Mahira Khan is reportedly depressed after the picture leaks

Well, it can’t really be called picture leaks when most likely someone from the industry took and released these pictures. If you recall when the Ibiza pictures were dropped by Stardust magazine, the editor was trying hard to explain how he got these pictures. He said a paparazzi guy in Ibiza spotted Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor and thought they looked like stars, so he decided to click their pictures.

How in the world does this happen? The odds of this happening? The papz at the beach and see a couple with mismatched swimsuits and go, “They must be famous ‘coz they don’t have enough money to buy matching swimsuits!” We call bullcrap on that story and this time too, the story seems to be the same.

What’s common between both these leaks is how both of these ladies ended up being affected by it. Katrina wrote an open letter on how her privacy was invaded and Mahira was taken by an alien. No, we are joking. No idea where she is since she disappeared from social media as well.

Mahira Khan is reportedly depressed after the picture leaks


Now rumours are coming out that the leak and the backlash have both affected her to the point that she has become depressed. Obviously, she must be scared as to what can happen to her once she stepped back in Pakistan. It’s hard to feel sorry for her when she should have known something like this would happen. Don’t say she couldn’t have known, it’s impossible. Months before, she had a private moment that went on between her and Ranbir in Dubai and someone was secretly recording them, so what would make her think that being out there in public, in front of everyone, would be private?

Even us, normal beings, always have this “what would others say” thought in our head, so why didn’t she think of this beforehand? Sure, she might say people don’t recognise her in New York, but what about Ranbir? Is he not recognisable? They are celebrities and should be mindful of their surroundings if they want to do something that according to them is not right. She can still own up to her situation and defend herself, it’s not as if she got caught smoking by her parents. She’s a grown woman with a child!


As for her thoughts on these supposedly leaked pictures, someone from Mahira’s side had this to say:

Mahira has faced severe criticism for her pictures with Ranbir Kapoor, on social media, much more than Ranbir, because she is a woman. Some feel the pictures were leaked out deliberately by a Bollywood celeb. While her close friends like celebrity makeup artist Adnan Ansari and director Mira Sethi, who is directing her in Saat Din, have supported her, buzz is Mahira has been quite depressed since the pics came out.

The pictures were originally taken and shared online in July, so why the need to reshare it now and make it a big issue? Let’s take a wild guess and name Ayan as the leaker, since he was the one who was also with Kat and Ranbir in Ibiza. We’re just saying, not accusing! The signs are there, he ousted Kat out of Ranbir’s life and now, Mahira. Mom Neetu must be proud that at least someone is watching out for her dearest son.

This sounds so much like Leonardo DiCaprio’s life!

Mahira Khan is reportedly depressed after the picture leaks

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14 Responses

  1. Swati says:

    Which is why, admin, it is important to support the person being bullied. Not make sanctimonious judgements like she should’ve known better. It is precisely by protecting and supporting women like Mahira (in cases like this) that we will be able to change society. Not by giving in to its ubreasonable demands.

    • Admin says:

      In her case, yes she should have known better because she was hanging out in public with Ranbir Kapoor. This guy has had more leaks than anyone else. It can’t be a coincidence anymore, it’s planned.

  2. Swati says:

    Uff so sick of this β€˜she should’ve known better’ line of thinking that all girls are subjected to. Absolutely cringe-worthy opinions. The writers on this website really need to get more in sync with the debates happening on gender globally.

    • Admin says:

      See, however much and more we talk about gender equality, the fact is only little has changed. Don’t say in India or in Pakistan, even in the west it is felt. Women are not looked upon the same way as men. They are blocking us and there also women who are enabling this towards us. So yes, we might have whatever debates about this whole situation, it does not change the fact that this woman was harrassed and trolled because of what she did that day. She should be the one to answer whether she would have changed the way it all happened or is she going to stand up and proudly accept it because this is the way she is and lives?

      • Tina says:

        Plenty has changed. 10 years ago very few people would have called you out for your sexist attitude. Now most of us do. She’s mother to a child so she will be forced not to have a life? That is not okay. Have you considered that attitudes like yours is why change is so hard?

        • Admin says:

          As women, we all should be able to do what we want but can we? Does society allow us to live life the way we want to? Are we allowed to do things the way we want to? We still have a long way to go to get the freedom of what the men are getting. You might say it’s our attitude, but we have seen both sides of the world to know that it is true women are not treated equally as the men are. We are made to believe we are but it’s situations like this that make you realise men think they have the upperhand. Change can only happen to us if we all stand together and face them. A bit hard to do since it is also women who are against women.

        • Swati says:

          Love this comment, Tina

      • Tina says:

        As to her proudly accepting it, you do realize women can be killed for less in Pakistan, no? Remember the general reaction to Sanam Baloch’s death? That she deserved it for being a free spirit and not Islamic enough? They didn’t spare Malala and all she asked for was schooling for children.

  3. Anonymous says:

    saying something like she shouldn’t have hung out with him is so fucked up for you to say. she’s a human being and at the end of the day these people have a life outside of movies. you’re basically saying she shouldn’t live her life the way she pleases

    • Admin says:

      Never said she shouldn’t have hung out with him, she SHOULD have been more careful as they both are celebrities. Now look what has happened, RK is still living his life while she reportedly is depressed.

  4. Deepak says:

    maybe Ayan wants RK all for himself… he is trying to sabotage his relationships with such drama….

  5. Pav says:

    Love the ending line of the article. Lol good for RK.

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