Moving Forward…

This past month has been something else. So much has unraveled…online. Who knew someone’s passing could have such a deep effect on people? It doesn’t help either that most people are in a lockdown mode and are already stressed out. 2020 has not been good to anyone. Well, except masks and gloves manufacturers.

We started writing this last week, but then got entangled in something else. It’s a bit long, we know. So please bear with us, as we didn’t want to do a new post to highlight all of this. It’s easier this way on just one post.


After the tsunami…

The aftermath of Sushant’s passing has opened the floodgates. Online people have suddenly realized that star kids are unfair. They have realized how Karan Johar supports star kids but not outsiders. We are saying “online people” and not the audience because there’s still that section that doesn’t care about what’s happening online. After all, people are currently going through their own set of problems.

So, we are going to use “online people” to refer those online since it’s unfair to box every member of the audience in one category.

Just a few ideas…

Those of you who want to make a difference from now on, here are a few things that you can do.


First, let’s say this. It’s not your fault you didn’t have the inclination towards him or his films while he was alive.

There’s a saying, the heart wants what the heart wants! You cannot force yourself to like something and with cinema and music, this is where the magic happens. Your heart and your brain instantly connects to something.

So stop beating yourself up over it if you were not drawn then, it’s not your fault. This is why for television actors, they have a huge fanbase because these fans get to watch them everyday hence making their connection even deeper. Of course, it’s the character that they are connecting to and not the actor. To this day, we still call that actor who played Jai Walia in ‘Kasamh Se’ as Jai Walia. Then there’s Dr. Simran from ‘Astitva’ and the girl from ‘Kareena Kareena’.


Like ‘Kai Po Che!’ had three young male leads, Sushant, Rajkummar and Amit. Both Sushant and Amit were from television while RKR already had a few small roles in movies. After the film released, Sushant got noticed for his performance and out of the three actors, he was the only one who got himself a film contract by Yash Raj Films.

But when we watched the film, it was RKR that we connected to. There was just something about him, we can’t say what but there was and still is. ‘Citylights’ is our most favorite film of his, we can watch it over and over again even though it’s not the traditional fun-going film.

So you see, you cannot force yourself to like someone. That’s why they say superstars and those who are stars have the X-Factor. The entertainment industry is one place where talent matters but the X-Factor also needs to be there. Of course, luck plays a big part too.

Battle of Nepotism


So now that the battle of nepotism has been reignited again, even after Kangana made this a topic years ago after her appearance on Koffee with Karan, online people seems to be hell-bent on making a change.

Other than claiming that they won’t be watching anymore films that have star kids, they have also chosen to unfollow them on social media.

Boycotting star kids’ films

This one comes a little bit too late as these kids became stars because they have an audience to watch their films. Then you have the online people who ‘ship’ some of their pairings onscreen. These stars kids who are considered successful today, such as Alia, Varun, Tiger and (who else?), are where they are because of the audience’s love for them. Sure, they must have been chosen over outsiders for their roles but in the end, it was the audience that paid for tickets to watch their films.

The audience only cares about something paisa-vasool. Meaning if the film is not good enough for them, they won’t bother. That’s why you also have huge flops like ‘Zero’, ‘Kalank’, ‘Student of the Year 2’ and so on. In a way, it shows that even though the audience watches star kids onscreen, they won’t spend their money if the film is not worth it.

But know that…

If you are going to boycott products of nepotism, you should know that even though the film has star kids as its face, behind the scenes are mostly outsiders who work on a daily pay basis. In fact, working on a big budget film is where these hard workers get a chance to earn a slightly higher wage than what they usually earn.

So if the boycott nepotism films does stick, the ones who are also going to suffer are these hard working people who slog hard to earn their money daily.

WOM matters


There are only good or bad films, whether they have star kids or not. Though we have noticed that small-budget films are much better than big-budget ones. Like Vidya Balan‘s ‘Kahaani’ and Kangana’s ‘Queen’, they were much more entertaining than ‘Zero’ and ‘Kalank’. Or maybe they had better actors.

So if you want to watch a film, just go by the word of mouth. Not from celebrities but from the audience. A person leaving the cinema hall after the first day show will be able to tell you whether or not this is a film that deserves your money.

What you do online matters…

You might think boycotting nepotism means unfollowing them on social media and not watching their films.

You are all aware that the more followers they have on social media increases their chance of becoming brand ambassadors for famous brands. Many stars and actors earn extra money this way.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t end here. As you know, PR-companies are the ones that control the narrative on their clients in the media. So you have ready-made articles, news and other things that are sent out to media houses and journalists for them to make a story on it.

This means that every story or tidbit that you see online about an actor is controlled and monitored to see how well online people respond to these links. The number of times the link has been clicked and open matters A LOT. If you are to going to share these links, this also matters. This is how they know their campaign or how a particular story resonates with the online audience.

Good or bad, it doesn’t matter

You might have heard of how it is important for an actor to be talked about. Whether it’s good or bad publicity, it still is publicity. So bear this in mind, next time you open and share something that you think is bad. Because the more you talk about it, the more discussed this topic will be, it is considered a success – irrespective of whether it’s discussed in a positive or negative light.

All they care about is:

Open Rate, Click Rate, Impressions and Total Engagements.

So think well if you are going to share a particular star kid topic, like who cut whose hair or how this star is spending the lockdown, who baked a birthday cake and so on.

Videos matter too…


A lot of us are against the remixes of classics and famous songs. But the thing is, do you know that watching these songs will only prove that remixes work? Take that video, for example, the one that T-Series’ malkin did. Online people were confused and wondering what-in-the-world was that cheap rip-off but they did so while watching the video over and over again, which gives the video views amounting to millions and this is what the music company celebrated. It is what they look for, a sign that people watch. It doesn’t matter if it’s a good or bad content if it gets people to watch, it’s a superhit!

If you do not support the content, it helps that you do not click on it and watch the video.

The irony is…

Most outsiders’ dream is to work in big productions, with famous directors and with big actors namely stars and superstars. There are so many examples of struggling directors who have made it and once they reach that stage, they dump their usual pick and go for someone like a star or a superstar. You have actors, who don’t look back once they are welcomed in the big boys club. They only want to work with famous directors and big banners.

So here we are, trying to support outsiders but once they themselves get out of the struggle, they join the big league forgetting everything behind. They becomes the ones you never thought they would. Stealing someone’s else roles, getting inspired by a hard-working writer’s script, eating up each other’s credit or screen time, getting involved in fake romances, using their connections to launch a relative and many more.

Right GIFs | Tenor

To sum it up, it’s like being in the wild. The weaker ones get eaten by the stronger ones! And if they complain, they are at risk of ending their career before it even started.

Lastly, before we end this…

We know many online people have their concerns about blind items. We understand these concerns and will put extra effort in making sure the ones we share don’t upset the readers.

We have always been frank with the blind items and have never pretended to know something we don’t. If we don’t, we will say we don’t. Whatever we have shared, have been researched and we have been open about this. We also always said, we don’t talk about things we don’t know.

We understand how many online people have seen blind items as something that targets, maligns and present lies about certain people. Many online also think that blind items are only released about outsiders, which is not true at all. Blind items target one and all, not a specific person. If you read BIs, you would know this!

Initially blind items were used to convey what is really happening because it’s been a while now since entertainment news or gossips can be written freely without one getting in trouble or being sued. There’s also the issue of blind items being used as a tool to fight competition. Strangely, the ones that do are about star kids themselves. Then there are the fake blind items, which are so easy to figure out since these are about unimaginable situations.

And let’s not forget, the blind items that are about those with power taking advantage of the situation. These are probably the worst kind and it’s bad because the truth is even worst of what’s being reported. For this situation, blind items have helped unveil what lies underneath all this glamour and fame. It’s not all hunky dory and anyone who aspires to join Bollywood should know! Or even the ones who worship stars should know where they are putting their money.

In the old days, magazines had no issue printing all that even if actors were mad and decide to boycott them, these magazine will still continue what they do. It’s hard to do that these days. Nowadays, most news you see out there are controlled by PR houses so everything has to be diplomatic and written through rose-tinted glasses.

But that said, gossips and blind items are not the gospel truth, especially not all the ones today, which is why we have always said, take it with a pinch of salt.

We will continue sharing, but we will do better. Please skip it if you don’t want to read. Like we mentioned above, don’t click on it.

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We wish for a day when the industry is open to all. A day where there are enough equal opportunities for everyone. A day when no one has to compromise or made to suffer just to do something that they want. If only, things were easier and life was less complicated! One can only hope!

Thank you for your comments. And thank you for reading this!

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39 Responses

  1. Monisha says:

    The audience watch them because they are shoved down our throats! The audience has to pick from mediocrity that they are served. Abhishek has been given multiple opportunities to flop over and over and he still gets it! Sushants last film earned 200 crore but that is never publicized because the journalist is also in the game. His successes don’t make the news! That’s why so much of the audience does not get to discover him. He is deliberately pulled down because of nepotism. The established actors are still benefitting from the fan love from the 90s. But they take undue advantage of their power by monopolizing the industry and being unfair to younger outsiders… they forget how they were supported in the beginning. Like srk was backed by yash Chopra in the beginning. He stays silent. People like Karan Johar decide Who will be given a platform over and over again. They have made it a family and friends industry by now even more fierce than the kapoor dominance in the earlier decades. Sushant Was not one of them. Instead when he proved that he was and could be successful, they did everything to ruin his reputation in front of the audience as a person and never projected him as the success he was. I lost out on being his fan when he was alive but I will fight for him now as a fan, above all in the name of humanity. He deserves justice.

  2. KA says:

    OSOP, i like your website and the way you write but i am really disappointed with the blind items, i am not reading any of them from onwards, Sushant was a decent and sweet guy, he never harassed Sanjana, i can still say this with 100% surity, because i had seen all the shooting videos, he didnt even seem to be too close to her in those behinde-the-scenes videos, sanjana is also a minor culprit here, she should have spoken against those allegations before, if she knew he didnt do anything, why take so much of time, those articles/allegations mentioned her as a victim, whose permission does she need to clarify them, she took two days to write a note when she was in the USA clicking pictures and posting them on Instagram, you guys too never believed in him,even after he posted those messages, you kept hinting that this guy is this and that , he did this etc, i dont what research you had done before posting blinds on Sushant, now all those blinds are turning out to be fake 🙁 , also Sushant broke up with Ankita because they had problems, not because he was with Kriti Ankita did not let him be in his house also didnt return his awards, , he started dating her a year later, Kriti and Ankita both have ignored him after their break-ups and are happy with her current boyfriends and will get married some day, but its he who lost his life and kept loosing his share of happiness when he was alive because of these ladies and the dangerous Rhea and Bhatts, the slandering which sushant recieved no outsider i think in recent times has recieved and now he gets mysteriously murdered.We should all fight for Sushant till his murderers get caught, also these big people in bollywood are hideous and sharks, they are leaving no stone unturned to blame sushant after his death, the black lash they are recieving is for the best and they should, and the online audience is a part of the ground audience , the online audience and coax their friends, partner , family to not watch nepo kids or movies made by these shark, till outsders are given respect and due, and theindustry becomes a clean place for all, this fight must go on.

  3. Lady Laetitia Knollys says:

    Bang on there ! Karan badly wants to be admired , loved and accepted by the ” beautiful people” who never had time for him before . I seriously doubt Amitabh Bachchan would have bothered about him before when he was merely Yash Johar’s son . Suddenly his movies made money & the same Bachchans started orbiting around him. All these star kids and their star parents make it a point to pander to his vanity and carefully flatter him ,hoping for a windfall by way of a movie career. It’s the ultimate power trip after all ! Everyone of his satellites would fall away when his sun sets .

  4. assissiofassissi says:

    Admin, my comments are not getting added to the comments section 🙁

  5. Samantha says:

    Good! Ur site was only collating th info! U werent putting up blinds! Good tht th hypocrisy of Masand etc got exposed

  6. Jack says:

    Very true. When viral or manav post taimurs pic they go viral. Nepo kids fetch eye balls. No one will be interested in watching a NSD graduate unless he has an X factor. Salman Khan is a superstar for 30+ yrs not because of his acting or because he is script writers son, but he is here because of that aura and charisma. Amitabh SRk who r outsiders made it big as audience loved them. Aamir Khan Ajay Devgan are from Bollywood families who made it big. This debate of insider outsider is farce. Ultimately audience make them big.

  7. Lady Laetitia Knollys says:

    Anyone noticed that Rajeev Masand has completely stopped writing blind items ? Pinkvilla has disabled user ID’s .I wonder why this has happened .

  8. Lady Laetitia Knollys says:

    Hey ,just wanted to add my two cents here . Firstly ,there is a difference between ‘ Nepotism’ and ‘ Exclusivity’ . One understands a parent watching out for their own spawn ,use their money and knowledge to their advantage, and introduce him/her into the family business such as the Deols working for Sunny’s boy who made his debut recently .Again much depends upon the parents and how famous they are . I mean, a Pankaj Kapur’s son is treated way lesser than Amitabh Bachchan’s boy (who got many many opportunities) until he proves himself.
    Karan Johar is a different kettle of fish in all this ,not one of the kids he promotes are related to him in any way . Most star kids he hangs around with lack the IT factor, what is so special about that Sanjay Kapoor’s daughter to make her a ” heroine” ? Remember the time on KWK when he inflicted Arjun Kapoor like the bad fairy on us ? And he has this habit of making very patronizing ,snarky comments about unsophisticated outsiders who may be coming from small towns – without proper English ,unpolished , over- eager-to-please in their desperation for work . Negative stories come out ,and the audience makes its collective decision and stops taking that actor seriously ! If he can accept the likes of an Abhishek Bachchan or Arjun Kapoor , why the snide comments about Ranveer (remember how many took potshots at him in KWK?) ? Why collect all these star kids like the school bully and torment others ? This is ‘ Exclusivism’ at it’s worst where you stop anyone else from thriving !

    • Admin says:

      Yeah, he basically made his own club in Bollywood. Usually, people like him have experienced being on the other side. Meaning he knows what it’s like to be the one made fun at, the one no one cares about, the one no one notices and the one people like to bully. He hangs on to these young kids because that’s what keeps in the news and that’s what makes the youngsters interested in him. So in all, he does all this out of his own insecurity and to make himself feel important!

      • Nefarious says:

        @Admin: But what explains his immense lover and partial behavior towards Alia.. Dont see the same with other nepo kids..

        • Lady Laetitia Knollys says:

          Alia is a very smooth operator who knows exactly which side her bread is being buttered. She may lack general knowledge but she knows damn well how to take care of herself. Her behavior with Parineeti was not very nice on KWK and the claws were unsheathed there.

  9. Shifu says:

    Whoever is writing this article must be such a wise and mature person. Whoever you are, if we get 10 percent of your maturity, we won’t be so mad and miserable. I am saying this because your article is so balance.

    You know you will get more hatred for writing what people DONT want to read. There is no drama. There is no blame game. You are just telling the truth. But you don’t care as long as you know you have to tell the truth.

    Love your guts Admin. Truth hurts, but we created Nepo-kids. Tomorrow SRK’s son makes a movie debut, we will be more curious about him than a son of Mr. Sharma or Mr. Verma. This nepotism debate is so flawed when we can’t change our behavior.

    Taimur’s pictures, Taimur’s dolls — Taimur is over rated but who created Taimur — we did so? Gora Chamda Baccha dekha toh wow so cute , so cute … jitana WoW hum bole utna paisa woh kamaye

    So when Taimur becomes an adult, why would not producer Karan be interested in him?

    Look at the fan following Ananya Pandey and some of other Gori Girls get. They are so full of themselves. But who allowed them to be so full of themselves? Us… junta ..

    All these people shouting about Nepotism wont like my comment.

    Fact is we want drama and looking to target someone and just keeping showing anger and hatred.

    Stop this BS and seriously, blaming Karan Johar is heights of hypocrisy when people come here looking for blind items And dramatic news. Truth hurts but it is what it is.

    We want drama, drama, and drama. And Karan Johar is drama. Even hating him is drama.

  10. Nefarious says:

    Admin: Pls dont brush this aside… things are not as simple as they seem..

  11. Nefarious says:

    @Admin, Apparently Sanjana of Dil Bechara has testified that SSR never molested her…and these were rumours…she is also allegedly leaving Mumbai…Why would she lie if she decided to leave tinsel town? She even said, SSR also seemed to go into his shell after the accusations.

    I think even you mentioned that he had indeed sexually harassed her..and production team was send to monitor the situation on sets. Why is she lying now, or why did she lie then?

    • Admin says:

      Ok, so this happened a while back before the MeToo movement hit big time. It was reported in the news, not in a blind item, that Sanjana felt uncomfortable due to SSR’s being over-friendly towards her. Here’s what was also reported:

      According to reports, Sanjana had spoken to director Chabbra at the time, who simply “laughed off the matter”. The report also stated that Sanjana’s parents came on set to speak to the director who reportedly asked said to “keep a strong gut if their daughter was expecting to have a long run in showbiz”.

      This was in August. That was it. There was no mention of rape, molestation, or sexual harassment. Then in October during MeToo, Mukesh was accused by multiple women of sexual harassment.

      A budding actor, who had auditioned for a role in a 2015 mega budget film in Chhabra’s Aaram Nagar office, revealed that he “grabbed me hard and felt me up”. “He asked me to enact a scene which had the hero and the heroine hugging each other. Under the pretext of showing me how the scene should be performed, he grabbed me hard and felt me up. I could feel his hand on my butt. I was shell-shocked and immediately withdrew. He realised [my trepidation] and started vehemently apologising. At one point, he said, I thought you were fine with it because other girls are.” Traumatised by the incident, she said that she left the industry and went on to pursue a career in engineering in Bengaluru.

      Another budding artiste, who wished to remain anonymous, shared the phone conversation she had had with Chhabra, ahead of the casting of a Varun Dhawan 2017 project. In the phone call recording that is in possession of mid-day, Bollywood’s go-to casting agent can be heard telling her, “You’ll have to compromise, get physical with people in power.” When the woman expresses her reservation, Chhabra can be heard saying, “I am not promising that people ready to compromise get selected. Everyone is ready to compromise. It’s no big deal. We can meet at a hotel tonight.”

      Shooting stopped while production said they would investigate these charges. While reporting about this matter, Sanjana’s complaint was also brought up. So from Aug to October, Sanjana never said anything despite the news appearing in the local paper. In the meantime in Oct, SSR showed off their texts to prove that nothing happened, he said he was misunderstood and that there’s a smear campaign going on. Sanjana came back from the states, met up with both Mukesh and Sushant and then denied the allegations that were reported. Mukesh denied the allegations against SSR while SSR also denied that Mukesh did anything wrong.

      This was the only time where he was publicly called out for something like this. So if we go by the initial reports before MeToo hit, being overfriendly does not mean molesting. Whatever happened, only happened between these two. If she is asked by the cops about anything as serious as molestation or sexual harassment, she did not make any claim at that time.

      IN her state­ment to the Ban­dra po­lice, recorded over nine hours, ac­tress San­jana Sanghi de­nied mak­ing any al­le­ga­tions against ac­tor Sushant Singh Ra­jput dur­ing the 2018 MeToo cam­paign.

      That’s it. She went ready with a lawyer so she was prepared for her statement and knew what they were going to ask.

  12. Samantha says:

    Hi Admin; i was “Baby Driver” on twitter ! The one who posted all the links of SSR’s blind items (which even KRK QTed) 🙂

  13. Chingababu says:

    Agreed with whatever you said Admin. In fact, nowadays I really enjoy watching webseries rather than movies. These actors are waaay better especially in the show Asur or Aarya.

  14. Justice Lover says:

    Admin, just saying it’s not always about the star cast. Sometimes you want to watch certain stories, sometimes you watch to see a particular director’s work, sometimes it’s the film’s music, etc. And it is not just about launching star kids (although I detest this term already, but let’s say for sake of understanding), nepotism goes way beyond that, otherwise how would you justify Alia getting the best actress award for Gully Boy? (My response is for your comment Admin where you are talking about ‘people being interested’ in star kids’ movies, just in case my reply shows as a new comment).

  15. bookscrazy says:

    Admin, my prev comment was in reply to u. Its not positioned properly

  16. bookscrazy says:

    You said ladies have to go through this more than actors. I feel its because there is still some scope for ladies like kriti, kiara, tapsee, jacquline, bhumi, nusrat, rakul preet in the new lot and anushka, kangana etc in experienced lot. so more competition.

    But in men its just ssr, rajkummar, ayushman, cant think of any more, even in thsi lot rajkummar and ayushman do different than the mainstream movies, though because of their talent they have main those movies count as mainstream.

    So outsider men it seems have it harder.

    • Admin says:

      It has always been hard for women, there has always been competition. The difference is, you don’t hear about actors having to play nice with actresses so these actresses can recommend them for films. It’s basically a boy’s club since most producers are men and most directors too.

      The outsiders you mentioned, they get steady work. RKR really did start from scratch, even after winning a NA he did not get in the big league. He’s not there yet but at a better place commercially. As for Ayushmann, he had a flop period but had directors and producers still believing in him. There’s room for male actors here, as long as you make your own space and stay in your lane. Like Irrfan did, Nawaz, Jimmy Shergill, Kay Kay, and so many others are doing. It’s a different ballgame altogether for the ladies.

  17. abcd says:

    Whatever a person does good or bad, comes back manifold…so now even if tides turn now in favour of those people who wrong others, would have karmic debt to pay later in some way or the other. There’s no smartness in harming others. We aren’t living in an ideal world, so can’t expect all around us to be right.

    Let movies get released. Let’s see whether people honestly implement their words or they just forget all said words in heat of the moment. Sometimes waiting is the best thing to do.

  18. bookscrazy says:

    Admin, Since KJo has become active launching star kids, can you give me a few examples of those stars who were outsiders once and now have gotten into the big league and are taking away others’ roles? I can’t think of anyone in recent times. Maybe SRK, Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgun etc but they have been around for so long. So who did you refer to in what you wrote under ‘The irony is…’

    • Admin says:

      The replacement issue happens due to many things, including the misuse of power. Though actors don’t have to go through what the ladies have to go through. In many of these cases, a more famous actor makes a call and he gets the role without realizing that it belonged to someone else. Good networking is important and knowing how to lobby for a role also works. And of course, being on good terms with the producer, lead actor or director matters for actresses.

      Let’s see…

      Ankita was replaced twice in Sultan and HNY. Rajkummar was replaced and removed many times, including by Anushka in her own production. Ayushmann also, Sidharth too though the boy is lucky since he has KJo…Hitchki was supposed to star Ayushmann but AC felt a female lead would be better than the originally intended male lead. PC was replaced too by DP, then she replaced Rani in another SLB film. She also replaced Rani in Waqt because AK was in favour of PC and not Rani. PC also lobbied hard for Bharat, a role that was meant for Katrina. Pari was replaced by DP and then Shraddha was replaced by Pari. Disha was replaced by Shraddha when she was dumped at the last minute as soon as Shraddha announced her availability. Nusrat, the Titu girl, had her heart set on Luv’s next film but RK wants a girl of his choice to be in the film. Taapsee was dropped from Pati, Patni in favour of Bhumi’s casting.

      Is there anyone else?

    • Admin says:

      Also, let’s just say the reason why he actively gets interested in star kids is because people are interested in them. If no one cared about star kids, he wouldn’t even bother! It’s like you are putting your money behind a product in a market where there’s a demand for it. Would you invest in something if there’s no buyer for it?
      The minute star kids don’t sell, he won’t back them! No one would and these star kids would have to be launched by their own parents.

      • b says:

        Admin, with respect to kjo promoting star kids, the first time ok people are curious but he keeps shoving them in our faces to the extent that I am sick of looking at alia and ranveer. Why would he do that. He definitely seems to have some vested interest in pushing for star kids and deliberately derailing outsiders.

  19. Hmm says:

    Thank you Admin for your unbiased article. Talent should be supported whether a star kid or not. Boycotting a film because of one or two person is soo wrong. One film usually has over 100 people attached to it. The star you’re against may rise again but the others behind the scene suffer the most

  20. Ria says:

    Let me tell you how these nepos are, Kareena had blocked her Instagram comment section now she has unblocked and all negative comments are getting rude reply and its obvious its her paid people who are commenting back on negative comments, imagine for common man these people can do such things what about outside strugglers? Saif pays media to get promotion to his family and fool people, my hate towards his family has only increased. What have they done to country they just bully outsiders and make lot of money, be mean to people. I have decided not to watch any of their movies or buy any of their sponsored brands. This industry and their paid media is just horrible. I still have respect for you OSOP as you have been honest in many occasions but I dont like Nepos specially Bhatts/Kapoors/Khans they are too bad to be liked

    • Admin says:

      Listen, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. We are not asking you guys to support any of them. These people are loaded, they will be fine! Let’s direct our support in the right direction to those who deserve it.🙌

  21. Venus says:

    who paid u to write this, i swear i have never seen anyone changing so fast, really disappointed in you

  22. Nefarious says:

    @Admin, so youve decided not to make the comments visible? is this the way forward or temporary?

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