OSOP TV Recommendation: Commander in Chief

Lately, I have taken a liking to shows that feature content. Politics seem to be one interesting topic, if portrayed tastefully. ‘Commander in Chief’ is a show based on politics that was aired on TV in 2005-2006. Geena Davis is the main lead in this show and she plays the first woman president of the United States. Having completed the entire season of ‘Commander in Chief’ (19 episodes), I think it would be great to have a woman as the president of the United States. Want to know why? Well, watch the show and you will know the difference between a woman leader and a male leader.

Commander in Chief

‘Commander in Chief’ is quite similar to ‘Political Animals’, another show on politics that I enjoyed watching. Having watched these shows, I wonder what makes a person want to have power so badly at any cost. Come to think of it it’s not just power that they are trying to get, it’s also the burden and responsibility of the entire world on their shoulders. Most of us want to get rid of our responsibilities and yet there are people in this world, who are doing everything they can to get responsibilities.

Commander in Chief Story

‘Commander in Chief’ starts with the president of the United States suffering a brain disease on which he had to be operated on. According to protocol when the president is unable to be there, the vice-president has to take over. In this case, the vice-president is a woman played by Geena Davis. As his bad luck would have it the president doesn’t make it, but before he dies he expressed his wish that the vice-president should resign as they do not share the same thoughts on how to handle things.

Commander in Chief Cast

Geena Davis as President Mackenzie Allen
The show is headed by the talented Geena Davis, who plays a woman ready to lead the country even if no one is backing her. Her role is well-played, there are no changes I had like to see and she plays the president of the United States with grace and an understanding of her character. Watching her, you forget she’s Geena Davis.

Donald Sutherland as Nathan Templeton
I was familiar of Donald Sutherland’s face before, but it was only in ‘Dirty Sexy Money’ that I became familiar with his style of acting. He is great in ‘Commander in Chief’ and does a great job as he desperately tries to bring down the first female president and at times, helping her in a crisis.

Harry Lennix as Jim Gardner
This is the first time I have seen Harry Lennix on the small screen. He plays Jim Gardner, the man who doesn’t want America to have a female president; something that he later realises was a mistake as he sees her in action handling the country’s biggest crisis.

Kyle Secor as Rod Calloway
Kyle Secor plays the husband of Geena Davis on ‘Commander in Chief’. His character stands by his wife and plays the first gentleman of the United States.

Ever Carradine as Kelly Ludlow
Ever Carradine plays the speaker of the White House. Her character was initially a writer for the vice-president, but as soon as the vice-president became the president, Kelly Ludlow became speaker of the house. To me Ever looked somehow familiar, but it turned out her dad was the father of Hillary Duff in ‘The Lizzie McGuire’ show.

‘Commander in Chief’ ran for only one season with nineteen episodes. The show was not renewed, like most really good shows and like ‘Political Animals’ as well. I guess, the audience does not really like shows on politics like I do. Still if you have nothing better to do, ‘Commander in Chief’ is available in stores online. Watch it for Geena Davis’ impeccable acting skills!

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