No one is scared anymore to mention Priyanka Chopra and her relationship with the married superstar

As it is, when it came to mentioning how Priyanka Chopra has moved on from her past relationship to Nick Jonas, the media has made no bones about mentioning a certain married superstar. It has been mentioned probably more than three times in several senior journalists’ columns since the birth of the Nick-PC relationship. This Bharathi S Pradhan column in Telegraph India is among the examples of outing Shah Rukh Khan as the married man, who was in a relationship with Priyanka for six years.


Telegraph India, July 2018

There was another canny reason to go public with the relationship that she would otherwise have conducted under the radar. When she was all over town with Nick here, it shifted attention from the well-known six-year relationship that had ended in heartbreak. By flying into Mumbai with a young, good-looking boyfriend who was single and an international celebrity too, she looked what she was – an independent, successful woman who had enough men evincing an interest in her. She was no bechari. She could get up, dust off and move on with life, like men traditionally did down the ages.

The day before she flew back to LA, when she glowed happily at Mukesh Ambani’s huge do for his son’s engagement, the bechari syndrome might have kicked in, especially when the man from her recent past was there posing for shutterbugs with wife and son. But PC, with Nick by her side, was the telling visual of a woman who had steamed ahead with a life of her own, a life that was not going to be dictated by heartbeats of the past. It was stirring. For far too long have women crumbled under emotions, leaving it solely to the men to move on unhurt without looking back. She is a game-changer and if she has to bend self-made rules like keeping a relationship classified, let’s root for her. Congratulations, Priyanka, you never cease to surprise us.

Can’t believe it went on for six years! Six freaking years! This makes it after ‘Don 2’ was released, a year after the film’s released. This was after all the brouhaha that happened in public between KJo and PC. After it was made public that Gauri Khan was upset at PC and PC retaliated by saying something like the wives should know how to watch their husbands instead of blaming her or something. KJo got pissed at her comment to the local paper and blasted her on Twitter.

It seems as if their relationship started after PC found herself alone in a corner and Shah Rukh stepped in to be the ultimate hero. It was during that time also that her father was critically sick and SRK was the support she needed that time. Now we also know that it was during that time that rumours of their secret nikaah started. There were also rumours that the big diamond ring that PC was wearing then came from SRK. Another rumour was, PC’s dad didn’t have too long to live and wanted to see her daughter become a singer and SRK helped made that happen.

Based on the numerous blind items released in the past six years, they weren’t together for the full six years, they have had their time-outs or break-ups. Somewhere in that six years, Shah Rukh stopped wearing his wedding ring, dropped his no-kissing onscreen rule and started spending more time away from his wife. He also spoke less about his wife. We thought ‘Ra.One’ was his mid-life crisis, but as it turned out, it was only pre-mid-life crisis. The real mid-life crisis came much later on.

No one is scared anymore to mention Priyanka Chopra and her relationship with the married superstar


Let’s take a look at the past six years in the tabloids and in blind items

Rajeev Masand, July 2011

Starry Starry Night

There has been incessant chatter about the closeness between this male superstar and his A-list co-actress ever since they first acted together in an action film a few years ago. And now, insiders say the couple has rekindled their affair. It’s a messy situation, given that the superstar isn’t single. The actress, meanwhile, has got out of an on-off relationship she was in for a few years, though she has never denied her fondness for the superstar.

During a public function recently, the actress is believed to have waited backstage for the superstar to finish his performance so she could leave with him. It’s also true that the superstar has made sure that she has been cast as the female lead in two new films he’s signed recently. Industrywalas haven’t missed the irony, given that the star has always preferred to ‘mix it up’ and work with different actresses at any given time.

Secure behind the carefully constructed image of a perfect family man, the actor has had fewer romantic link-ups than most of his co-stars. However, his friends justify the affair with the explanation that few men can resist the temptation when an attractive woman practically throws herself at you.


Richa Lakhera, June 2013

There is no excuse for tardiness but not when you are a Bollywood diva prone to throwing fits on the slightest of issues. This smoking hot leggy lass is still recovering from a terrible heartbreak (after being cheated on and dumped by a married superstar with whom she was having a rip-roaring affair). Though talented she has been on a short fuse since the break up and her interest in her work has plummeted, they say its hit rock bottom.

The actress’s director(she is starring in a multi-starrer opposite two male leads) has been fuming over her tardiness and has been lamenting to everyone on how she arrives hours late on the sets. Despite pulling her up several times the actress turns a deaf ear and refuses to listen to the heroes, as she feels she is the biggest star on the set. Matters came to a head when her miffed make-up artist snitched on her claiming she smelled whisky on the actress’s breath.

The director put his foot down and yelled publicly at the actress for her unprofessional behaviour. The shell shocked diva did not expect to be given a rap on her knuckles in front of the unit but the director has made it clear he will not take late comings kindly and she needs to leave her personal problems behind when she reports for work. To everyone’s amusement the director(whose demand to get breath analyzers was shot down by producers) has now appointed a ‘minder’ on the actress whose job it is to, among other things, SMELL HER and make sure the actress is clean(as in not drunk or high!!!) when she lands at the sets.


Mid Day, July 2013

Some things are best kept secret, especially those that happen far away from the public glare. Now, this is about an alleged couple, who apparently seem to be back together after much trial and tribulations

The duo, both actors, had to tear themselves away from each other due to circumstances around them. Forced to spend time away, both the actor and his alleged ladylove mourned their loss and spent miserable moments in private.

Following their split, both looked seemingly distraught at every public appearance. But if rumours are to be believed, the two could be back together and blissfully in love. Apparently it was during their simultaneous shoot schedules in Filmistan that the duo got back together.

A source says, “The actor was at the location to promote his upcoming film at a dance reality show, while the actress was shooting for her next film. She wanted to meet him desperately but as she was in her costume, she couldn’t venture out of her vanity van.”

Not to let the moment go waste, the actor apparently quietly sneaked into his alleged sweetheart’s van to spend some quality time together. Apparently it took just about an hour to make peace and rekindle their romance.

No one is scared anymore to mention Priyanka Chopra and her relationship with the married superstar


DNA, December 2014

You will be excused for thinking this is a story of two teenagers but in fact involves two top actors of B-Town, who were in a relationship a few years ago. So this is how the story begins. This actor had clicked a sexy picture of his smoking hot ex-girlfriend in a towel. He recently showed the pic to someone or someone happened to see it and this bit of information travelled via the trustworthy industry grapevine and reached the ears of the actress in question.

Needless to say she was livid. She called up her ex and raged. He listened to her quietly because well, he knew he had messed up. But what she said next changed his reaction to her tirade from apologetic to angry. She said to him, If you ever do something of this sort again, you will be banned from the industry, you will have no work left because you know who I am with now. You know who I am talking about. He will make sure you pay.” The actress was hinting at this top married actor that she has been linked to in the last few years. The ex-beau wasn’t going to take this threat lightly and turned around and asked her to name the man she was talking about. He snapped, “Who?” There was silence on the other end. Naturally, she could not name him. He again asked. “Who? Who?” There was no reply. The actress had hung up.


Mumbai Mirror, May 2016

Some things are best kept secret, especially those that happen far away from the public glare. Now, this is about an alleged couple, who apparently seem to be back together after much trial and tribulations

The duo, both actors, had to tear themselves away from each other due to circumstances around them. Forced to spend time away, both the actor and his alleged ladylove mourned their loss and spent miserable moments in private.

Following their split, both looked seemingly distraught at every public appearance. But if rumours are to be believed, the two could be back together and blissfully in love. Apparently it was during their simultaneous shoot schedules in Filmistan that the duo got back together.

A source says, “The actor was at the location to promote his upcoming film at a dance reality show, while the actress was shooting for her next film. She wanted to meet him desperately but as she was in her costume, she couldn’t venture out of her vanity van.”

Not to let the moment go waste, the actor apparently quietly sneaked into his alleged sweetheart’s van to spend some quality time together. Apparently it took just about an hour to make peace and rekindle their romance.


Mumbai Mirror, July 2016

Did they or didn’t they? That’s the question on everyone’s lips, now that the gorgeous actress and her much married beau have been in Mumbai at the same time. So even though rendezvous in London and LA were de rigeur, Mumbai has been a “hands-off“ zone for them thanks to the paparazzi here. But now the two have found another way to meet. Like they did at a big superstar’s home recently, and another big film director’s- they arrived separately and in “ordinary cars“.Their fancy wheels were traded for common sedans ­ and they arrived and left unnoticed.


Rajeev Masand, December 2016

When a certain male star took off to an international destination recently on work-related matters, industrywaalas quickly put two and two together and began tracking the movements of his reported girlfriend, suspecting that a rendezvous may be on the cards. Catty insiders reveal that for a little over a day, both parties literally fell off the map; they were virtually untraceable to their respective staff and camps. Then both showed up on the grid again, separately, in different places.

Their relationship is Bollywood’s worst kept secret even if both sides refuse to acknowledge what they have.

No one is scared anymore to mention Priyanka Chopra and her relationship with the married superstar


Socialite Nisha Jamvwal, 2012:

Closer to reality, Priyanka Chopra and Shah Rukh Khan allegedly grew close through the filming of Don and it’s sequel and were rumored to be in a relationship. Of late rumors abound about a wedding between this very attractive screen couple abound. Infact, recently when Shah Rukh Khan Sang ‘marry Me’ to Priyanka at a public function while people were charmed and even amused by the Shah’s
gumption and naughtiness, it did raise speculation. And yes rumors of a clandestine wedding are also rife! This is one romance that audiences are very curious about, so much so that when I travel abroad, it seems to be the one question on everyone’s lips, are they or are they not……………?


Rajeev Masand, January 2012

Only days before that, the two stars had been photographed by a paparazzo, allegedly at 3 am, leaving SRK’s Khar office. The photograph went viral, and expectedly the tabloids gleefully declared that they’d finally landed hard evidence of the fact that something was indeed brewing between the two stars.

While that rumour has been doing the rounds for some months now (you won’t believe how many of their friends have hinted there may be some truth to those stories) a source close to one of them explains that the late-night meeting that was photographed was no romantic rendezvous, but a rehearsal for their combined act for the Zee Awards. Apparently other stars rehearsed at the same location earlier that evening, and the directors of the awards show were also present with SRK and PC, but predictably no one bothered to photograph them.

However, a well-placed source points out that the only reason rehearsals took place at SRK’s office, and not at Mannat where he usually prepares for his performances, is because Mrs Gauri Khan doesn’t want SRK’s favourite actress anywhere in her line of sight.


In a really strange turn of events, we found this part in an article related to PC attending Kebab Jo’s birthday party after she was not given an invite. It’s about Katrina Kaif on why she didn’t attend the party and it’s freaking hilarious:

Why did Katrina skip the party? Says a friend, “Katrina loves Karan, and had done the Chikni Chameli song for free. It’s another matter that Karan did not gift her the promised Ferrari or that she is yet to sign on a full-fledged heroine’s role in Dharma Productions. Katrina would have still flown down from Bangkok but when she heard Priyanka was flying straight in from Zurich, Katrina decided not to. It would make her seem like she was vying for space in the Dharma scheme of things.”


This reminds us of the Rekha-Amitabh story. Everyone knew, but refrained from publicly taking his name when mentioning the relationship. Why the difference? Is it because he is a superstar or is it because he is a married man? Compared to Rekha, PC had proof of her relationship and was not afraid to use it. Remember when Priyanka Chopra just dropped the mother of all bombs back then in 2017? Still can’t believe she did that and neither did SRK!

No one is scared anymore to mention Priyanka Chopra and her relationship with the married superstar


We have been wondering ever since that happened, what truly conspired between them? Did he promise to leave his wife to marry her? Because he himself was advising Aamir Khan not to divorce his wife for Fatty as it will not be good for his image, so what was it with PC?

Or he was truly in love and during that time also, his time in Bollywood was running out. As in, he was running behind Salman Khan and Aamir Khan at the box office and that really did piss him off to an extend. He already had that mess to take care of, so to think that he wanted to marry her does not seem to fit in his environment at that time. Then also came his youngest son, AbRam. Rumour has it, he broke it off with PC only to get back to her later on.

No one is scared anymore to mention Priyanka Chopra and her relationship with the married superstar

SRK is smart and cunning. We are only saying this based on the loving way he spoke about his wife after the breakup with PC. He knew he had to do damage control. The interview he did with Rajeev Masand to promote ‘Raees’ was the most he spoke about his wife in all these years. From then onwards, you can see he is trying to clean up his image by making more appearances with her and sharing her pictures more. It’s like he wants you to remember that this is the woman he fell in love with when he was nothing, how he married her against all odds, how she is the only one who wants him to be happy and lets him do what he wants and all that. Sad to think that the wife had to go through all this only to get him back after he was done having his fun or whatever it was he was having. At least, have the decency to leave your wife first if you are going to go around proposing to another girl in public or holding her hand in public.


Speaking of proposing to PC in public, what was SRK’s obsession in doing that in public more than once?

Why? A married man doing such a thing is disgusting and embarassing. Sure, he might have a sense of humour but do you see Kebab Jo laughing? He doesn’t know whether to laugh or to cry while silently pissing himself as he thinks of how the sequel to Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna is happening before him. The thing with Shah Rukh is, he always takes it too far. Even if he was trying to be funny, he took it far. It’s like he thinks he can do it.

We just remembered how when Sussanne Khan filed for divorce from Hrithik Roshan, she was expecting for Gauri to do the same. They were planning all along because these two had a business together and thought that perhaps they can just carry on with the business after leaving their husbands. Gauri got cold feet and didn’t go through with the divorce, but Sussanne did. You all remember how every Bolly wife shunned her after the divorce. Gauri thought getting AbRam will bring SRK back to the house. It did, but then…

Back to PC, surely she must have thought she would get that official ring from him. This is the only thing that explains why she got so pissed off and came out with the I-have-your-jacket-you-loser thing! Made her mad enough to get a young boyfriend and bring him back to show him off. Then, got engaged to him in less than 2 months of supposedly dating. It’s like she knew dating Nick and bringing him to Mumbai would make all these journalists talk about her relationship with SRK.

No one is scared anymore to mention Priyanka Chopra and her relationship with the married superstar

We are not going to deny that we actually started thinking whether Nick Jonas happens to be the favourite singer of any of SRK’s kids!


Could it be that SRK has no power anymore in the media? Not that high power as he had years ago. Why else would journalists freely talk about his relationship with PC? True that they are not doing it that freely, they are insinuating it for sure. Back then when there were pictures of SRK and PC coming out of his office at 3am in a tabloid, SRK called up the editor and blasted him. He said that the actress’ mother called him up and told him what would people think about her daughter’s character?! SRK said this to the editor, but then it made us think why did PC’s mom put him in the spot? As if she was blaming him for people’s perception of her daughters’ cheap character. This is the same woman, who when she was made aware of the affair between her daughter and Khiladi Kumar and her response at that time was something else. It did appear like she was trying to make him take responsibility for something that didn’t happen.

With all that has been going on with PC lately, here’s hoping that she moves on and just be happy. It seems as if since her father has passed away, she has been on one rollercoaster after another. She has worked hard and taken care of her whole family, she should take care of herself too. It will be interesting to see how it all works out for her, how her journey continues from here on.

The reason why this post was created is as an apology to all the readers, who kept asking us to reveal SRK and PC’s names as the OSOP Guesses anytime blind items regarding them came out. We never did back then despite a lot of you wanting us to. So yes, please accept our apologies. This is directed specifically to this non-English-speaking reader, who kept saying the same thing and comparing this to us outing Khiladi Kumar – you know who you are, we did not forget!


By the way, no one is as epic as Khiladi Kumar – He makes it easy to guess!

This married superstar has not changed his Casanova ways. Last year, he was chased by paparazzi when he was busy in a car with his co-actress. This time, he was caught with a foreigner in one of his old cars parked close to his house. The actor did not hide this time, but called those who spotted him. He wanted to know if there was a picture of his with the girl. Had the photograph leaked, wonder what would happen to his newly acquired “loyal husband” tag?

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51 Responses

  1. Rekha Rai says:

    They were obviously together, the fall out between Karan and Priyanka should have been enough confirmation for people but people can’t get over the image of SRK in their heads! Why would someone lie about this? The pics of them in Berlin, the fact that they were always hosting awards shows together, all of his compliments and actions like jumping over a couch when PC would come to a party. Their constant instagram posts and references to each other (ie. He would post something about the rains, and she would post something about the rains, etc). There were so many reports of them hanging out, and anytime Gauri tagged along to an awards show with SRK, PC would have to bring her family along so that she would have a plausible reason for not being invited to SRK’s after parties (like TOIFA). The only time she would be at his parties is if Gauri was not there or if it was in Mumbai. They were crazy in love and I think Priyanka enjoyed being the “First Lady” of Bollywood. She was attracted to the power and security that being with him brought her. So much so that she risked her reputation by being with him. I don’t believe the nikaah rumors however.

    SRK did all types of crazy stuff publicly like asking her to marry him, kissing her cheek, holding her hand but things came to an end when he could not publicly show his love even after her father died he didn’t leave his wife for her, that started their true break up and things came to a head then. She even said in an interview as soon as she got to America that she was newly single and the only person she was rumored to have been in a relationship with at the time was SRK. She was obviously not dating anyone else so it was interesting to hear her say on camera that she was newly single! She was wearing a white dress I believe in this American interview.

    Anyway affairs happen but I don’t blame PC for her affair with Akshay at the time because she was a young impressionable girl who didn’t know how the industry worked and he was a known lothario and was pursuing a teenager even though he was a grown man. After that she was with Shahid and wasn’t cheating on him. It’s only when she hooked up with SRK that PC got the “home wrecker” tag. IIFA Toronto was in 2011 (7 yrs ago) and they were definitely together then, there was a Canadian blogger Mary Ellen or something (breathedreamgo) that spotted them coming out of his or her hotel room. She didn’t think anything of it because she didn’t know they were having an affair but there was one time when security was blocking access to a floor and it must have been at that time.

    I think that SRK’s affairs previously were with Arjun Rampal and he definitely swings both ways. After a while when these people have access to everything, they will try being bi because they’re just bored of normality. As for Priyanka at this point she would rather have a short, failed marriage then never have walked down the aisle at her age. She is ready to move things to the next level and Jonas boy has all the trappings of someone she would be into – he sings, he loves leather jackets, and he is into fitness. As for Bharat, there was no way that she would have done the movie to begin with, she always knew she was going to walk out she just needed an excuse after the failed Quantico Indian terrorism plot line she would have been dragged over hot coals about it during Bharat promotions and it would have been very bad for her image so she found an excuse to walk out.

    The leather jacket thing, I find it really weird. Maybe she’s truly done with Bollywood and is planning on revealing everything in that memoir of hers.

  2. Xyz says:

    PC has bagged a plum hollywood project opposite Chris Pratt. Guess this should close this topic

  3. GossipLover says:

    “PC-SRK affair is real. KJO a sadistic egomaniacal and BFF of Gauri wud no way apologize to PC that too publicly unless ordered by SRK himself.”

    What is the story behind this comment? What did KJo say/do that he had to apologize? And what did he say in his apology? Is there an article anywhere on this?

  4. SS says:

    So true story : my sister in law’s best friend is an AD with Dharma & was AD even for agneepath. The PC-SRK affair was a reality. Duringthose times, the best friend who was very friendly with PC wasadter PC’s life saying ‘you said you would introduce me to SRK! When when! ‘ since it was a known fact that PC & SRK we’re together. They used to spilt up/ get back all the time. At 1 such thing, PC came into a party, drunk at 2 am, crying with SRK in tow. SRK & PC had a fight & split up & PC told the best friend “ sorry SRK introduction can’t happen .. he is a douche etc etc “. At the end of the night, those 2 had made up, PC introduced the best friend to SRK & they left the party together.

  5. LondonThumakda says:

    What’s the story on this bit, what was her response?

    “This is the same woman, who when she was made aware of the affair between her daughter and Khiladi Kumar and her response at that time was something else.”

    One thing though, we dont know how many of these married men asked for “favours” to get the girl a role in a film. If you see PC’s filmography for years and years she did these random films no one had heard of, its only relatively recently she started to get a barfi and a mary kom. Its only relatively recently that women are getting good author-backed roles in films without big male superstar leads…

    it does feel like Nick is some sort of impulsive rebound though, if she does get married it’ll be an even bigger headscratcher…

    • Admin says:

      Khiladi Kumar’s MIL told PC’s mom to ask her heroine daughter to stay away from her daughter’s husband. PC’s mom didn’t bother and instead told the MIL, “Why are you telling me this when you are not that innocent yourself!”

    • leaps says:

      @admin wow this explains a lot about pc

  6. Melvin says:

    What I remember is how in the first.couple.of years after their marriage, how in love SRK and Gauri were…you could see it in the way they looked at each other and flirted and all. It was so sweet. And now they look so poised and polished, so sophisticated and glamorous with no real emotion in their interaction. Sometimes, I think that the worst thing that happened to them was SRK’s success – I don’t think he ever expected to be a superstar and when it happened, he became more and more determined to hold on to it and became busier and busier…they drifted apart and both developed seperate interests and now this is where they are. It’s sad …

    • BollyJunkie says:

      So true. I remember they had hosted some episodes on MTV or channel V and they were cringy but cute . He wouldn’t stop talking about her those days . Now they seem kinda fake .

  7. Goldengirl says:

    Admin I want to know is Lulia living in Salman house? how is she tolerating all this bull shit by kat and her PR? Same kat who created a huge fuss when RK worked with EX DP and gave long lectures how EXES should maintain a distance while her fans bashed DP . Now kat is getting every big film (as if no actress is left anymore in BW)coz of Ex Salman while her hypocrites fans abusing Lulia and want salman to marry kat. There are many fake accounts by Kat PR who are spreading news of salman kat back together and asking Lulia to go back.
    Plz tell on which basis kat got this movie? wasn’t she desperate for it from the day one?

    • Admin says:

      Yes, Iulia lives with him like Kat too did before. Don’t think Salman cares what Iulia thinks and Iulia should know well enough not to voice her concerns to him. When Kat was with Salman, he was still hanging out and meeting his exes. Kat couldn’t do anything except sulk!

  8. naughtytrini says:

    While reading this blind only one thing came to my mind, the srk obsess fans are going to come on here saying lies and saying it is fake and ranting and raving that srk and pc never was in an affair even though the truth is right in front of their eyes that they did and that is exactly what happened as I read the comments. Some of you all are so living in a bubble needing to believe that srk did not horn his wife. Some of you are still even refusing to think that even srk might be batting for the other side as well. But dont worry, keep on living in your bubble because you all are not the only ones, you have people who still refuses to believe that amitabh and rekha were lovers. Sometimes what is right in front of your face you refuse to believe. SRK fell in love with PC. He began falling in love with her when his wife started doping herself and he had to be called to come care for her being drugged up all over the place. PC had openly declared that srk was her fav person and he was the one who used her. He was her idol and he knew that and they began that passionate affair. SRK have told her of his intentions to marry her but gauri refused to give him up, she even retaliated saying that she will commit suicide if he dare to divorce her. When that happened, srk met pc in dubai and they had a private unofficial marriage which he promised her to make official in time. Sadly that never happened and the more she nagged him the further he started moving away from her. The first wives teamed up against her and alienated her in bollywood but srk was devoted to her and started helping her with his contacts and so with her popularity they started meeting up again abroad but srk realized that his image would be destroyed if he went PC’s way so he wanted instead to have her as his mistress but PC needed more and didnt want to play hide and seek anymore. I dont know if she is in love with Nick, I doubt it. Maybe she is preggy that is why she is hurry to get married, only time will tell as time have told of srk and her affair.

  9. Amanda says:

    Has anyone watched Mission Impossible : the fallout. It has mind blowing action scenes. Especially the bike chase and helicopter chase. Though the use of body double for cruise was very evident because his face was superimposed on the body double. It was worth watching the movie.

  10. Xyz says:

    I m so amazed at all the PC bashing here. What she did was wrong, but doesnt SRK share an equal blame? Oh and PC was not his 1st as a married man. He has slept around a lot with men and women, while maintaining a facade of happy family man. Btw PC walking out is not surpising, it was on the cards for a very long time. Salman hates PC (like he hates most women), he never wanted her in Bharat, and had been giving her a hard time directly n indirectly. Hence, it was mutually decided between the makers and PC to part ways. Meanwhile PC is desperately trying to get something in HW and hence the whole Nick Jonas drama which has made her look really ridiculous.

    • NewGirl says:

      Correction. Not the affair, just her desperate attempts for attention. It was only after Nick, i have realized that she has always used her personal life for publicity while claiming otherwise. That’s all.

  11. Hmmm says:

    What a mess. Both PC and SRK are to blame for their affair.

  12. nefarious says:

    @Admin, if Disha;s role was increased does that mean she had to please Salman? and Tiger is OK with it?
    I have no doubts that Nora had to.

    Also, anyone managed to see IIIFA. its such a joke. These BW celebs are so embarassing. Most superstars missed it. Was surprised to see Biru there, but then realised it happened before Sanju.

    • Admin says:

      Being nice to Sallu is enough…He already has Iulia..Besides Ali Abbas is also single, don’t count him out yet…The film is yet to start shooting, just wait and see…

    • Insider says:

      Of course. Most women have to sleep esp early on in their careers, and some times even later. Its not looked down upon in the industry, rather viewed as give and take. If you are not ok with it, u ll go nowhere

    • nefarious says:

      Hmm, i thought maybe Tiger would oppose the idea. Wasnt there a blind about Tiger being pissed and appalled becos HR had asked Disha on a date? These people are strange

  13. ssays says:

    i am more interested in the reader ( Non-English speaking)whom this article is dedicated for 🙂

  14. kiran101 says:

    PC’s career in BW was almost over quite some time go. She did not burn any new bridges, Bharat was offered to her after a lot of lobbying with Alvira, it wud have been a one time thing. I would say for aa lot of A listers their time is UP….unless they do something on their own or actually have some real roles written for them. There is a line of Star kids and Young non-Star kids in line asking for much less money.

    PC-SRK affair is real. KJO a sadistic egomaniacal and BFF of Gauri wud no way apologize to PC that too publicly unless ordered by SRK himself.

    SRK is not just a super star he is a very powerful Bollywood guy with a production house and big proaction house heads as his buddies.He is friends with HW media producers and CEO’s. PC unless had real affair will not go around bullshitting about it .

    SRK fans need to stop living in their own dreamland , stop discrediting a woman who slept with ur superstar.

  15. Universal says:

    If you want to know why noone from the media or even PC outed him during this affair, just take a look at many of the comments here. PC might not be dudh ki dhuli, but neither is your King Khan.
    Then they say women are exploited.

  16. Pooja says:

    Pc have affair with married like akki hritik then srk for film but samewhere I feel sad for her she was barely 18 when came to film industry with no godfather at time of don she was 25 in 2007 when she start dating srk for almost till 2013 before that she dated akki n hritik 20-24yrs.she wasted so many teen n younger days with married man now at age to 36 she dating gay boy for sake of publicity n career.other young girl like urvashi rutela types should take lesson out of that.

  17. NewGirl says:

    Like PC would miss a chance to show off her 100 crore bungalow if she had one….. HA!

  18. leaps says:

    fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me is the saying PC forgot. This was her third time dating a married man how in the world was she expecting a happy ending rather foolish on her part. PC was helping a man cheat on his wife she was the partner in crime along with srk. The decision both srk and PC made had repercussions. Srk paid the price that his family/friends life will forever suffer his career also suffered PC wasted years while she reaped the benefits that came with this association now its over she is trying every trick( like the jacket) in the book to make some point . This Nick stunt honestly seems like a cry for attention PV is already reporting Megan wants her to have a baby its too predictable and too much PR rather than moving on this Nick is her last ditch attempt to stay relevant in HW it seems.

  19. Monalisa says:

    Admin, the Kat bit was too funny. Back in the day Kat’s friend (aka pr) really loved to talk to the media and give explanation on behalf of Kat or leak info about her. In recent times, can’t recall an article with an explanation from Kat’s friend. Wonder why Kat’s friend is no longer talking to the media anymore.

    So Kat did Chikni Chameli in the hope of getting a ferrari and a movie from Kjo. Lol.. Always the opportunist.

  20. Josh says:

    Ever since Priyanka and Nick have been public SRK suddenly remembered he has a wife so started posting about Gauri on social media. His first ever post of Gauri was just recently and when posting the picture he blamed Gauri for not allowing him for years which makes no sense because she posts pictures on her own account daily. He baits himself out.

  21. Amanda says:

    PC has used SRK for climbing the bollywood ladder.. She and her mother are scheming sort of people. They wanted SRK to fall into their lap and it did happen. Those 3am picks or those Germany pics were all released to media by pc’s pr…

    I don’t deny SRK was infatuated with pc from the day she won the miss india crown where SRK was the judge. PC used her dad’s illness to get closer to him… Since SRK had lost his dad to cancer, he sympathized with her condition and gave her emotional support and even monetary support to get her dad treated outside India. Also that 100 crores sea facing bungalow that she bought was due to srk’s money. No A lister actress can get that kind of money in just 5 years considering actresses are paid much low than the male leads. May be pc wanted a sea facing house like mannat and SRK bought it for her..

    I believe SRK was truly in love with her but she used him for her gain. SRK is not the one to get involved with his leading ladies. Though SRK was paired repeatedly with juhi or kajol, he never had any affair with them.

    Also her Hollywood career happened courtesy SRK. He relentlessly lobbied for her and made sure she got work over there…. He invested in her brother’s business as well. Though pc’s good for nothing brother couldn’t manage the business and it failed.

    SRK protected her from kjo and ensured she was not isolated in the industry. KJo had made his mind to drop pc from all his projects, but SRK ensured she stayed in those and she continued to get work. K jo was very powerful back then and he could have easily destroyed pc’s career. But even the mighty kjo had to swallow his pride and publicly apologized to pc. Though I feel kjo needs to be applauded for standing firmly by srk’s wife even at the cost of hurting his relationship with SRK.
    SRK felt the whole industry is targeting pc at a time when she was dealing with her dad’s illness and he felt the need to protect her. He was angry at his wife and her friends when they questioned him his equation with pc.

    I just hope SRK has learnt a lesson and I want him to get his life on track. He has lost the most in all this. His image got seriously damaged, his relationship with wife and his industry friends got affected. To add more misery to the situation, his films are failing at box office.

    I feel pc will keep targeting SRK all her life and he has to put up with those. He has become weak in the industry and he can’t keep retaliating to pc’s pr attacks. I wish him and his wife well. Hope they rekindle their relationship and get their personal life back on track..

    • tina says:

      PC doesn’t have any 100 crore bungalow. She lives on the 4th floor of the Karmyog building in Juhu. She moved there in 2015 and she is still there. Occasionally some pics come out on instagram and it is a very average looking apartment on the inside that she can definitely afford on her own.

      SRK isn’t stupid enough to waste that kind of money on someone else when he has 3 children to care for and leave an inheritance for. You can make any stories about his marriage but you cannot doubt his love for his kids. Nobody is going to any part of his kids’ fortune.

      She has always been an expert in spreading stories to big herself up. The Indian media prints any press release and then forgets about it.

    • Amanda says:

      @tina, there have been many articles of her buying a 100 crore sea facing bungalow. This purchase was talked about when abram was not even born and SRK was still doing fine careerwise. I don’t doubt srk’s love for his children. Among the many personal relations one can have, SRK is best being a father… He wouldn’t have bought the bungalow in today’s time when his career is in low phase and he has abram to take care of. SRK is known to go to any lengths when it comes to love. His love story with his wife and his affair with pc are proof. He took risk with both. The first one got him good fortune and the other one a bad fortune.
      I don’t work anywhere close in the industry. By observations are solely on the articles written.

    • tina says:

      I’m telling you a fact, not gossip. PC does not have a bungalow at all, let alone a 100 crore bungalow. Yes, there were articles spread about it but she does not own a bungalow. In fact, there were later articles that the purchase fell through and did not occur. I do not think even the initial articles were true. Just some PR for her to make herself look good.

      If she had a bungalow, why would she be living in an apartment even now? Occasionally pics come out of her apartment from parties and gatherings and it is an average apartment, nothing spectacular either. The Karmyog building has a signature rounded balcony which can been seen in PC’s own instagram pics too. That silly “her” video by Nick Jonas was also taken on the same balcony.

      It’s like people keep repeating the same thing over and over so many times that they start to believe it even when there is no truth to it from the beginning. It’s important to take gossip with a grain of salt sometimes.

    • Amanda says:

      @tina, if her buying the bungalow is false, then it’s good. She now keeps flaunting her LA home. God knows whose it is.

    • Monalisa says:

      @amanda I agree PC and her mother are cunning opportunists. PC used powerrful, married super stars to climb the ladder. I’m not saying the men are innocent, but when one had gone after a much married superstar more than once it is definitely not a mistake but a calculative move. She is talented, hot and smart. She could have made a career even without going after married superstars.

      And even if SRK had promised her marriage, she is not some young child to believe that a man who is famous for his loyal husband and family man image will leave his wife for her. There is no reason for her to act like some jilted, scorned ex-gf and give interviews throwing shade at him or use her pr to throw shade at their affair. She gained a lot from this affair she should just move on from him and stop milking the affair to get more mileage. After the affair ended she is acting so despo and publicity thirsty. Before I had my doubts about her marrying Nick for pr, but now I’m certain she will marry him.

  22. Monalisa says:

    As an SRK fan I actually never believed the PC affair rumour until PC shaded star wives and Kjo publicly gave it back to her and the subsequent fallout that happened. I mean, SRK is flirty and touchy feely with all his heroines from Kajol, Juhi, DP, Anushka, Madhuri while promoting movies so him being like that with PC was nothing out of the ordinary for most people who watch SRK movie promotions. He always say flirty stuff to heroines. Heck, he even flirted with Alia, Madhuri at award shows like filmfare. But until the jacket gate I thought they broken up when she shifted to US for Quantico shooting. So never believed rumours about them after that.

    I hated PC for the affair (I was her fan at that time) but just could not bring myself to hate SRK. As long as I could remember I loved SRK could not even tell you which movie of his made me a fan of him. Was sad that my illusion of perfect SRK was broken. That was when I realized SRK is a human just like everybody. He can make mistake too, he is not some perfect being. That was when I stopped all my hero-worshipping and putting actors on pedestal. So now I look at him or other actors I like just as actors not as some larger than life hero who can do no wrong or are perfect. But reading negative stuff about him still makes me sad.

    Also stopped my hatred for PC because if I can overlook SRK’s transgression why hate on PC. But she is not my fav anymore, I just like her work. But really hates when she give interviews shading him or use her pr to release articles alluding to their affair or throw shade at the affair. The affair is over PC,please stop milking it..

  23. NewGirl says:

    @tina – could you direct to me that 2016 Jitesh Pillai article. Thankx

  24. BollyJunkie says:

    This article makes me sad. I am 36 year old mother of one but when it comes to srk I am still the 10 year old who fell in love with him all those years back . I didnt want to believe any of those nasty rumors about PC all these years. Even for jacket gate I thought pC was only trying to gain mileage out of him . I had this image of srk in my head where he is still in love with his wife and family. That was my argument as to why he is better than aamir or akshay .
    Your denials on this blog as well as Jack’s on fashion scandal have me hope that I am right and PC is just a bitch who is trying to cash in on srk ‘s fame or whatever .
    But this article broke my heart . I guess all the evidence has been there and it’s all true . Srk is not the man I had made him out to be . He is as bad a aamir or akshay ir ajay .
    Time to grow up and stop seeing him through the rose tinted glasses i have been wearing 😭

    • Rashmi says:

      Do not be disappointed in your favorite actor just because he also has adultery. Actors are the same people, they are mortal, they are not angels. Simply there is a public image and there is a real life. Pink glasses are good at the first stage of love, then it passes

    • NewGirl says:

      Why wouldnt Jack of fashionscandal say anything about this? He doesnt usually mince his words.

      Wouldnt believe a word Priyanka Chopra say anymore. After Nick Jonas, it is obvious she would go to any length to stay in news, grab attention. I believed PC initially, not sure anymore.

      Admin, you forgot that blind which said Sallu cast PC in Bharat to piss off SRK? LOL! now look how true that turned out to be.

    • tina says:

      If you look up a lot of old blind items, it’s so obvious how false some of the SRK-Priyanka ones have been. At least the ones that have verifiable info in them.

      There were ones about how they are going to have the same PR. False. SRK has hired her for two more films. False. SRK and Priyanka are going to appear in ads together. False. In fact, it’s SRK and Gauri who signed up for a joint endorsement.

      What about the ludicrous stories about him marrying again in Toronto? Then how he got married in Dubai? I’m sorry but this stuff is hilarious in hindsight.

      Clearly none of this stuff happened.

      • Admin says:

        You might have a point, but SRK did not hide from people when it came to hanging out with her. Remember the gifting of hoovers to her colleagues on the set of Quantico? PC hanging out with his connections.

    • Anonymous says:

      Trust me when I say this, and it is not out of hate or prejudice, I like SRK’s sense of humor and his spontaneity, but SRK is one fake man. He and PC are two sides of same coin. SRK swings both ways. His family image is just for public. And he is great in hiding his casual affairs. He has had serious affir with juhi.Till now Gauri does not talk to Juhi. He had serious affair with PC and it is true. No matter how much his fans deny. To keep all that aside he is super smart.

    • Admin says:

      Actors live a different world. They get women throwing themselves at them. If you notice in one of the blind items, SRK’s friend said that he has had affairs before but it was hard for him to resist a woman throwing herself at him. It’s not his first affair, it’s just the one that he went crazy about.

  25. tina says:

    I wouldn’t believe a word Bharati Pradhan says. This is the same woman who has been after SRK for almost his entire career. She was at the forefront of those “finished!” stories about SRK when Hrithik Roshan arrived. She has trashed him again and again over the years long before any Priyanka thing. This woman has also written anti-Muslim diatribes and how Hindu heros like Hrithik should rightfully be no.1 and she’s a close friend of the Roshan family. In fact, in her book she she actually got Rakesh Roshan to talk about Priyanka and acted as if Krrish was some huge part of her career which is a major joke to begin with. She has also gone on epic rants against Kangana in her fangirly support for Hrithik while supporting Priyanka who does the same type of trash.

    Also some of those blind items now in hindsight are clearly false. Like the Masand column about how SRK has signed up Priyanka for two more movies. Nothing like that ever happened and she never got anything after Don. I remember there used to blinds about how SRK was switching his PR to Priyanka’s and all sorts of stuff. Which again in hindsight can be proven false because nothing of the sort happened.

    The rest of the stuff is pointless because it’s nothing that can actually be checked so it can remain in the air. Like how Priyanka blasted Shahid for spreading around her naked pics. It’s not like Shahid would leak that kind of info because it makes him look bad. These are the types of stories that can easily be spread because there would be no way to contradict them.

    The affair stories were clearly pushed by Priyanka herself. She wanted the speculation and encouraged it with bizarre interviews and hints that were ignored by the other side. A jacket is no proof of anything either especially since that jacket was from the 2011 era when they were publicly friendly anyway. Not to mention even other actresses have been spotted wearing his jacket. Nobody will ever really know what went down.

    As for power, nobody can stop everyone from writing something. There wouldn’t have been a huge media campaign against him when Hrithik came if that were the case. Tabloid culture increased a lot in the last 10 years and these kind of stories always get a huge number of hits on websites.

    This must the first relationship in the world conducted entirely through blind items and nothing solid ever in the real world especially in the age of smartphones with cameras in everyone’s pocket.

    • Senior says:

      So now i understood. U are basically a SRK fan who targets Hrithik everywhere only bcoz he is a Hindu.

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