Losing with KoJo: People are not liking Student of the Year 2 Songs

This what happens when you lose your KoJo. Technically, it’s what happens when KJo loses his mojo, which makes it KoJo.

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Anyways, today another song came out from ‘Student of the Year 2’ and it’s quite puzzling how people are not liking anything that is coming out of Dharma Productions, starting with ‘Kalank’. They maybe thought that the young generation will dig the new remix of ‘Yeh Jaawani’, but hey even they don’t like it!

Troll Alert!

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‘Kalank’ pretty much got a “hate it” vibe from mostly everyone online. The same went for ‘Student of the Year 2’. And now with its songs, which they are releasing at more than 3 minutes, people still ain’t liking it, they are laughing at it!

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Notice how they are also releasing the songs soon after ‘Kalank’ went down to divert the attention.

People are not liking Student of the Year 2 Songs

If you see the two songs released from ‘Student of the Year 2’, you notice the huge sets and production costs. It’s like KJo got an idea that if they make the sets big, it will divert the attention away from the film’s story. Something similar happened with ‘Kalank’ also. It’s like he got too much money and didn’t know what to do with it.

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To be fair, the promos, trailer and songs were not that nice to begin with. But still, people do like it. This time, it’s a big NO. So, either KJo didn’t pay enough attention in pre-production, including the music of these films. Usually, his music is alright but this time…

Also, why in the world did they remake ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’?

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First of all, they already took the title of this song and made a film on it years ago and now they remake the song calling it, ‘The Jawaani Song’.

If Jaya Bhaduri wasn’t so indebted to KebabJo, she would have blasted him. But you know, since he is pretty much responsible for pushing her daughter in our faces, Mrs. Bachchan can’t say sh!t. You know her? She would have snapped.

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This song is one of the few songs where Jaya appeared glamorous compared to her other roles. It might be her only glamorous song, if we are not mistaken.

Why remake it?

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By the way, it’s a nice film. There’s another famous song in it. You might have heard it:

Also, let’s just say it. Randhir Kapoor is a horrible actor. No wonder he couldn’t get movies!

Mrs. Bachchan, though. She’s an amazing actor!

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We have seen a lot of Jaya Bhaduri’s films. Years ago, she did a ‘Walk The Talk’ interview where the journalist talked about how Jaya got a scholarship at the age of 15 to study acting at the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), where she graduated with a gold medal. Something like that.

So, we were naturally curious about her talent and went to find all of the films she did when she was young. We found only the famous ones, like Guddi, Mili, Koshish, Bawarchi, and Chupke Chupke. Oh, Bawarchi has a similar storyline to ‘Hero No1’ – yes that Govinda film. Her films are sweet, decent and nice. It’s watchable with the whole family, including kids.

It’s sad that she gave up acting after her kids were born. She never really lived professionally to her full potential.

Anyway, back to SOFY2.

See, how life works. They tried to sabotage someone else’s career (and many more careers) and theirs are slowly coming down organically (Ranbir’s favourite word!). No one is paying people not to like these songs, they just don’t! No matter how many fake reviews or praises they put out, it is still not working.

Did you watch the songs?

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Most importantly, do you like the songs?

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30 Responses

  1. judgemental kutty says:

    Where are you admin?!

  2. S24 says:

    When was the last time Vishal β€œDud”lani and Shekar give an entire awesome album? Almost like never. But this whole bum chum thing means no new trials. Same old same old.. And eventually trash. Another movie music which seems horrid is bharat.

  3. Say what now says:

    KJo and this β€˜movie’ embodies everything that is wrong with Bollywood – film family wannabes, garish clothes, acrobatics passing off as dancing, noise passing off as music and squinting passing off as acting. Thank goodness for movies like Badla and Andhanhun.

    PS Love your site admin!

  4. NightGlory says:

    Even the tweens-teens have become smarter than to fall for this gibberish. Did Dharma not even have a test audience session before releasing these songs and movie? Ugh!
    Ananya initially seemed like a refreshing face (in the photos at least). But seeing her acting in the trailer and the songs makes me call Katrina a better actress. At least Kat can show three different emotions properly, instead of only having a smile plastered on the face. And please don’t get me started on the dialogue delivery.
    Tiger can dance. He has the technique. Yeah we all got it. Maybe amp him down a bit, coz it looks crazy unnatural. At least Hrithik’s dance looks natural

  5. Mage of Anjou says:

    The songs suck big time. No two ways about it.

  6. Two cents says:

    If Karan stops gossiping, manipulating, planting blinds, and creating fake triangle (his favourite shape) love affairs…he would actually have time to sit down and focus on his real job. Instead he is on a power trip having these newbies and Alia hanging on to his every word and blindly obeying him. He is living his childhood fantasy of being part of the cool and bitchy gang but this time, he gets to call the shots. Goes to prove that therapy is important for emotional growth. After all, didn’t he say in an interview that you truly realize you are in love when a third person enters the scene. That’s some teenage crap! Very low EQ.

  7. Nefarious says:

    The only way this movie can be remotely interesting is if by some plot twist Ananya’s and Tara’ s cbaracters end up together :p

    • Melvin says:

      I know, right?

      I actually thought in Cocktail, Deepika and Diana’s characters should have ended up together. i hated the ending of Cocktail. And Saif – his character was a tool and he was wayyyy too old for that movie.

    • LondonThumakda says:

      @ Melvin yessss! my thoughts exactly the second half of the movie was so cringe …if only Meera had given saif one tight slap on that beach and walked off into the sunset with Veronica and been happy and hot forever…

  8. whiskermole says:

    Jaya Bhaduri + Amitabh Bachchan = Abhishek Bachchan. Someone tag Saif Ali Khan and his open letter to this, please.

  9. Ria says:

    @Admin OSOP is more entertaining than KJo movies. Really loved this one. can’t thank you enough coz u write what we think

  10. Samantha says:

    lol..i love u admin fr ur cunning sarcasm… but i think SOTY2 ll be a decent hit..cos its target is stupid teenagers… kalank was neither here nor there..a very heavy dull drama that could not strike balance wt any age group

  11. Sanjay says:

    You deserve a standing ovation for that awesome comment about Karan Johar pushing Shweta Bachchan in our faces. So so good. I am clueless why he keeps inviting her and even on Neha Dhupia’s show when these chat shows are for famous movie and TV personalities whose work has been seen by people and so look forward to seeing their interviews. And even if Shweta Bachchan happens to come to these shows, she comes across as the most boring and unhappening invitee on the show. Literally sucks the zing out of whichever show she goes to. Like you said, Jaya Bhaduri didn’t call him out on ruining her song cos he provides free publicity to her daughter. Clap Clap Clap Clap

  12. Rami says:

    Well , remake,of a hit film is very tricky, unpredictable ,it is a uphill, battle ! If kjo has the good investment for a project ,then have a original script! Because,the remake has to be twice as good! It is not the artist ‘s fault ,they are doing what the directer tells them to do, probably working very hard, films are directers medium! Unfortunatly, kjo, and top artists over spread themselves. If you are a producer, that is a full time job, when you are doing 2 tv shows, radios ,and endless events, when do you, produce or direct ,or write! Kjo will wake up and smell the coffee, if he gets flopps films! The fake link up do not bring audiances to see the film! I think the quick link up of aloo and uncle sherbat , had irritated their fans, because before people were liking Alia as fun,bubbly,and cute, now leave negative comments about her,because of uncle sherbat,,this blames goes to kjo. Good film story, brings audiances, not link ups,which has adverse affects!

  13. NARS says:

    Hehe I couldn’t look away. This song is dumb 🀣🀣

    The love triangle is so outdated. They girls are dressed like twins. Tiger looks like an older guy with two younger girls – they need help with their home work so you know… 🀣🀣

    Kalank was big Kalank and now Soty 2 will be another big Kalank

    Don’t know about Brahmastra because Ayan is decent but Ranbir In superhero avatar and Alia doing some action scenes. No idea!

  14. Universal says:

    I think Ananya is lady version of Arjun Kapoor. Sleepwalking through scenes but still will get roles cz nepotism rocks.

  15. Universal says:

    The thing is earlier such glitzy school colleges worked because people didn’t get to see such stuff more in India. SOTY was like 5 years ago before internet reached everywhere in India, and even a small kid is tiktok star now. With every kind of movie and glitzy shows available online, who would bother watching same rehashing by spending 500 bucks?
    P.S – I saw bit of song launch and it proved me right that they managed to make Tara look less gorgeous than what she is in real πŸ˜›

  16. leaps says:

    Kjo has been producing the same triangle love stories movies starting from kuch kuch hota hai. Every time he repackages the same story in new brands, remakes, vanity minus good script. Considering the public is liking more avg people stories kjo was bound to start failing at some point with his over the top delusional nonsense. KKHH, SOTY and now SOTY2 his movies has been getting more over the top delusional than the previous version. More thn glad public is rejecting his crap

    btw did you notice that tiger kisses both the girls in the same event in the same song here thats just eww.

    @admin Koshish is such a beautiful movies I became a fan of jaya and sanjeev after watching it on tv All these movies are lovely

  17. KV says:

    I felt all 3 are just promoting themselves, everyone is doing independent step, acting, no one is in sync. I really am hoping KJo crashes and Burns out of Bollywood.

  18. Lucy says:

    Ananya didn’t even bother to lip sync and she said she has wanted to be in movies since she was 2.atleast put some effort.and she looks so lost and shocked most of the times.tara is bland but I think she will still survive.there is some spark in her at least.and tiger,whole movie and songs he is just jumping.like the movie is made to showcase and prove to people that he can jump.jump jump jump without any reason.

    Even though koi mil gaya didn’t have perfect choreography it still had heart.i still like songs from kkhh.they didn’t look like Adonis Venus and had the tackiest clothes but they looked like they were having fun.

    Like they say,Karan puts so much energy in destroying other peoples career he doesn’t bother to concentrate on his own films.all of them look vacant and with no soul.kesari kalank soty all look and feel so bland.

    I don’t think good news and brahmastra will need any different.

    • Anonymous says:

      This! the last line especially around Karan destroying others is so true. He is so negative and vitriol. Constantly pulling outsiders who work so hard with no backing and so much talent. He got his first movie because his dad and his connections with SRK and Kajol. He is so entitled and snobbish it is ridiculous.

    • Anonymous says:


  19. Nomnom says:

    Mediocre song and dance sequences. He used to be innovative but he has lost his skills now. And the three leads has the personality of cement. The heroines look way too alike in styling and physique to tell them apart.

    Sounds like he found an old Archies comics lying around and decided to make a movie out of it – rich girl and middle class girl both friends and rivals in love for the same guy, and the Reggie Mantle guy who is sporty and a frenemy of Archie.

    Better watch Riverdale on tv/online than this shit…..

  20. P says:

    Mediocre song. N too.busy a song. I mean so many movements . n so much. Color I was blinded . tiger dances well ,no doubt. But like a factory orchestrated well oiled movements, meant to showcase him . song lacked soul n so did the dance .I noticed all songs are a group extravaganza with too much happening.
    Kjo is so not happening. Yeesh..
    He is so 1999 in his filmmaking skill with melodrama n unreal elements.

    • whiskermole says:

      It’s definitely targeted to tweens – that’s why the color and high saturation. It’s science – younger people like more intense color.

  21. Drina says:

    Goodness gracious ! Bollywood is near to be doomed. The clothes on ananya pandey ! Whoever has designed the gagracholi.

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