Mistake of Journalist or Katrina Kaif’s PR Team?

A lot of people, when they read the news, have no idea that most of the time the entertainment news that they are reading are not fabricated or originally written by journalists. In fact, these news items are sent over by the stars’ PR teams. With the info that they are given, the journalists will then try to create a decent news item that will please these PR people. Otherwise, who knows, they might not receive any tips again.

Yesterday, Mid-Day (a local paper) published this piece of entertainment news that was written by Sonali Joshi Pitale.

Mistake of Journalist or Katrina Kaif PR Team

As readers, people will automatically believe this news not thinking where it came from. It turned out that the director of this film Kabir Khan read this news piece and took to his Twitter to express his frustration. Actor Ranvir Shorey responded by agreeing with him, which is funny because there was something about Ranvir posted right below the news of Kabir’s movie in the same paper.


Frustrated Tweets – Where’s the Proof?

Mistake of Journalist or Katrina Kaif PR Team

Now, anyone reading what Kabir tweeted will straightaway think that Mid-Day news are not reliable and full of crap, especially fans of Katrina Kaif, who was the person of interest in this news! Someone retweeted Kabir’s frustrated tweet to the editor of Mid-Day and he replied by saying that it was confirmed by none other than Katrina Kaif‘s spokesperson (as seen in the picture above). Kabir still didn’t give up by asking the editor of Mid-Day for the spokesperson’s name! I think it would be easier for Kabir to just ask his good friend Katrina about it.

Origin of the News

Mistake of Journalist or Katrina Kaif PR Team

As luck would have it, another lovely blogger tweeted the same news and when she was blasted (she had no idea Mid-Day had already posted the same news), she shared the email that was sent to her by Katrina Kaif‘s PR management team. This email clearly states the situation in which a sick Katrina Kaif had to work in when the film’s schedule was on in Beirut. I love how her PR team points out how professional and brave Katrina is and how she is Bollywood‘s lucky mascot, despite not having a movie release for over a year!

It’s the PR’s Strategy

Mistake of Journalist or Katrina Kaif PR Team

Raindrop Media has been managing the careers of several Bollywood celebrities. If you see this year alone, there has been a huge rise in the Katrina Kaif news. I’m guessing that Raindrop is working hard to keep Katrina in people’s mind because of her unemployed status these last few months. This piece of ridiculous journalism (as Kabir Khan puts it) happens to be one of them!

Fans of Bollywood Stars

Mistake of Journalist or Katrina Kaif PR Team

The fans of Bollywood stars should be careful when reading news on their favourite stars. If it is fabricated by the star’s own PR team, there’s a huge chance it’s all fake and the purpose of that content is just to boost the image of this particular star. Just don’t go crazy on these poor journalists for no reason or proof. In fact, it is your favourite star that you should be mad at for he/she is the one who’s paying these PR people to help keep them in the news through ridiculous journalism (again, Kabir’s words not mine!)!

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