Not everyone wishes to stay the same

And yet,

Not everyone wishes

Every person gets to experience life in many different ways. It doesn’t matter if it’s something positive or negative, what matters is you learnt from your experiences and try to be a better person. This is what it means to grow up and keep growing. When people say that they wish someone else won’t grow up, most likely they are talking about innocence or most likely, it’s a mother who’s referring to her baby. As human beings, that’s how we evolve: by growing up. These two are something else. Perhaps, Mira would still like Shahid to spill her beans on national television hence the “never grow up” pillow from her. Maybe Shahid would still like to be with a girl twice younger than him hence the “never grow up” pillow from him.

Either way, what a ridiculous way to stay in the news! It really seems that there’s some competition going on with either Bebola and Shahid or Bebola and Mira. Whatever it is, both should grow up! They are all way too old for this!

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4 Responses

  1. Venus says:

    For some reason their old pics as a family with Misha are being circulated again on social media. I guess they want to create a Taimur type media frenzy for Misha too. Its really sad how these bollywood people use their kids to stay in news.

  2. Sara says:

    “Never grow UP” can be interrupted in many ways depending o the mid set of each thinker. For me it means, “Stay young”. “Never grow out of love”. Or “keep the innocence intack and never grow up” SO no big deal.. Better than saying “Pillow Fight”

  3. bucketbot says:

    I think Saif is the only uninterested party. Good on him for realising Sanity is precious. Which makes me wonder, why would he want to get involved with the petty Kapoors? That is bad judgement.

    Btw i seen Randhir Kapoor birthday pics. His face is too smooth for a 71 yo imo. I feel hes is into the non surgical cosmetic stuff like Karishma and Sri devi. Anyone else think so?

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