OSOP will be off in September because

we will be joining Salman Khan on his Da-Bangg – The Tour!

OSOP will be off in September because

Nah, we are just messing with you! We have a job and being jobless is the only requirement for this tour.

Earlier this week, Salman Khan went on Twitter to announce his mediocre tour, Da-Bangg: The Tour. It will be held in the UK and it’s the first time after many years that Sallu will be performing there. It’s also why he raised the standards of hiring performers for this tour. He added Sonakshi Sinha and Jacqueline Fernandez, as part of the raising standards. The rest of the gang are the same as from the first leg of the tour with the exception of Sooraj Pancholi and Kamaal Khan. Though on this tour, Salman left out Bipasha Basu and we have to wonder why? Is it because bringing her to the UK is a sensitive issue due to the thing she was involved in? Or is it because he saw no point in adding her to the tour because she brought no good to the first part of the tour.

We are wondering what songs will Sooraj Pancholi perform on? It’s nice of Salman to take him along since he can’t really take him to work under his home production anymore.

Did you know Salman once performed on stage in England in his mini/tiny shorts? That was in the 90s. He mentioned it in an interview taken a long time back when he was dating Aishwarya Rai. He was remembering how strict his dad was back then. What happened was, Salman wore those shorts on stage and the media went crazy. They reported how Sallu stripped down to his underwear on stage. His dad, Salim Khan, was mad when he heard all this. He sent word to Salman’s people that he should not return home because of his disrespectful behaviour. Salman had to fax him a picture of what he wore on stage to prove to his dad that he didn’t strip down to his underwear like the media reported.

OSOP will be off in September because


Anyways, we have to ask. If you are in the UK, Would you pay to see a 51 year old man dance in concert?

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5 Responses

  1. sefora says:

    So are you really going to be off in September?

  2. nefarious says:

    No Kat in the tour held in UK..

  3. Tina says:

    PS. What a convenient time for Kamal Khan to be back. Such a mockery of our judiciary system

  4. Tina says:

    Nah! He did really strip down. He just has a habit of revising history to suit current circumstances. As always, daddy Salim Khan always provides the stage for him. Here is the article from that time with pictures. I guess the dancers are wearing shorts too.

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