October 2016 – Hollywood Blind Item 2

The blind item from Hollywood is about a recent shocking news that was revealed by a Hollywood actor. The blind item from Blind Gossip states that this actor never intended to reveal his condition. In fact, he wanted to go through his treatments quietly and this other actor thought it was his job to tell the whole world. Well, we won’t say more, just read on below and see who and what it’s about.

Hollywood Blind Item

October 2016 – Hollywood Blind Item 2

The Blabber

This film actor is best known for his role as a handsome military man in a now-classic action film. He is ill but has chosen not to discuss his diagnosis or treatment in public. He had a private conversation with an older actor he admired who suffered from a similar ailment… and then was horrified when Older Actor blabbed about his condition!

He chose not to talk about his health in public because he wanted to continue to work and wanted to have a full career after he recovers. What [Older Actor] did was a complete betrayal of trust. This was a PRIVATE CONVERSATION. [Younger Actor] is pissed. What is he supposed to do now? Deny it? Admit it? Pretend that it’s no big deal that [Older Actor] told everybody? This is causing him a lot of stress (which, god knows, he really doesn’t want or need right now).

Given that Older Actor showed such poor taste and poor judgment when discussing his own personal life in the past, we’re actually not surprised by any of this.


OSOP Guesses

Younger Actor: Val Kilmer

Older Actor: Michael Douglas

October 2016 – Hollywood Blind Item 2

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