Not a psycho!

For the past 14 days, so many reports have come out. Obviously all cannot be addressed as it’s just too much to handle and there are way too many inputs from many sources.

Before you read on…

We are not mental health experts but we have experienced closely with mental health issues, like disorders, and have researched a lot once about this for personal reasons. We have even interacted with doctors, who specialize in treating mental health disorders. We have seen from up close the people who go through these disorders and how it affects them. Their families, how they go through this also. So we are sharing more from personal experience than anything else. Maybe one day, we’ll discuss more but for now this will suffice.

Moving on…

We have been reading that several personalities and a self-proclaim critic have been saying that there’s no way Sushant Singh Rajput was a psycho or weak in the mind. They said he is a smart person and cannot be mentally weak to die from depression.

The way people have been reacting to his depression shows how little most people are aware of mental health disorders. It’s almost as if they think it’s a myth or it’s a shame to have such a disorder.

It’s not a myth or a shame!

It’s not! Those with a mental health disorders such as depression, bipolar, anxiety and others are not psychos or weak in the mind! Psychos do exist but these people are not suffering from depression, they are mentally unstable. Lately with the availability of internet almost everywhere, you see these psychos do what they think is fun. Like microwaving a cat, throwing a dog off the roof and other worst incidents you can think of.

Being disturbed in life or feeling down does not mean you are crazy or you have mental weakness!

Kangana is wrong here when she said this:

He was a rank holder. How can his mind be weak? If you look at his last few posts, he is clearly saying, literally begging, ”Watch my films. I have no Godfather. I will be taken out of the industry”. In his interviews, he had expressed why the industry wasn”t accepting him. So is there no foundation of this incident?

She is speaking for her own experience where she said the industry people told her not to take any wrong step in life. Most likely she received these messages when she was publicly battling several industry bigwigs because obviously, people can’t believe that she is this daring to go out there and slam them publicly. So their logic is, she is mentally disturbed which is why she did that.

But her case and Sushant’s case is different. They didn’t both battle the same issues in Bollywood. She started way early and was naive and vulnerable. Sushant was already a grown-up man working in the industry. Both of their journeys are different, but here Kangana is connecting her journey and experience with his.

Not weak-minded

We just feel the need to address this since there might just be many with anxiety, depression or other mental health disorder that may have watched what she said. Having a mental health disorder doesn’t make you weak-minded or weak in the mind. It means you are wired differently and your brain is going through chemical imbalances. We all have anxiety in us, but sometimes it’s present more in someone else and they are not yet equipped with the mechanisms to handle anxiety.

A restless mind!

Like many of you who have been upset by Sushant’s passing and can’t sleep or do anything else without thinking of him, it’s similar to having general anxiety disorder.

And then there was this:


For the record, Mahesh Bhatt never claimed Sushant was a psycho! And neither did he claim the late Parveen Babi was a psycho. So how did this self-proclaim critic and many others sum it up as Sushant being a psycho? Clearly, this shows they know nothing about mental illness and straightaway assumed that a person is crazy just because he/she is depressed!

Of course a lot of people believed this man, forgetting the fact that he was the one spreading so many false news about Bollywood, including SSR. It didn’t take too long for him to join the blame game bandwagon without understanding the situation first.

Why does this self-proclaim critic matter so much? How does he have that many followers? He himself said that he does all this so Bollywood people recognize him and pay attention to him. Is it because people listen to him, that’s why Bollywood people stood up and took notice of him? Seriously, this is the same man who made and acted in the epic ‘Deshdrohi’!


Anyone suffering from a mental health disorder is not a psycho or a crazy person!  Though Schizophrenia is listed under severe mental disorders, also known as psychotic disorders, it’s not the same as being crazy!

Mental illness is NOT Mental Weakness!

There’s nothing wrong in seeking treatment or seeing a psychiatrist or a counselor to feel and get better. If you are or feel like you are going through a mental health disorder, find out how you can seek treatment and what you can do to get better.

It’s 2020 already! There should not be a stigma surrounding mental health disorders. But sadly, this is how things are! Going through a mental illness is not easy and it’s unfortunate how many people struggle through it alone as they themselves can understand what they are going through.

As for the late Sushant Singh Rajput…

Petition · JUSTICE for Sushant Singh Rajput!!!! ·

Many people are refusing to believe that someone like him did what he did. They would prefer to believe that he was forced to do that, he was bullied in life and that he was a struggling actor having a hard time. Sushant knew he was not well so did his family and his closest ones. They were aware that he was seeking treatment, they also knew that he stopped taking his medications and that he was disturbed. However, they didn’t know he was going to take such a drastic step.

Seeing most people’s reaction to the news that Sushant was suffering from depression makes sense why he did not let this be known publicly. Why he and his family and Rhea and her family kept news of his health illness away from his colleagues and from the media. No one knew, other than them.

someday someday maybe lauren graham gif | WiffleGif

Until now, some people believe he could not have done it. He could not have been struggling with a mental illness. It must have been the industry, the gossips and the blind items that did it. Sure it could be, but he has been around for years in this industry and he was well-aware of how things worked. For sure, he was not weak-minded!

Maybe…just maybe

One day we will share more about this issue. For now, this will do. The stigma around mental illness hurts those suffering from it and their loved ones. You can work in any field and still suffer from a mental disorder. It doesn’t pick and choose! Take a look around, in your own home and around you, and you will see.

The good news is, anyone with a mental health disorder CAN get better! We are proof of that and many others are too. Everyone on earth goes through highs and lows. Just have faith and hope…It’s only the beginning!

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17 Responses

  1. Nefarious says:

    I typed long post on how i realised and the withdrawal, now not able to submit.. Please suggest how to publish it? Is there a word limit?

    • Admin says:

      Not that we know of, just share it and we’ll see.

      • Nefarious says:

        The submit button disappears when the post is a long scroll..hence not able to share.. tried 4 times albeit unsuccessfully

        • Admin says:

          Ok, do it like this. Start by naming it Part 1 and post it little by little. Try and see. Thanks for the efforts.

          • Nefarious says:

            I am only too happy to create awareness as much as possible.
            Last September i suffered a panic attack. I wasn’t sure what it was, I sorta fainted, couldn’t tolerate light and sound and couldn’t talk, had pain in my chest and abdomen. It passed, however, after that every other day I had breathing issues. I was actually over breathing and dint realise. Having had sinus issues since forever, i read over breathing as lack of oxygen, and blocked nose sinus, so i thot possibly i am having asthma attacks.. For two days, i ignored it, then went to my GP who ran quite a few tests on me..thyroid, vitamins, kidney, liver, lipid profile. the works. He told me its not asthma or sinus and prescribed me a beta blocker with the most evil drug known as Benzo…he told me to take it for 2 weeks. i took one, and i felt so good, felt better, but i knew these could be addictive. He also asked my dad to take me to a psychiatrist.

            I was pretty much determined to not got to a psychiatrist. I then quit taking the benzo..and literally shit hit the fan, I had no idea why I was crying, why I lost appetite, I had nightmares, I dint step out of my house for 4 mnths, I couldn’t breathe, I used to wake up and start pacing. That’s when I finally went to a psychiatrist…cos it was just getting out of hand. Despite telling him all these symptoms, he wasn’t able to tell me it was a benzo withdrawal. And put me on ADs and Benzos both..I was happily taking them daily, until Modi announced lockdown and in my city the supply of the meds were not available…and then I had to skip a day without the meds.. and it was pure hell again. I then googled lots of my symptoms and through quora found out about this group on FB called beating benzos and another group on the AD …and there it was.. all my symptoms laid out ..each and every one on the group has been through hell..I could relate to so many symptoms…that’s when I decided to ditch the doc and do a slow taper and get off this poison!

            I still rue the day my doc gave me the benzo whereas he could have simply given me beta blocker to control my high pulse rate at rest. Id like to add that no doctor will tell you that the meds are causing this, they would simply say ur anxiety is getting worse. NO ONE says this meds has horrible withdrawals and a slow taper is MANDATORY.. they do a quick taper and give you a taste of hell..untill you go back crawling to them for more prescription. Please let anyone and everyone you know to beware! A quick taper is a road to hell and cold turkey will force you to feel like ending your life to get rid of all these symptoms. Cos the docs and reports will tell you , youre fine., But I swear to god, you are NOT!

          • Admin says:

            Very interesting. Thanks for sharing! 🙏

  2. Nefarious says:

    No, the WD from these meds are worse than cocaine addiction. Akathesia and Anehedonia can make you kill yourself…no celeb talks about withdrawal , they only talk about awareness…

    I dare them to take on pharma companies and tell us about their healing journey from medication…Ive been through so much,and still am…and i can tell you on excellent authority that the WD can make you kill yourself if you quit cold turkey, which i suspect is the case with SSR

    • Admin says:

      Understood. The complaints about these drugs have been around for years and yet, no one does anything. Is there another choice to take? Does the doc offer something else if these meds become too unbearable? They always say give it time, which is usually from 6 to 12 months. Some can’t bear it that’s why they stop taking the drugs. That said, more power to you and the others who have to go through this. 💪

      • Nefarious says:

        @Admin: The docs just increase your dose or polydrug you..I went through such horrible withdrawals when i quit cold turkey…i had to reinstate and soon started a slow taper…the docs are either ignorant or hide infor.. these are DANGEROUS drugs…best avoided…

        But till you are aware and have read literature on these drugs, you keep going by what the doc says, cos you have no idea all these random symptoms are due to stopping medication…and you are led to believe that your anxiety/dperession is getting worse…

        May be SSR did stop medication and he really went into a dark place…nightmares, inner restlessness, pacing, crying spells, agrophobia, depression, loss of appetite, feeling on the edge, brain zaps…are just a few of the horrible withdrawals..
        And if he was partying and drinking.., i can imagine all these symptoms amplifying.

        • Admin says:

          God, sounds horrible. Glad you pulled through. We have a relative also in the same boat. Young, bright girl in her 30s. She was very stubborn and just stopped taking her meds. Then she became increasingly violent and started getting physical on her own family members who were trying to get her to take the meds. Can’t imagine how torturous this must feel like.

          It’s always helpful to research and read the full pamphlets of medications. This will make you aware of what you are in for.

          Would you like to share how you realized there was a problem and when you got diagnosed? Only if you are comfortable sharing.

  3. Anon says:

    Thanks for writing this! Anyone who doesn’t understand depression or bi-polar disorders should watch the episodes of 4 more shots please where Lisa Ray’s characters journey is shown. There was a reason Umang wouldn’t leave her for a minute. The person could be talking and laughing with family and in the next hour do something drastic. Not saying that Camps and bullying is not real and it doesn’t affect people, but it’s there in all corporates and all industries. If there are 2 people with the exact performance and capabilities, the one with connections will get promoted. That’s how the world is. We need to teach our children to best navigate it.
    The drama being made around his death is horrendous. Everyone is using it to get back at people they have grudges with. Shekhar Kapur is the biggest hypocrite. He has a record of announcing movies and not making them. What production house can wait around for 2 years to even get a script. Obviously they dropped his project. He’s just using this to get back at YRF now. Their contracts with newcomers should definitely be banned though- they are exploitative in nature.
    Media’s role in this has been the worst. – the 24 hour news channel just need masala and have no civic responsibility.

    • Admin says:

      If only more people saw things the way you did! Guess the blaming game is much easier to believe than to think rationally or even use common sense. Since SK opened his mouth, now the cops are going to interrogate him. Besides he forgot to mention the amount YRF gave him, which was close to 20 crore for pre-production. He could have paid his artistes for their contribution.

  4. sang says:

    How come everyone around Mahesh Bhatt have Mental illnes. Also there are plenty of proofs on Social Media and hence it is enough to not believe in Suicide stories. Also they might have never thought this will be an issue on such level coz as we all know Sushants reputation has been trashed many times. But time is different now, they would not be able to save themselves. May be Justice wont be served by the Law, But their KARMA …
    Also pls check the Forensic experts videos, Investigators tweets. Sorry but not buying Suicide crap story. He Might be in Depression, not denying, coz we dont know, But he has not attempted Suicide. Sandip, Siddharth, DInesh, Servants have done this on DHatt and R instructions. Also, how come Dhatt changed the date of his post from 14th June to 15th June ??

  5. Nefarious says:

    @Admin, thanks for this post. Good to have you back

    As someone who is also undergoing treatment, I can tell you the meds are worse than the diagnosis. Something pharma companies and docs wont tell you.

    to me psychiatrists are drug peddlers in white collar…stopping his medication could have driven him to suicide

    • Admin says:

      Thanks ❤️. Bones and the brain take a long time to heal or get used to their medications. Even for thyroid function in the brain, some people complain of bad side effects like brain hog, hallucinations and so on. But if the medications are too much to handle, you can always ask for a different option. But give it time first. Hope you feel better soon 🤗

  6. KA says:

    The point is that mental helath is a really issue and even seemingly strong people go through it, but in Sushant’s case, hi s death was caused by murder, he was strangled and his detah was made to look like suicide and on that the Bhatts came out and said he was this and that. why are they doing this ? why did they not help sushant if they think he was suffering , even his daughter has depression, KRK is totaaly right to defend SSR, in this particular case Bhatts are trying to hail sushant as a pyscho/ a mentally disturbed oerson to shift people’s focus away from his murder and maake people believe oh Poor Rhea was innocent, her past life shenanigans and this incident have totally confirmed my doubrs, she is very dangerous, unfaithful as well as involved with bhatt family, these bollywood people gossiped badly about him bullied him, still he kept strong ( we have many proofs to show that he was not that depressed enough to commit suicide) and at last his own girlfriend and friends and some of this bollywood bug wigs got him murdered. They will all rot in hell, i am quiet disappointed with you too OSOp you never could look beyond the fake blinds written on him, you were supporting the poor ankita , see how she is using her pr and friend to show how good she was for sushnat even after his death, no doubt she visited his family that was a nice gesture but her PR shenanigans are no good. Sushant’s murderes have to be caught.

  7. Matsya says:

    People love to label medical conditions and blame others without adequate knowledge. One point to note here is if sushant had been seeking treatment at a hospital, how come his immediate family ( father, 4 sisters) was not with him? So no one knows the full story. We need to shut up and not spread rumours.

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