would be interested in watching the movie. Vidya’s next also looks like a winner.

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