Mr Bajao and Mrs Funnybones on Hello Magazine

Reshma Shetty has been heavily promoting Akshay Kumar before the release of his upcoming film ‘Pad Man’. For a month already, we have been seeing articles about struggles and how hard he’s had it or how many hits he has managed to deliver. It’s great PR strategy that might work for blind people! It’s a little too late now when everyone knows their real deal.

Let’s just hope that after the release of this film, Twinkle doesn’t share a shot of a young girl during her time of the month or some insensitive thing that she might find funny.

By the way, we know the story of the man that ‘Pad Man’ is based on. Much respect and hats off to the man for fighting the good fight for the sake of women. Sorry but we had to say, he doesn’t deserve to have Akshay to play him. Such an unfair thing to happen to such a great man!


Mr Bajao and Mrs Funnybones on Hello Magazine

Twinkle is like, “Look at me!” and Akshay is like, “No, I had rather look at whoever is passing by!”

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5 Responses

  1. naughtytrini says:

    Look at me bajao!!! look at me!!! hey I’ve been looking at you all my life. You aint funny anymore. I not funny? Let me give you a horn like you does give me and you go see how funny I go be. Hahahaha. Who will want you when there is so many new upcoming beautiful sexy actresses out here? she thinks and then ran off to scrub off all the makeup on her face and cry on dimple shoulders. Honey why are you crying? Mummy, bajao says nobody wants me. dont worry honey, wipe your tears and lets go get some sweets to eat at the sweet shop and not pay for it. You will feel better.

  2. Vishnu says:

    Ye public hai sab janti hai

  3. prvilla says:

    nautanki ki hadd hai!bajaobones couple

  4. notimportant says:

    The movie looks like your typical hyperbole of things because Akshay Kumar. A more simple and subtle movie was needed.

  5. Pooja says:

    They r fakest couple Bollywood ever had in history such hypocrisy does akki endorsed alcohol n promote alcoholism through his films n songs without casuming it he himself say its bad for health how low this ppl go for earn money fake nationalism fake social work etc its so disgusting its better to live poor ppl life then doing such stuff just for money

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