Natalie Portman, Benjamin Millepied & Aleph at the Synagogue in Santa Monica, California

Actress Natalie Portman continued her religious duties last Saturday by bringing her son Aleph and husband Benjamin Millepied to the local synagogue in Santa Monica, California. Benjamin is seen here wearing the Jewish cap, a yarmulke, which all men has to wear if they enter a synagogue.


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If I’m not mistaken, they have to dress appropriately as well. They were spotted before this at the Ohr HaTorah Temple where Natalie regularly attends the Sabath since Aleph was born. As for Benjamin, whether or not he converted, it takes at least 20 months to fully convert to Jewish so he could or could not be a Jew already.



I think Natalie suffocates her kid well as she doesn’t want his face to be photographed and then have random people commenting on how fat the baby is or how abnormal his chin is. I guess that’s what it is. It does make sense this way to hold and cover the baby the way she does.



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