May 2018 – Bollywood Blind Item 8

Today’s blind item is about the current situation that this star kid got herself into. The ex-husband contacted this director, who is a close friend of his wife, when his daughter graduated and got into shape to get into acting. The director agreed to launch her, but somehow the girl’s mother thought that this wasn’t good enough for her daughter. At the same time, the mother’s friend, who happens to be the cousin of this director, spread word that the director is looking for a new face. After several discussions, the mother decided that this director’s film is a better debut vehicle for her daughter.

What came next was something that no one thought would happen: the director and the producer of this film fought and the film’s shooting abruptly stopped. Days passed, weeks and then months, nothing has been happening. Naturally, the girl’s parents will be worried. Her dad spoke to the hip and happening director again and got her daughter an acting part in a commercial film starring a happening star. The girl had to give the dates she saved for her debut to this commercial film.

As for the other film, the girl’s original debut vehicle, shooting started back again a month ago after another production house took up the job. Now that things are back up for the original debut film, the director got mad that the girl has allocated her dates to the hip and happening director. It doesn’t seem that unfair considering how there was no certainty on what would happen to his film. Instead of reasoning with the girl and persuaded her to come back, the director slapped her with a legal notice.

In his notice, he said that it is unfair that the girl is going to be launched in that commercial masala film. He was preparing for her launch and wanted his film to be her first film. He also went on to mention how an actress’ first film matters, especially if it’s a star kid, and no one would care about her second film. He is not going to settle for his film to be the second film of this girl. Damn!

He should have just picked up the phone and talk to the girl and the other film’s director and producer first. It’s not as if his film was actively being filmed. He should have understood the girl’s situation when she was sitting at home and doing nothing. Speaking of sitting at home and doing nothing, it’s nice that the father came to help his daughter out. After all, how much can the mother do on her own?

That said, who leaked this bit of info to PV?

Check out the blind item below from PinkVilla to know more about the benefits of nepotism.


Bollywood Blind Item

May 2018 – Bollywood Blind Item 8


Daughter’s debut movie mess leaves this actor fuming on his ex-wife

Issues between this ex-couple have always made headlines for years. The duo, who has always raised questions about their compatibility with each other ever since they got hitched years back, again seem to be miffed with each other, this time over their kids.

Though the kids have been staying with this yesteryear actress and she has been the driving force behind their career, the actor father has been equally involved at every step. Be it their education or their desire to step into Bollywood, the daddy dearest has always been in loop. So when the daughter expressed her desire to work in movies, naturally, both the parents approved of it and decided to help her with the debut movie. The biggest director of Bollywood agreed to launch this young girl and everything was good. However, like they say, old habits die hard.

The way this actress took the calls for her then husband’s career, she did the same with her daughter. Of course, this was out of concern. But it surely backfired. The movie that initially was going to happen for the young girl didn’t work out and the mommy dearest had a slight tiff with the Director-producer and made her daughter walk out of the movie. Within days, the young girl had a new movie in her kitty. While the actress was happy and proud, the father wasn’t delighted, knowing what the young girl lost out on. He didn’t say anything though.

The film was shot, the poster was released. However, it then hit a roadblock. The film’s director and producer got embroiled in a legal tussle, leaving the future of the movie blurry. Now this got the young girl and her parents worried. That is when the actor stepped in and spoke to the director, with whom his ex-wife had fought. Given the actor’s equation with him, there was no way that he would deny casting her. And then the mommy also shed a few tears in front of him and that did the trick. A new film was offered and everything fell in place until a new issue with the previous film’s director cropped up.

A little birdie tells us that the director isn’t happy with the way this issue is shaping up. Despite running behind the schedule, he wants to release his movie first, thus making it the girl’s debut film as opposed to the other movie which is scheduled to hit the screens in the last month of the year. This director wants the credit for launching the girl and not let the other filmmaker walk away with it. Hence he has taken the legal route.

Through this entire mess, it’s this young girl who is suffering. Naturally, the daddy dearest is upset. He apparently had a tiff with his ex-wife and has asked her to not interfere now. It’s because of her that the daughter is in a messy situation and the least she can do is to not create more mess. Needless to say, the lady has agreed to stay mum. Unfortunately, in trying to do good for her baby, she has spoiled things. And her good friend, through whom she got the first film for her daughter, and who is the cousin of the film’s director, has refused to interfere!


OSOP Guesses

Ex-Couple: Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh

Daughter: Sara Ali Khan

Film: Kedarnath

Director: Abhishek Kapoor

Second Film: Simmba


Saif Ali Khan has now actively taken the charge of daughter Sara Ali Khan’s Bollywood career as the newcomer has been facing unending issues with regard to her debut film. After the fallout between the makers of her first project ‘Kedarnath’, director Abhishek Kapoor’s production house Guy In The Sky Pictures had dragged her to the court over her date issues. But Saif Ali Khan came to Sara’s rescue and has now convinced the opposing parties to settle it out of the court.

For the record, the ‘Kedarnath’ producers moved the Mumbai High Court to direct her to complete her first commitment first and demanded ? 5 crore as damages. The film was delayed due to production rifts and meanwhile, Sara had signed Rohit Shetty and Karan Johar’s ‘Simmba’ opposite Ranveer Singh. She had agreed to shoot ‘Kedarnath’ but on being informed that the shoot would stretch through May till July 5, her agent said she would not be available in June since she has to go for another film, which according to the suit is a “breach” of the agreement.

Saif, however, has convinced Abhishek Kapoor and party to discuss the matter with KJo and Rohit Shetty outside the court and find out a solution. So, the case which was to be heard on Tuesday may not proceed now if things fall in place.


May 2018 – Bollywood Blind Item 8


May 2018 – Bollywood Blind Item 8

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17 Responses

  1. Samantha says:

    have always loved n admired Amrita Singh! Strong, opinionated! Even her movie choices were brilliant..chameli ki shaadi, aaina (extreme diversified actress)..Read somewhere that long ago, she did not allow n entertain the reigning superstar Amitabh Bachchan’s advances on her! It was at that time where female heroines wud do anything to be seen with the superstars of yore! More power to her!

    • Helen says:

      Had you been unfortunate enough to have watched the song tambu mein Bambi picturised on big b n amrita? May be big b wrote lyrics for that song. Just kidding.

  2. Nur says:

    The gifs are always on point. I love it! This blind is trying to make Amrita the vilain and Saif the hero. Won’t be surprised if Bebola’s PR paid PV for this.

  3. Leaps says:

    Source of this blind is kjo . Sara will get sympathy and PR

  4. Amanda says:

    I think the blind was leaked by bebola… Maybe she wanted to show how inadequate amrita is and how its saif who is the ultimate savior for sara………..

    The reason why amrita had a tiff with K Jo and did not allow sara to debut in his film is (i read it somewhere)-
    1. Sara had to sign a three film deal with them and she cant do any films outside dharma or without their consent during this period…
    2. Sara must sign a particular PR firm recommended by Dharma.. So all her PR will originate from this firm and she has to act according to them to stay in news.
    3. All Managers,stylists etc are all Dharma appointed
    4. Even wealth management firm will also be recommended by Dharma

    Amrita might have thought this kind of contract as slavery and didn’t wanted Sara to sign it…Also K Jo made Sara wait a lot for a new project and might have offered her a film around the same time as Gattu..

    • NightGlory says:

      Given how Dharma’s PR is a relationship+gossip manufacturing unit, I won’t be surprised if that was the reason Amrita chose to give up KJo. That PR is no good

    • Leaps says:

      @amanda these terms make one sound like a puppet at the hands of Dharma even wealth management explains Alia. No wonder amrita a being a mom didn’t want this and the typical relationship marry go around for Sara.

    • Amanda says:

      @Leaps,yeah.. Amrita never wanted Sara to be bound by three film contract.. That’s the reason she kept on looking for other projects and landed at Gattu’s door.. Even prerna wanted to sign Sara for a three film deal which Sara and her parents were trying to avoid….

      Even YRF behaves in a similar way… Even if RS has completed a three film deal,yet he is supposed to take consent of Aditya/YRF for any new film deal… His manager and PR are also from YRF… Both the YRF and Dharma are acting like actors agencies where they dictate terms and conditions and their actors need to follow their instructions… Such actor agencies exists in china .korea and Japan and now they have started taking shape in India as well.. Previously the actors in India were on their own and were allowed to take independent calls on everything. Now its not the case….especially the younger lot..

    • Monalisa says:

      @amanda One thing is for sure Kjo/ Dharma got contacts. They got Jhanvi a vogue cover even before her debut. Same thing happened with Alia. Kjo is a good mentor to his nepo kids and he cares for them like his family and nurture them. He give them the best scripts, co-produce movies for them, call up directors/ producers and ask them to cast his talents, he genuinely want his talents to excel. Now it seem kjo has taken over resurrecting Ranbir’s career aswell. Despite all the restrictions in Darma contract, for a nepo kid/star kid Dharma is an ideal launch pad. Kjo will make sure that he make a star out of that nepo/star kid.

      With YRF it is the opposite. YRF is run as a business and donot try to nurture and help their talents like Dharma. They give all the big movies to Khans and other superstars and their talents get lesser projects. RS fans are begging him to leave YRF because all the crappiest movies they produce are given to him and Adi is the worst mentor who give him advice like not to do Padmaavat. If Adi had his way he would have ruined RS’s career by now but RS seem to do his own thing most of the time. Look at Pari’s career even. Adi is giving all the big budget movies to his fav Vaani instead of Pari.

    • Leaps says:

      @amanda yups what you said sounds like how kpop bands are controled as puppets .yrf and kjo control them as robots make money off their product and don’t mind lending their product to other production house because they end of the day earn off them even though through pr.
      No wonder pari is stuck with yrf and adi bad choice calls. Amrita being from a time where she had freedom of choice knew Dharma deal might be bad with the points you mentioned but also how kjo favors someone over all others amrita must have been worrying given Alia is currently kjo fav

  5. naughtytrini says:

    But how Saif looking so buff up so? is it for an upcoming movie? I was so in love with him when I was younger. He had that charm. I dont think neither he nor kareena could fanthom getting old. They will do it all to turn back the clock and remain young forever. I never much liked his ex wife. Just a prime example that age does make a difference. Maybe he was taken for her experience being a boy and when he started growing up they realized they didnt have much in common and girls his own age were more compatible. I dont blame saif totally for the divorce. His wife shouldnt have gone for someone so much younger than her when she herself had a few flames. I see it happening so much times, the older wives realizes in a time that she have gotten older than him and is wondering if he is with another younger chick. The daughter is paying the price of her parents dissatisfaction with each other but it seems she have gotten bitten by the bollywood blog. She is sticking it out and hoping for that big break even though she is educated and go elsewhere. Is not like she aint in one of the most prestigious families in bollywood. She aint a nobody who have to screw her way to the top and above all else, as I said before, she was fortunate enough to get an education. I am not feeling sorry for her one bit. I actually think she is loving the drama that is unfolding around her. She must be never had her parents fussing over her so much before.

    • Tina says:

      Saif was 10 years younger than Amrita.
      Kareena is 13 years younger than Saif.

      Does what you said apply to Kareena and Saif too? Just asking

    • Rad says:

      Guys need not be younger to their wives to look for a younger chick. Even when wives are younger than husbands, as husbands grow older they look for younger women to have an affair or marry. Saif married Amrita because at that time she was way way bigger star than him. She was also from an influencial family. So it wasn’t as if Amrita trapped an innocent naive Saif.

  6. SS says:

    Saif cheated on Amrita ? With ?

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