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let’s just share with you something that we have recently found and were shocked about. Maybe you will find it interesting or maybe not. Maybe you already know about it or maybe not. Either way, let’s dive in.

Here’s introducing Sergio Mayer Mori:

Here's introducing Sergio Mayer Mori

Do you know who he is? Does he look familiar? If yes, this is because his mommy is:

Here's introducing Sergio Mayer Mori

Yes, that is the same Barbara Mori who once rocked the home of the nation’s then heartthrob, Hrithik Roshan:

Here's introducing Sergio Mayer Mori

After ‘Kites’ flopped big time, Barbara Mori went back to her country and continued life as usual. The only thing that stayed with her as a memory of her trip in India is this:

Here's introducing Sergio Mayer Mori


Well, this post is not entirely about these three, it’s more about Barbara Mori and her son, Sergio.

Here's introducing Sergio Mayer Mori

At the age of 38 years old last year, Babara became a grandmother for the first time when her son’s ex-girlfriend gave birth to their baby girl. This is where the story gets interesting.

Here's introducing Sergio Mayer Mori

The ex-girlfriend, Natália Subtil, was 28 years old at the time of the child’s birth and the father, Sergio, was at the young age of 18 years old. Ever heard of babies having babies? To be honest, it’s good that it’s not the mother who was 18.

Back to these two, how in the world did an 18-year old boy start dating a 28-year old woman? Like boys his age, maybe he thought this was a cool idea. And like boys his age, 18 is not the age they want to turn into parents. This is not the age when they want to become fathers. This statement of Sergio about his pregnant girlfriend/ex-girlfriend clearly explained his mindset back then:

She started to change a lot. Her mood swings were horrible. One day she would tell me she wanted to go back to Brazil, and then she would tell me we were going to raise the baby together, and then she would say she wanted an abortion. If I went out with my friends, she would get upset. She wanted me to stay with her all day, fixing her meals. She wanted a husband. […] It became a very sick situation where she just wanted to control me and I wasn’t going to allow it. – Sergio

Natália Subtil

Can you blame him? Kid was/is the only child. He has been babied by his mother. So yes, for him to be able to think and care for someone else is not going to come that easy.



There was a lot of controversy surrounding Natália’s pregnancy. First, Sergio’s father refused to accept that this baby was his son’s so he asked the lady to have a DNA test. Sergio, on his part, admitted that this was his child but also said publicly that he does not want to raise a family with Natália. This was during her pregnancy.

I would never in my life have a family with Natália to be honest. However, he’s always said that regardless of his relationship with the model, he will take care of the child and nothing will keep him from being a good father. I will take care of my baby. My relationship with him or her will be one hundred percent. I just wanted to make that clear. Because this is not the baby’s fault. – Sergio

As the months leading to the child’s birth got close, Sergio seemed to have made peace with his lady babymama. But after the birth, they went their separate ways with the mother taking care of the child alone. Last, Natália was in the news again. This time, she blasted Sergio for not being a commited father to their 1-year old daughter. She plans on taking him to court so that he can start earning money and help pay for his daughter’s expenses. But that is not all, Natália decided to go two steps ahead by claiming that Sergio is gay and has a small dong-dong! Say what you want about her, she sure knows how to hit a man/boy where it hurts most!

When I met him I thought he was bisexual,” he told the magazine. “When I started going out with him, a gay friend asked me what I was doing with him, because Sergio was gay, but I told him ‘not at all’; Then he confessed that a friend of his walked with Sergio, and I never completely believed him, but you have the doubt and I always played with him telling him that one day he was going to tell me he is gay.

Is this how she got pregnant with his child? She was testing to see whether he’s gay or bi? What in the world!

Also, Sergio responded to these rumours and her words with a:


Speaking of Sergio, he was fresh and good-looking at the beginning. But within a year, he went from looking like this:


To this:


Unshowered, unkept and looks like he smells of weed. According to the lady babymama, he’s into drugs. Looking at his latest pictures, we can see why she thinks this way about him.

More about Sergio, at the beginning. Dude was trying to be a singer. He does have a really good voice.


Homeboy makes home music, like your little brother would. Poor guy, what he thought he wanted to become and what he ended up becoming. Basically, he’s living in his own telenovela! He shouldn’t give up, though. His mum is huge over there, he has boundless of opportunities. He just needs to get cleaned up and pull his life together.

If only we understood Spanish to keep up with this telenovela. By the way, Barbara Mori got married last year to some baseball player called Kenneth Ray Sigman, who is the same age as her granddaughter’s mother, 28 years old. Is there some competition going on in the Mori household or something? Son looking for momma and momma looking for son. Anyways, rumour has it things are not going too well between Babara and new hubby. It’s been less than a year in the marriage. Speaking of momma, Barbara too became pregnant with Sergio at the age of 20. She never married the father of her baby.

If he was wearing a long white robe in their wedding picture, he would have looked just like Jesus!

Kenneth Ray Sigman

Barbara, when you are done with helping Jesus find his way, show your son the way to the bathroom and a hair saloon and depending on his situation, perhaps rehab as well!

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21 Responses

  1. Sara says:

    For what it is worth. Sorry maybe off the topic.. Lets look at an e.g.: of Freedom of Speech https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RcduSkd0Kg

  2. Sara says:

    Thats why I say, Indian culture is the best. Listen to your parent. And don’t ape the west or even bollywood celebs in some aspects. The media and the managers make a mess of our bollywood celebs. I think deep inside bollywood celebs are very cultured. But they are forced to project a certain image what will all the low neck attire etc..sensual movies, tv series etc.. Follow the money trail. Out side investments onto destroying Indian culture. Mam Smiriti Iran was right in controlling condom add timing on TV.. We need to protect future generation.

    • Swati says:

      What’s the big fear about watching condom adverts? This country’s ever increasing population means that obviously people have no issues having sex. So if they can be told about a product that lets them have sex without the worry of having kids, what’s the harm? The world uses condoms. TV is a good medium to reach people (young and old) and tell them how to avoid unwanted pregnancies and how to plan for a family when they want.
      I don’t see any harm in having condom adverts. I don’t understand why people are so squeamish about condoms.

    • Pav says:

      You meant to say is, DP, Kangana,Rani, Priyanka, Madhuri etc etc would’ve been ideal traditional Indian femals if they were not in this industry. Or before they joined this industry ,they were pretty much traditional. ???
      Condom commercials will help people to understand how to avoid yourself from getting into trouble. some of the world’s crucial issues are health and population.so what’s wrong in educating. I don’t really understand that argument. Surely, people have sex and everybody knows it. What’s there to hide.

      • Sara says:

        I don’t know how i can put it in words but i will try. Showing condom ads is like also encouraging unnecessary sexual act. Its like we can have sex because there is protection available. Anywhere any time. Its also encourages people to be sexually active who otherwise might not be even thinking about. Besides adults don’t need condom ads to remind them of its existence. It it targeted towards the young and vulnerable. Who are say of legal age but not mature enough to take the right decision.

        • Admin says:

          The problem right now in India is not the rise of sexual diseases or babies being born out of wedlock or too many teenagers getting pregnant. The problem is there are so many perverts around with a cheap mindset. They watch porn or lewd or dirty videos on their phone and proceed to rape any female they see irrespective of age just to satisfy their urge. There should be something done to fix these mindsets, maybe sex education can be started in school. There has to be a way, but yes right now advertising condom ads can trigger these creeps. Every day, more and more incidents are coming out that are so brutal and inhumane. How is this happening? What kind of country has India become that some men can’t differentiate between a 3-7 baby to an adult woman or a single mother with her newborn?

          • Sara says:

            Condom ads are not targeted to rape problems. That is a different issue. The populous is jumbled up in their head and mix the issues which are not related to each other. Every person in a lustful state of mind do not go out and rape.

          • Swati says:

            What anthropological/ sociological/ scientific research are you quoting from when you say condom ads can trigger rapists?

          • Admin says:

            Statistics of rape cases in the last 5-6 years. It’s not as if condom ads trigger rapists, it’s like every content that is titillating creates this urge in them to just do it with any female, irrespective of age, physical and mental status. It’s almost like a Satanic takeover where the man doesn’t care if it’s a child or a handicap or an old lady or a person who’s not there mentally.

          • Swati says:

            Please do not confuse issues. There is no correlation between condom ads and rape. So what you said earlier about condom ads ‘triggering such creeps’ is also a totally incorrect assumption. Please let us be a mature country and be able to talk about safe sex and condom ads without going to pieces and thinking creeps will see condom ads and undergo some ‘satanic takeover’ and do whatever you outlined.

          • Admin says:

            The reality is there for everyone to see. It’s hard to be a mature nation when no woman is safe, when children are getting raped every week and girls molested on the street at any time of the day. Perhaps, the initiative to spread awareness of safe sex should be done in a way that it feels real not in a way that it titillates the audience. Poor families and families with HIV should learn about safe sex, which they are not going to from watching adverts or commercials on television.

          • Swati says:

            Right, so let’s ban condom ads on tv and see women in India become magically safe. Srupid knee jerk reaction. This govt does everything to achieve some sort of moral high ground, doing absolutely nothing concrete. And people online blame comdom ads when they really should be checking their own inability to deal with this country’s track record with sexual violence.

          • Admin says:

            How does condom ads help keep women safe? You think women already don’t know that. If they are not buying condoms, it’s probably because they are ashamed of going to the shops to buy condoms.

          • Swati says:

            Wow… for someone (you) who indulges in sarcasm so often, waaay to miss it when someone else (me) does it. You have been going on and on about women not being safe in India and in the same breath saying comfom ads on tv trigger some creepy instincts in men. All incorrect linkages.

    • bollyfan says:

      ohh God !! its ppl like you India is what it is now.. BACKWARD ! hide under the veil of culture and dust it under the mat.. No strict sentences for rape but yeah go ahead and put across an advisory for condom ads.. Perfect !

  3. Rashmi says:

    I’m thinking, are these articles more interesting than the article about affair Bebo and Shahid? Do not you care about the participants?

    • Admin says:

      Nothing is there to talk about Shahid and Bebola. They are done and dusted and opening up a topic about them is like beating a dead horse. Anyways, if you want to know: Nothing scandalous happened. They were together for a very long time and Kareena was very loyal and loving despite their careers going down the drain. Shahid started becoming a nuisance and emotionally tortured her even in front of others. He’s a whiner who likes to be in control. It’s why PC left him too, couldn’t take his controlling behind.

      Shahid broke up with Bebo from New York while he was shooting for Kismat Konnection. It was via phone to Kareena who was in Ladakh shooting for Tashan. Soon after, Kareena fell in love with a topless Saifu sun-tanning by the poolside and Shahid for some reason felt he liked Vidya’s company until their film released and flopped big time. Kareena and Shahid continued being professionals despite the heavily publicised breakup. They had to come back together to finish the remaining scenes of Jab We Met and then also shoot for a promo song for their film Milenge Milenge. That’s pretty much it.

    • Swati says:

      Rashmi, it’s natural that you want to know more about some topics. But I don’t understand why you have to hound people who run OSOP for that. This site has enough people who read it for whatever the admin shares. Number of participants (to use your word) has been growing in the comments section because of whatever the admin chooses to share. Come up with your own blog for issues that interest you but are ignored by OSOP admin and create your own audience.

    • Amused says:

      Oh dear, you really feel entitled and think it’s okay to demand don’t you?

    • Sara says:

      Hey Rashmi, you can watch this song on youtube to get a closure on Shahid -Kareena relationship “now you’re just somebody that i used to know”. Cheers

  4. Nars <3 Kangana says:

    Oh no! Family issues. Y would a big ass grown woman go with a possible gay-child? Was he like 17 when she did the dirty with him? bloody emotional abusing pedo? Am I right? and now she expects him to be a responsible father? Really bi-atch? The boy went from “Potential” to “Weed boi” in a year. So much opportunities and amount to Nada – SAD & Stupid…

    Barbara still having troubles getting her shit together? I dont know what they trying to hold onto, Madonna, Jlo and others going with boys their son’s age and acting like life is great but in reality they are messed up and fear aging and death. Sigh!

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