Know More on Cleaning Laminate Hardwood Floors

Although laminate wood floors can make your home looks stunning, you might be feeling stressful when it comes to cleaning them. However, there are easy ways to clean your laminate hardwood floors and if you follow the instructions carefully then there is no worry of ruining your floor. You have to be careful not to let the water spot on the laminate wood floor in a long period of time as it may result warping problem to the floor. That’s the reason why you can’t simply clean your hardwood laminate flooring with a bucket of water and a mop. Here are the steps on how to clean them.

 Cleaning Laminate Hardwood Floors

You will need:

Broom, spray bottle, dustpan, mop or sweeper, thirty two ounces of water, two ounces of vinegar



  1. First, make sure the floor is free from any dust and debris. So, sweep your laminate floor by using a broom and dustpan. Clean floor will make your cleaning process much more effective.
  2. Then, make a cleaning solution by mixing a quarter cup of vinegar with 32 ounces of water inside a spray bottle. You might not use all of the cleaning solution as it depends on how large your hardwood laminates floor need to be cleaned with. So, you can stick or write a label to the spray bottle for future cleaning use.
  3. Next, spray the vinegar solution lightly on the area of the floor that you have already swept. Spray the solution not more than a three square foot area at one time. Do not over-spray the floor with the cleaning solution. This will prevent the moisture from the solution to warp on your floor. Use your dry mop preferably from microfiber and work in a back and froth motion gently across the length of the area to be cleaned. After using the mop, the floor should be dry when you touch. Continue this process until the floor area is clean.
  4.  Leave the floor to dry completely. You can repeat all of these steps for at least once a week or when you feel that the floor needs to be cleaned.

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