October 2017 – Bollywood Blind Item 6

We have a post today that will be a treat to read for blind item fans. Shobha De jumped on the Weinstein’s bandwagon and decided to write a lengthy post filled with blind items about the dirty world of Bollywood. We don’t know why she chose to not name these culprits since she was going all out there detailing their actions.

She is supposed to be daring and outspoken and yet cannot be bothered to warn other women/men about these perverts. See, not everyone can speak out because those, who do speak out end up getting backlash or attacked by fans of these actors. No woman would want to be in that position so they all avoid it by keeping quiet on what is happening in Bollywood.

Anyways, it’s quite a lengthy read. Just read on and since we are not putting in our OSOP Guesses, we will let the readers get the ball rolling.


Bollywood Blind Items

Bollywood Blind Items


Time To Call Out The Desi Weinsteins

Bollywood is always in search of a great big Diwali dhamaka. I am hoping this year will provide a big bang!

Come on, all you Bollywood babes – you know who you are – speak up! Nail those vile men who have done a Harvey Weinstein on you. You can do it. No shame. The timing is perfect. All it needs is one top female star to open her gab – just one. If that happens, the dam will burst! And all those slimy Sugar Daddies of showbiz will have no place to hide. That is, if they have any sharam in the first place.

I have monitored the shenanigans in Bollywood for over 40 years. During my decade-long association with a popular movie magazine, the stories would arrive taaza taaza, straight from the horse’s – or mare’s – mouth. I have sat grim-faced and open-mouthed as a blousy star mother tried hard to peddle her nubile, underage daughter’s very risqu, half-naked pictures to our team. Before asking her to leave, I did question her need to pimp a young, possibly innocent, girl in this lurid way. The mother was brazen about her motives. Said she stonily, “My daughter is sexy. Nothing wrong in sharing…” That same young girl today is a much-admired, matronly mother to a highly-successful star son.

There are several stories from way back then of self-styled showmen and their upfront propositions to starlets looking for breaks. “Meet me in the make-up room…” came later after the girl had a make-up room to call her own. She knew in order to get that status, she would first have to “please” the showman. There were hundreds like her waiting for “script sessions” in dingy hotel suites. Or even in the powerful producer’s plush office. I recall a young scion of a very influential movie moghul (in the mould of a Weinstein), telling me with a wicked smile, “My father has a couch in his office. He is an old man, and needs his post-lunch siesta. But the minute an actress walks in and spots it, her body language automatically changes. Some start undressing even before they’ve been asked to take a seat!”

If heroes in the bad old days, had their sidekicks to handpick back-up dancers for a quickie after pack-up – that goes on even today. If you notice, every top male star carefully chooses his ‘boys’ for secondary roles. These other fellows play villains or comedians – but that’s for the books. Their real job is to scout for ‘meat’ every day of the shoot – particularly at outdoor locations. Away from snooping, insecure wives and girl friends, the heroes have an elaborate arrangement with the entire unit. Things only get out of hand if the wife/girl-friend lands on the set for a sneak attack and catches the rake red-handed, as it were. These clinical strikes are generally orchestrated with military precision by a rival camp.

It is widely accepted and tacitly understood that randomly sleeping around for roles is what happens if you venture into Bollywood. It used to affect ambitious young women the most, but these days the ratio of men and women is pretty equal. Male models are beginning to crib, since they have to perform what they call ‘double duty’ – jump into bed with a host of other men and sexually service a few women as well – if not the heroine herself, then others in her entourage. The strain, they say, is killing them. They have no energy left to work!

As in Hollywood, so in Bollywood: the male predators call the shots. Sex for roles and awards is the way it goes. Are women playing the victim card now that the whistle has been blown on the bad boys? Yes and no. A woman always has the option to walk away from a proposition. Always. And if she is physically overpowered, she also has the choice to go to the police. If a woman chooses to keep mum, I would say, there is some complicity involved. Bollywood girls today are smart, tough, aggressive and pretty much on top of their lives and careers. They are known to play men. Some of our top female stars are often the initiators and aggressors. In which case, they have no business to mew and crib later. Yes, Bollywood is patriarchal, misogynistic, exploitative, materialistic, amoral and more. But it is also creative, innovative, exciting, dynamic and turbo-charged. This is the deal. Screw or get screwed. Or, that’s what those waiting hungrily on the outside think. For every ‘untouched virgin’ who makes it big, there are hundreds of women who have been groped, pummelled, raped, sodomised, beaten, passed on to a buddy, forced to go through abortions and worse. Some take their own lives, unable to deal with the brutality. Others ‘adjust’. Or take to drugs, alcohol even prostitution. It is not a pretty world.

I remember a so-called posh hero walking up to a starry-eyed, good-looking female fan at a party and asking cockily, “I think I recognise you… did you sleep with me recently?” She didn’t kick him where it hurts the most. She simpered.

It’s time to stop simpering, ladies. And start kicking. Call out the creeps.

Do it, someone.

(Shobhaa De is an established writer, columnist, opinion shaper and social commentator, who is considered an authority on popular culture.)

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25 Responses

  1. desibelle says:

    I understand her being cautious, she could be sued for slander if she just says the name outright, since she didn’t save solid evidence of it. The Neetu Singh’s mother hint is obvious. KJo must be the one who’s dad had a couch in his office for “health reasons”. Shakti Kapoor , during that scandal, had revealed that both KJo’s father and Yash Chopra slept with all their heroines. Subhash Ghai, Sajid, Madhur Bhandarkar cases are well known. I think that’s why half these men enter the film industry, they have no passion or talent in making films, they are just there to trick women into sleeping with them.

    • nefarious says:

      Really curious about BW psyche. yash chopra slept with all his heroines and his heroines call hm uncle and touch his feet at functions : /

  2. Infinity29 says:

    The movie moghul sounds like Yash Chopra…may be Uday Chopra let it slip..the star mother..is that Neetu Kapoor? Tiger Shroff is not super successful and Ayesha Shroff is hardly matronly…last one is def Akshay Kumar…is Vindu doing meat hunting for him?

  3. Shivanisd says:

    It, has to be neetu. She is busty hence the word blousy.

  4. Tina says:

    β€œMale models are beginning to crib, since they have to perform what they call β€˜double duty’ – jump into bed with a host of other men and sexually service a few women as well”

    If a grown man and woman have affairs it’s their lives, unless

    1. They behave, claim and peddle β€˜sati-shravan putra’ attributes, and want all the advantages that people in faithful, monagamous relationships have, which makes them manipulative, unfair, bloody hypocrites.
    2. Want industry based sops like getting tax breaks etc, but don’t provide jobs on the basis of equality and merit to all Indians
    3. The β€˜relationships’ are based on unequal and discriminatory power balance – basically taking advantage of a vulnerability.
    4. Those involved are underage, and are unable to provide consent (drugged, drunk etc) or the consent is based on a lie.
    5. Are raped, sodomised, knowingly pass on a disease or in any way abused

    This is what makes the affairs in Bollywood creepy. Irrespective who the aggressor is – male or female. Enough is enough.

  5. Kali says:

    Now as for the producer with the couch in his office.. The way the sentence is phrased, it doesn’t sound that the couch is there for nefarious reasons. It sounds like the man is old and genuinely needs a nap, but any starlet who sees the couch mistakenly assumes that she is required to provide ‘favours’ and promptly begins shedding.

    Mr. Reptile is a predator of the Weinstein variety, but I don’t think he is the one mentioned here. His son, the silly ex, is meticulous about his image and I highly doubt he would engage Shobha De in a conversation like this, especially when the rumours are true. Why would be fan the flames further with a gossipmonger? Besides, Mr. Reptile is known to prefer hotel rooms. Just ask Tisca Chopra!

    Btw, there is another very influential producer, I will refer to as Ghatiya Aadmi (Get it?) aka most lecherous producer in Bollywood. He is known to have a secret bedroom in his office. Very James Bond-esque with a revolving door. The story goes that one day a journalist went to visit him and the room was accidentally discovered. Ghatiya aadmi mumbled something about needing a nap, but there have been NUMEROUS accounts of him propositioning women. Some of them have been mentioned here already.

    This sounds like Yash Chopra. He was a very influential producer and Aditya Chopra fits the description of a young scion. There have never been reports of bad behaviour by Yash Chopra at least.

  6. Kali says:

    First things first, people need to read this blind item carefully.

    The blousy woman is the grandmother who tried to sell the risque pictures. The nubile girl is the star-mother who has a highly successful star son.

    This should rule out Neelima Azeem and Ayesha Shroff as ‘Blosy Mothers’. Neelima didn’t begin her career as a barely legal child artist. Her mother was Khadija and she wasn’t known to be interfering. There is barely a mention of her. As for Ayesha Shroff, she did have a career in modelling for pageants and is most likely to have a catalogue of scantily clad pictures. Her mother was a Belgian and by all accounts did not interfere much in her daughter’s career.

    Now Babita has always been known to be the pushy momager, but the timeline doesn’t make sense, nor does she have any sons. Now Jaya and Sharmila are both the matronly type, and did start their career quite young but the timeline doesn’t make sense. Shobha is 69.

    The star mother sounds like Neetu Kapoor (59), but this is debatable. Neetu began working since the age of 5 since her father died very young and her mother made her the sole breadwinner. Rajee was known to be extremely strict and always following Neetu’s whereabouts. I find it odd that she would resort to selling pictures of scantily clad Neetu. Though everything else makes sense, especially the star son.

    Neetu on her mother: “My mom was extremely strict. There were times when I wanted her to let go but she never did so. Those days I would get irritated but today I value that as I never got a bad name. ”

    “She was a huge guiding force in my life. I got into acting when I was just five. My dad passed away when I was very young, maybe seven or eight. I was the only child, my mom was both father and mother to me. “

  7. Deepak says:

    Subhash Ghai must be a certified leech…… Sarika (Kamal Hassans ex-wife) had openly said in an interview that he is the ugliest thing to have happened to her in the film industry…..

  8. Ritika says:

    That showman producer director is Subhash Ghai, and that couch thing could be Rakesh roshan or Yash chopra

  9. lightsaber says:

    My guesses:

    Nubile, underage daughter is Neetu Singh. Seems to me that she fits because she started working as a child artist and was raised by a single mom, and is a much admired mother, but that description of Ranbir Kapoor is an exaggeration.

    Producer with couch in office: Rajesh Roshan (Tisca Chopra spoke about such an encounter with this guy here https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=582&v=yHrPc-fJXSg.

    On an aside, Shobha De’s unwillingness to name names almost tells me that she has written this article to stay in the news, given how the current climate is rife with debates on Bollywood’s misogyny and nepotism. She is far too complicit to divulge any names. Smells like self-serving BS to me.

  10. jyoti says:

    the mother of a successful star is neetu kapoor

  11. sharuna says:

    the blousy mouther is either Neelima Azeem or Ayesha shroff and the highly succesful actor shahid kapor or Tiger shroff.

  12. jyoti says:

    the mother of a succesful star is neetu kapoor is it correct admin

  13. sharuna says:

    the man with the couch in his office is Rakesh roshan and son is Hrithik roshan, the cocky actor in the last paragraph is Akshay Kumar.

  14. Reen says:

    Admin pls help with the OSOP guesses! Please

    • Admin says:

      Give it a try first.

      • Reen says:

        Admin can you confirm … Is the showman Rakesh Roshan? And also the cocky guy is that Akshay Kumar ?

        • Admin says:

          No, not Rakesh. Only reason being that the Roshans hate Shobha De. She was the one who leaked HR’s affair with Bebola. They threatened to sue her but did nothing because the allegations were true. There’s no way Hrithik will confide in Shobha De.

          • Reen says:

            Oh I see than is it fardeen khans father ?also, the blouse star mother is that neetu Singh? And the cocky guy khiladi akshay kumar

          • Admin says:

            It must be someone who’s alive. Also, Fardeen’s dad was still very much happening, he was busy dating PYTs in his oldie years.

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