Open: Trends Bollywood People should stop in 2018

We are back with another Open post on OSOP. In case you don’t know, Open posts are for everyone to put in their views by commenting their opinions on a particular topic. Today’s topic is what should Bollywood people stop doing or try to do or even think of doing in 2018. The reason we are posting with this is because it’s annoying to see things that shouldn’t be seen or heard. It’s been done over many times and it’s about time that these celebrities stop this trend.



So, this is what triggered this post today:




Open: Trends Bollywood People should stop in 2018

Open Trends Bollywood People should stop in 2018

Let’s just be clear on this. When you are writing something for someone or you have a message for someone, you tell it to that person not to the whole world and hope that the person gets to hear or read the message you have for them. We are not living in the World War eras, where that was a trend. So, why this trend of publicly sharing something a personal message to everyone even though it’s directed at only one person or two persons. How ridiculous is this?

Karan Johar’s love note (WTF: Just imagine if Woody Allen did something similar!) is not the first nor will it be the last. There are other instances of other Bollywood celebrities or personalities doing the same thing. The last one we can remember was Vikram Bhatt, who for some reason thought to publicly write a letter to his daughter.


Open Trends Bollywood People should stop in 2018

Open Trends Bollywood People should stop in 2018

If Bollywood people want to share something publicly, they should start by sharing gossips or even tips for outsiders on how to make it in Bollywood. If they want to tell someone something, then address it to that person alone. In today’s time with the presence of modern technology, why so much drama if you want to tell someone something? Just freaking call them up or message them or do like Kangana Ranaut would do: email them!

Here are other trends that Bollywood should stop in 2018:

Calling photographers to the airport to catch celebrities going and coming

Unless these celebs are going to space, don’t bother!

Open Trends Bollywood People should stop in 2018


Star kids pretending to go to the gym to exercise

The irony is that every one of these star kids has a gym at their building and yet, they get ‘photographed’ going to the gym. The question is, WHY? Who the freaking hell enjoys looking at pictures of people going to the gym? It’s a wonder why celebrities are clicked going and coming out the gym, but now the craze has moved on to star kids. Like, WTH!


Pictures of star kids

Stop asking young girls and boys posing for the cameras because when they are hounded by these very same cameras, they don’t know where to turn or what to do. It’s like a deer caught in headlights.

Open Trends Bollywood People should stop in 2018

Celebrities Sharing pictures of their kids

Bollywood people should stop sharing pictures of their young children and leave them alone. There was a time when Hrithik Roshan never bothered to share pictures of his kids and so did his wife. The minute they got divorced, it became like a competition to see who spends more time with their kids or who has more fun with the kids. It’s not right because they are exposing these children to the whole world and we all know that it’s a big bad world out there. Bollywood people should leave their kids alone!


Accepting stupid award titles just to fill up their award shelf collection at home

Yes, that Nothing To Hide Award that Star Screen Awards gave out last week is still having everyone laughing their heads off at the stupidity at these awards and at the stars, who took them.

Open: Trends Bollywood People should stop in 2018


Young Celebrities and their biographies

We are from a generation where it is understood that only people, who have lived life, as in old people, get to write their biography or have their life stories published. These days, we have Bollywood personalities who are releasing their biographies because they have nothing else going on. It has become a trend, something that was very much visible last year.

Biogrpahies should be penned when you have lived an extraordinary life, when you have a story to share, when you have lived a life not like the others, when you have achieved something and would like others to learn from your mistakes and life experiences.

Writing down your memoirs is not enough now, celebrities need to have something hot in it to sell it. Take Karan Johar, who for weeks had the media post snippets from his books; from his fight with SRK and Kajol to other things. Then we have a senseless Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who aside from acting in every single film, had to had his memoir written with a lot of stories that he claimed happened but according to other people in these stories, it didn’t happen. He made his memoir sound like Fifty Shades of Grey with a Gaon character. Such a huge shame that someone like him had to resort to telling lies in his book just to hype it up or to sell it. If you have to make up lies to make your life story sound interesting, you are only fooling yourself, dummy!



Alright, so here’s the platform to you guys. Do share what you think are the trends that Bollywood people should stop practising in 2018.

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50 Responses

  1. naughtytrini says:

    Do we seriously want them to stop these trends that have been listed? What will become of us? We will have nothing to talk about πŸ™

  2. Maji says:

    Great post! I’d love for these to stop:

    – Plastic face Hema Malini making WTF statements and her daughter who seems to be more famous AFTER quitting the industry (why??) posting all lovey-dovey pics on sites with her hubby! No one’s interested, are you listening?
    – Celebs wearing thigh-high boots (in the sweltering heat of Bombay) and dark glasses at night.
    – Anything that Akshay and his wife post (I used have a friend who studied in a boarding school in Panchgani who used to vouch for Twinkle’s command of English even back then but now it’s getting too much. She’s becoming annoying as hell!
    – Celebrity columns by celebs who have not earned their fame and have nothing interesting to say eg. Shweta Bachchan. What’s that all about??
    – Actresses pounting like there’s no tomorrow.

  3. Rashmi says:

    I just hate all star Kids. starting from Abram and ending with Misha. why should I eat this every day? why do actors make PR on their family, but not work? Now these Suhana Janvi Sara, I’m tired of them even before their debut! and here are these photos of Aishwarya – Aradhia at the airport or Cannes, why take the baby with you? Is there really no grandmother’s ,nanny, Dad finally? I pray to God that no one else is born, otherwise it will not stop ever !!! Hrithik, too, does too much PR for cleaning his image. when will he leave Suzanne and the kids in peace?

    • kiran101 says:

      Hating on underage kids for their way of life ? Its like rich kids saying I hate poor homeless kids. They pay to be in limelight…If they want to take their baby somewhere they will do it…if they feel like they should leave with nanny they will. You will hate on them either way. Hrithink will do as he wants…just like other actors.

      • Rashmi says:

        I hate not children, I hate their parents for the fact that they sell their children for the sake of PR and sympathy! including Hrithik. he will do what he wants and I will continue to hate him for the fact that he cleanses his image at the expense of his children. that’s all. what’s problem?

        • kiran101 says:

          how does being a father and going on vacations going to clean his image ? should he abandon his kids ? news flash… he may not love kangana, but he probably loves his flesh and blood like the rest of the world does theirs…he did not produce them to clean his image….he is a father far before shit was thrown at him. He is not the kind to slap his father…nor he wants to be a father who would be a jerk to be slapped by his kids in future. He has his priorities right. There is no person in BW who dislikes limelight. Will you agree when i say Kangana feminism is just to play card and not true.

          BTW do you know pinkvilla aunty personally? if she is already not here you should invite her.

          • Rashmi says:

            I’m certainly sorry Kiran, but I’ll be honest, you and your opinion are absolutely not interesting to me. for this reason I never read your comments. now read for they were addressed to me and I decided to answer Even in this article, the admin writes that Hrithik cleans up his image on the kids and ex-wife. this is obvious to everyone except blind fans. this is my last answer, I will not read you any more, it’s not interesting to me. your problems that you think about me and about my opinion. it does not concern me. on it all good and good luck, I hope in the future you will ignore my comments, as I am yours comments. adieu

          • kiran101 says:

            Agreed ! I never expected from the way you write about things …That i would appeal to you.(since i dont hate hrithik or his family)Nor would my take on things or my insight about any topic. I apologize…I just feel inhuman to hate on babies and little kids when there is so much preaching that goes on this website about feminism, being bold all the idolatry …i lost my balance to see adults hating on kids. I am so sorry … world is full of hate. I should and will ignore hereafter. Advice taken.

          • Nars <3 Kangana says:

            She doesnt hate the children, she hates seeing them all over the place and she hates the parents for doing PR on them. SRK uses Abram to appear youthful, young enough to be a dad of a young child. Kareena & Saif loves the new found attention because Taimur turned out to be a very cute child, Aish wants everyone to think she is a responsible parent, Hrithik started calling paps to any and all of his outings with his children and ex, prior to the fiasco we hardly saw the ex and children but now they are everywhere, hence admin and others r saying he is using it to appear as a good, sensible father & decent ex. Sridevi is pushing Jhanvi like Kris Jenner does with hers, Sara and so many others are always seen, pr articles etc. but none have even made a movie yet. Starkids made movies first and then got papped but now? Papped years before a debut – its annoying and the trend needs to go.

  4. Amanda says:

    Admin, not related to this discussion but wanted to know if there is animosity between Deepika and priyanka.. During bajirao mastani the pr teams of both were competing against each other.. Also during their Hollywood movie shoots too,so many articles against each other.. Asking out of curiosity

  5. Manisha says:

    I agree with all of your items Admin. I want to add the media’s constant feuds that are old and played out now. For example, silly PV posted article about Ranveer at the airport day of Anushka’s wedding (or something like that). How irrelevant is that? Or “Deepika vs Katrina”. This is getting old now and so are they. Their PR needs to grow up as well as these gossip sites that adds fuel to the fire. I want to read more interesting articles about Rajkumar Rao or Bhumi Pednaker. And not 10 articles in a row (ie: PV again) about Jhanvi Kapoor visiting the gym!

    • kiran101 says:

      Majority consumption sells. I am sure DP and Kat PR do far less about their rivalry than media. Its media who benefits from it.

  6. kiran101 says:

    Karan Johar will not change. He is a Bollywood Elitist and in extension He is an ‘Elitist’ . All his movies are about Super rich people doing super rich things in India or Foreign countries…In KKKG you see In home mandir of his characters has the kind of decor and exotic flower displays which even the richest swaminarayn temple also will not have.He did not even show reality of bankrupt family in KHNH.

    I can only say one decent thing about him … he is openly elitist unlike other BW film families who are no better than him.

    Although , I do think some of the activities of BW stars is pure vanity…but they are highly agenda driven. If their PR shows some Data how something worked for them because of ‘Airport Looks’ or giving “lectures on giving normal upbringing to their kids or most popular Feminism Lectures” I bet they will continue to do it….even if they hate it.

  7. Sid Khanna says:

    Bollywood is no longer a Film Industry, it’s become like the lifecycle of a human in the form of a movie. They show you what they want you to see. Here are my biggest pet peeves.

    1.) Ofcourse, every life starts with a pregnancy. A star is pregnant, insane amounts of “Mom Goals” posts which mean nothing, and then those over distributed pregnancy shoots. Like please stop with that, it has NOTHING to do with empowerment. I agree its a beautiful thing but please paste the pictures on your wall.(House wall)
    2.) The kid starts growing up, and a flood of pictures turn up by the celeb parents themselves. (Annoying after a point)
    3.) The kids turn into teens and all hell breaks loose. The same parents who posted pictures when the kids were younger are now offended by the paps, to a point where in some cases the Father (Srk) hates it but the mother (gauri) promotes it. And then there are some like Sridevi who go bonkers on Botox and make her daughters look like the Kardashian kids, only to see a million pictures of them at the airport, gym, pre workout, during workout, post workout, sitting in the car, leaving from the car, entering the building, going in the lift, SCOOP: She walked up 12 floors because lift didnt work today, wearing some brand, wearing local market clothes (wow so much humble) , wearing indian, etc. etc. ALL THIS even before giving your first shot. LIKE PLEASE guys get done with these practices.
    4.) The kids probably grow up to turn into wannabe actors , then come the Open letters, and then those who have failed as usual get High-End Oscar shaming awards.
    5.) Finally in the life cycle of this failed Actor/Celeb/Nepokid/Mountainkid/Insider/Outsider when nothing else works, the DESIGNER in them awakens. They open stores, shut stores, other celebs go and post pictures ans they basically call everything designed by them even though they havent (I personally know of 3 instances). Thats my BIGGEST pet peeve here. It seems like every single star/ star wife secretly studied designing courses and have become designers (LOL).

    Lets hope this year brings some change in these trends and we have more meaningful conversations like Celebs taking up real social issues and Nepokids doing ANYTHING else and earning fame rather than entering the industry :p.

  8. Rad says:

    And these actors should have more dignity than to accept awards like ‘nothing to hide’. Seriously who are they fooling. Like Pari Chopra winning an award for losing weight. Pathetic.

  9. Rad says:

    KJo should stop airing his two bit on everything happening in Bollywood. Seriously we are sick of him and his biased views. And of all the wannabes he keeps himself surrounded by.

    • Pooja says:

      This kjo show his true color when not let yami gutam came to his chat show even hritik also doest came don’t think he do this to yaami even if was floppest actress if she was starkid wait for his next season with Sara jaanvi ishaan etc even if nobody saw their work just like he invited tigershroff but not kriti sanon that how they treat outsider kangu was right snooty movie mafia

  10. Amanda says:

    Admin, you have almost listed many things which I would have mentioned πŸ™‚

    Let me add a few
    SRK should stop his PR from posting anything related to abram
    – Abram calls Aryan as bhaiyya
    – abram claps throughout the shoot of dilwale
    – abram is confused between two papas
    – abram is carried by suhana
    , – Abram is kissed by two girls
    – abram makes Gauri a real mommy
    These articles are vain. Isn’t it obvious that an elder brother is called bhaiyya and an elder sister can carry a kid brother? Are such headlines needed? I don’t remember anything I did before I turned three, understanding a film is even farther.. But the articles make it seem like abram is understanding all his father’s movies and even reacts to them.. Having playmates at his age is common, we don’t need to know with whom abram played or how much he is bonding with his father

    • Amanda says:

      Most of the films are shot in foreign locales, and has one or two NRIs characters,whereas the story can be set it any part of India.. Why do they need that? Case in point Jab Harry met Sejal.. You don’t need a Europe trip to shoot the movie.. When the story and acting are poor, foreign locales can’t save your film…

      • Amanda says:

        Only punjabis and bengalis exist in bollywood.. South Indians are stereotyped as people eating noodles with curd (eg Ra.One) Bollywood should explore various communities in India and represent them properly and use more original stories set under various backdrop

        • Amanda says:

          The 50 something khans should do age appropriate roles and not act as a 20 or 30 yes person.. Leave those roles to the younger lot.. They don’t look young,college goer anymore.. Also getting paired with actresses half their age makes them look like pedophiles.. They should stop that..

      • Admin says:

        It has always been way cheaper to shoot outside of India and in the case of superstars, it’s easier for them due to the crowds.

        • Amanda says:

          I get it. There was a time, when shooting in foreign locales was a luxury and many people were not traveling abroad.. So by watching such movies, they would get satisfied… Now so many Indian travel out the country and the foreign locales don’t seem a luxury anymore.. Today’s audience want a story to which they can relate.. A lot of stories can be told over here… I am not aware of cost of shooting abroad… But I used to read articles where they mentioned that shooting abroad is expensive..

    • Admin says:

      SO basically, everything related to AbRam?

      • Amanda says:

        Abram is right now over exposed kid among his age group.. And these topics related to him appear more during srks release..
        Not just him, let all the star kids have a normal life away from cameras. I don’t even feel like watching jhanvi kapoor and Sara’s films… I have seen their faces enough in the media

        • Pepeas says:

          Agree. And Saifeena are equally idiotic, with their line about β€œwe don’t want to hide Taimur because these days everyone puts their kids on social media, we want him to be normal”. Being constantly papped and having baby playdates written up in newspapers is not normal. These kids will never have anything approaching a normal life. Adira might have a chance at walking around and having fun unnoticed with her friends.

    • Pepeas says:

      Couldn’t agree more! On one hand SRK gives long interviews saying β€œAbRam is not made for the media circus, I want to protect him from the glare of publicity” and so on. Then 5 minutes later he’s posting 500 pics of the child on social media, incessantly talking about him, getting him to wave to crazed fans, and spinning the narrative that AbRam loves the fans and media cameras. I feel sorry for AbRam – that child’s every move is made public to millions. And I’ve seen recent pics where he is obviously covering his face and irritated by the paparazzi cameras. Love your child and share his cuteness with friends and family, but please don’t make him a prop to boost your celebrity!

    • Manisha says:

      Does anyone else think the rumors of Abram not being Gauri & SRK’s son are true? That it’s from a fling he had with a German woman? TBH he doesn’t look like his other 2 siblings or Gauri’s.

      • Pepeas says:

        Highly unlikely, IMO. Their IVF Dr is very renowned so I doubt he would risk his reputation and practice by doing such a huge coverup. It would also involve other medical professionals and someone could have blabbed anonymously, or tracked down the alleged mother. Too risky for SRK. I think they did IVF using a white woman as the egg donor and another woman (possibly Gauri’s sis-in-law Namita) as the gestational surrogate.

  11. bucketbot says:

    Educate themselves about the subject matter before talking utter shit about it.

    eg. Karan Johar saying Alia and Varun are not his family so it is not nepotism until twitter brought him a dictionary as well as some nostalgia.

  12. bucketbot says:

    I read that Nawaz countersued his ex-gf Sunita saying that he was not talking about her in his book, it was some other Sunita. Idiot! In one swift move he ruined his reputation with the larger public who rooted for him simply because he was an outsider who acted very well.

  13. Pooja says:

    I still laugh of Filmfare to giving Katrina trailblazer of the year what insult of word itself poor kangana doesn’t get bcz she not attend but truely she has best fresh fashion sense

  14. Rad says:

    Soha Ali Khan has a biography? I wonder what she would have written about. The privileged life, getting everything she wanted, partying, vacationing and shopping abroad, getting to spend loads of money without ever having to earn it. Maybe I should give it a read. Not.

  15. Champak Bhoomia says:

    1) Airport looks. That shit doesn’t make any goddamn sense

    2) Sucking up to Hollywood celebs. It’s pathetic, needy, and makes us look like losers. Case in point, the Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber nonsense. I mean, have some bloody self respect.

    3) Suddenly growing a conscience before your movie releases and making a rehearsed statement on some major social issue, that you couldn’t be arsed about in your luxurious Bandra apartment. You are fooling nobody, and if you genuinely gave a crap, you’d follow up on it even AFTER your movie releases.

    4) Star wives, star siblings and star kids. We don’t give a shit, and we don’t want to be forced to give a shit because of digital marketing agencies and rigged social media algorithms πŸ˜‰

    5) Over-promotion of movies. Boss, 2 trailers and a few song promos are enough. What’s this teaser of a teaser, motion poster, first look, second look, third look nonsense.

    6) Telling us your new movie is “hatke” when we know it isn’t.. Have some pity on us movie-lovers. Paying 300 bucks to watch shit just because the promos looked interesting is extremely painful (Yeah yeah, I know, we should be more discerning)

    7) Item songs, overt presence of Bhangra/Punjabi lyrics in hit dance songs, and remixing old songs. Bhai, maaf karde. It’s bad enough being stuck in traffic listening to the mindless babble of a mediocre RJ and morons honking away, without having to listen to this shit. Also, yes, I get that Bollywood is mostly populated by Punjabis, but yaar, kuch alag sunao.

    Also, admin, you are awesome, and I love how you deal with trolls πŸ˜‰

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