November 2012 – Blind Item

This week’s blind item by the great Rajeev Masand is a bit confusing. The answers that we have could or could not be the real ones, but let’s just give it a try. If you think you know, why don’t drop a line right here and we’ll see.


The Starstruck Go-to Guy

The chatterati has been talking incessantly about the star-struck behaviour of a prominent young Mumbai businessman who reportedly attached himself ‘like an appendage’ to an A-list male star at the premiere and then after-party of a blockbuster film recently.

The event was held at a major film studio in suburban Mumbai, and while the young businessman landed an invite because of his closeness to the film’s leading man, surprisingly he decided to spend half the night tailing the actor’s arch rival. Funny thing is, the star he was following around like a lamb didn’t seem to care or even notice. The businessman apparently just ‘hung around like a bodyguard’ even as the star engaged in conversations with friends and colleagues.

His friends in fancy circles are amused and even a little surprised by his behaviour because they insist it’s not like him to be so enamoured. Himself quite influential and well-connected, he has earned himself the reputation of being the go-to-guy when ‘important’ people find themselves in sticky situations. When a young heartthrob actor was allegedly caught with drugs on him in his car a few years ago, it was this gentleman who pulled strings and hushed up the matter.


OSOP Guesses

Young Mumbai Businessman: Sunny Dewan

Sanjay Kapoor


Film’s Leading Man: Shah Rukh Khan


Blockbuster Film: Jab Tak Hai Jaan


Major Film Studio: Yash Raj Studios


Actor’s Arch Rival: Salman Khan


Young Heartthrob Actor: Ranbir Kapoor


November 2012 – Blind Item

This week’s blind item, courtesy of Rajeev Masand, is a bit confusing to begin with. Rajeev does not really say when this took place, but I’m guessing it must be some time back as the answer to this blind cannot be linked to this blind today. So this must have taken place some time back, when the answer to this blind was like Rajeev said below. Read on to find out who it is he’s talking about.


Blind Item

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Tubby Trouble

A prominent director who has close relations with a top acting family in Bollywood is said to be ‘concerned’ and ‘worried’ about his next film. The movie is a sequel to a successful film the director made some years ago. In that film, the director killed off the character played by a well-known star son. But for the sequel, he intends to bring the actor back into the story as the son of another important character in the film.

The problem, however, is that the actor in question—who is expected to look much younger and more fit than he did in the last film, since he is playing a much younger character now—has reportedly gotten chubbier around the waist in the years since that film. Despite repeated requests made by the filmmaker to get into shape for the film, the actor is said to be looking ‘rounder’, thus creating a solid problem for the desperate director who has had to postpone the commencement of his film at least twice on this account.

The prolific filmmaker has twice busied himself with other quick projects, but he is keen to start the sequel soon. Assistant directors working on the film have revealed that the director is rethinking the script now, and might well write that actor’s role out of the story, replacing him with another character for which he could cast an actor who does not bring such baggage.


OSOP Guesses

Movie made some years ago – Sarkar Raj



Star son who was killedAbhishek Bachchan



Director – Ram Gopal Varma

ram-gopal-varma-1 070511052818


Top acting family – The Bachchans


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